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Philippine MMA Fans : When is she uploading her DIY airplane video?

Knickyiana : Masonry, carpenter, farmer, gardener, tailor, cook, homemaker and anything craftswomen. What she can't do? Such woman exists only on YouTube and that's you.

TheGarrigarrison : This is the first YouTube's channel where I watched all the videos. I don't know, why dislikes??? 😟 She's beautiful. 😍

cedeelbe : The puppy playing with the knife had me stressed lol

Divo Galindra : Women look weak in the outside yet so strong. I’m amazed

Craig Lewis : Although we only see 5 mins. This was a few days to prep, build and finished. Yet as one can see it is not difficult with some simple tools and the will/passion to build. This goes for anything in life. I see that many are left with the feelings of non-accomplishment in Life. First "See" what you want to build and do in your mind. Then think of what is required to do it. Then visualize creating it. Once you see the completion n your mine, you are ready to take Action. Yet if the feelings you build are not moving you, then it will never be accomplished. The Joy and Pleasure that the Swing brings, was enough to Create it :) This is why these videos are so amazing and inspiring. :)

INDIAN VOICE : Now I know the reason why God is silent .... While i was watching her work we all will turn into a state of silent observer

Elisapeta Ludlow : ALL the women out there, specifically the YOUNG Generation should watch this girl video. And hopefully they're learn something from this girl. I'm 62 years old now, and I feel like I'm watching myself when I was young. Cooking, going to the Plantion. Fishing. Building stuffs. It was great life. Living off the land. Now is different world. I admire this BEAUTIFUL young girl. May God bless her with an awesome husband. 💞from Canada 🍁

steff/blink/army/once ph : I remember when I was a kid we don't have a house so my father's brother he give us small land for us ..😂😂 and my father always not home because he busy make money so my mother build a house her own without help😂😂😂

11kwright : A good job she wasn't born in Afghanistan otherwise all that talent would have gone to waste falling into the stereotypical confines of woman are useless. Anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it. Women will build fortresses if there are no men but we have men and they need to use their muscles God gave them and as women we support them. Men and women need to appreciate each other for we both bring to the table and not live by stereotypes. feiganxie ni

Lina Ryzhonkov : 我只是想說我昨天發現了你的視頻而且我很快就愛上了。美學是令人驚嘆的,而且體驗非常安靜。我非常愛他們,希望你能繼續長時間製作它們。

Lady NoShoes : It is fortunate that she lives in an era where skilled women like her is appriciated to almost the level of art. Had she truly lived in that actual era of the old age, she will be married of to a very spoilt and lazy son of a mediocre but slightly influential family where she will have to bear him children, cook, cleans and fix things for him. God forbid if she produced all girls because it would definitely be her fault. But.. Who am I kidding. Men like that still exist today. Evidence can be seen by the long list of men proposing to her in this video alone. Go make your own gazebo yourselves. You lazy bastards.

Kim Kimeriean : 问候,我来自俄罗斯。 我真的很喜欢你的视频,我决定订阅你的频道。 操作员完美地传达了大自然的美。

朝顏 : 這位高人是隱居多久啦 怎麼啥都會阿

qatar819 : حسيت اني تافهه

披香 : 蹴罢秋千,起来慵整纤纤手。露浓花瘦薄,汗轻衣透。见客入来,袜刬金钗溜。和羞走,倚门回首,却把青梅嗅。

Kwan CK : Trump will need her help to build the wall

PP C. : The art, the peace, and the tranquility presented in the video is really amazing :) ZiQi has kind of created that 'paradise' that we yearned to have. Way to Go ZiQi.. Go :)

宝妈在啰嗦 : 太厉害了 👍🏻 有什么你不会的吗?从女孩的缝纫到男孩的土木工程,吓傻了。力气也是超大

Zhraa Nima : والله مدللة نفسها بنفسها

wei yang : 我记得她还养蜂,古墓派的吧?

T C : She is a precious jem. Truly one of a kind. I'd love to have tea with her some day. I'd be in total awe of her.

Юрчанский : Восхищаюсь этой великолепной девушкой!

sayma sufa : Ur so much beautiful mashallha

momo sana : She looks like Mina from Twice 💟💟

Daisy Pinheiro : Engenheira, cozinheira , alquimista.. e linda. Que talento!

Ogriv K.V.V. : Не знаю каким образом я сюда попал, но кажется я влюбился в эту обнаружительную азиаточку с молотком! )))

Елена Соколова : Рукодельницами с большой буквы! Класс!👍

MAT : She dont need man in her life ´:D

Juliana Delgado : A meta da minha vida é ser essa mulher

Ariana Rodriguez : Si se sentará una gorda ahí seguro se le cae hasta la caseta 😂

HAPPY HOLYDAY : Прям как русская женщина, и в огнь, и в полынью)

فهد ابو فيصل : ياجماعة هاي بلوة .ماشالله

Wolf's Den Forge : Hello from the United States! I really enjoyed watching this, well done!

Artem Pirozhkov : Когда будет серия где она у себя роды принимает? Не то что бы издеваюсь, искренне в восторге от такой милоты.

Bruce Borowski : the dislikes are from evil people who hate living and try to ruin hardworking people's day........ they are not worthy of living hahahahahahaha

Sofia Ost : это надо постараться: гвоздь-сотку таким маленьким молотком забить )))

Gaby : 😱caracas mano! Essa mulher faz de tudo!🤩 Essa é das minhas. Que inspiração!!!😍😍😍😍

Rain Hon : 看到你扛沙發覺得自己弱爆了,忍不住點了個贊,真女漢子

Maria De Lourdes Pardim : Que lindo!!! Quanta garra combinada com delicadeza. Que inspiração !!👏🏻😍🌷

Legman688 : She needed to char those posts before she set them in the ground, and add some angle braces.

Евгений Овечкин : ненадежная конструкция

Healthy Cooking By Meenu : you so hard working ...amazing

jed Wishtick : Chinese translated to English : A few days ago, I saw a beautiful swing on the Internet. I simply took advantage of the old wooden pieces left by the old house... I made a sunshade and a sofa bed swing!

Vishan Singh : Mind blowing

林大龍 : 真服了你,子柒,小妹子,你真行啊,十八般武藝,。

Estrela Guia : Que MULHER É ESSA? FAZ TUDO 🙏😍❤️🇧🇷

siempre positivo : Enough.!!! Im going to Merry her

Thomas B : OMG Where do I surrender my "man-card"? You just put everyone of my pathetic attempts at a backyard project to shame... I made the comment (to my wife) that I needed to marry you, my wife replied so did she. Doh! That is an awesome idea, and you made it look so simple. I hope you don't mind I'm stealing that idea. As always, I love your work, thank you for the video, and best wishes.

Roman Tashbaev : Привет. Смотрел твои видео - это очень хорошо. Мне очень нравится такой образ жизни. Хочу сказать огромная благодарность за приятное видео очень позитивно и спокойно. Я в тебя влюблен)