How The Netherlands Stopped The Wind

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Coen : I'm from the Netherlands and I didn't even know this...

hornylink : "we're humans, we'll stop the wind." that's great and all, but can you make people behave reasonably on the internet. and will it blend?

canukforce : The Dutch built a wall and made the wind pay for it.

Huntracony : "God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands."

Thomas Lynn : The walls to my house stop 100% of wind. Beat that, wind walls.

Sander Geraedts : Our country is the goddamn Avatar.. Raising land from the sea (Flevoland), building walls to protect us from the sea, pushing the sea so far back that 50% of the country is below sea level and even calming the wind. If the Vaalserberg was an active vulcano, I'm sure we'd made sure it would only erupt on Germany.

Shzh : More about the Netherlands. We like people talking about us

KasabianFan44 : Finally a British person who doesn't call the Netherlands "Holland"...

Theo Jessop : Don't underestimate the Netherlands. As a great man once said: 'God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands'.

mark. keilys. : that sun peeking in over your shoulder made what you were saying just so much more impactful.

Joppe Kroeze : Somehow i feel like if the netherlands was on a fault line the dutch would just fix it as well

RancidMarshmallow : pretty sure tom gets off to mankind's achievements.

ashley : the netherlands masters of the water stoppers of wind

ticklestick : im from the netherlands and i've been here once, i thought it was some kind of abstract piece of art or something!

Thomas Joosten : The Netherlands VS Nature The Netherlands wins

12Me21 : Trump would be proud

Fenno : That's really neat! I live in the Netherlands and I had no idea this was a thing, I'll have to visit sometime for sure.

Ali Jardz : "We're humans. We will stop the wind!"  Kinda want that on a T-Shirt :P

Harry : He gets around a lot.

Sky Lord Panglot : The key is "What humans can do when they want to." But most of the time humans dont want to. Unimaginable amounts of resources are thrown for wars, control, greed, manipulation... if we had these things invested in our future we probably would've colonized Mars up to now and maybe got out of our solar system. But why not, lets start another war. Its near. The children that rule us stomp their feet and say "Thats mine!" and the other one stomps even hard and answers "No! Mine!" and we kill each other like mindless idiots for no reason...

manzilla48 : Central and Northern Europe is such and advanced place

phillip stafford-dafoe : this is Donald Trump's dream but the Netherlands use it for good

Speckledpears : Awesome! I live in the Netherlands and never knew we had such a thing. Also its pretty ironicall that there is a windmill in the background.

ViolettaSachra : I should read more carefully. Because I was really amazed that the Neanderthals were somehow able to stop wind.... :'D

Das Neko : ... You could just make a better bridge.

Masre Super : All Dutch people say hi Hi

Entropy Zero : "We are humans. We'll stop the wind."

Kishore Shenoy : I am blown away by this video, or rather not blown away thanks to the structures

HandigeHarrie : And this is how it looks when a big ship goes through. It's a tight fit! This was specifically built because the car carriers arriving nearby are very tall, boxy ships and they catch a lot of wind. I've lived close all my life and have visited this bridge and wind deflectors often.

cubedude76 : Yasuo has nothing on this wall!

Collin M : That wall's not going to stop the wind. The wind will just use a ladder or dig under it.

Ovenman940 : Even that basic graffiti looks better than the grey concrete. They should decriminalise it in that area, they're basically giant canvasses that could attract some skilful artists.

Spunktastic JismMonkey : My family would have loved to have had one of these walls around me growing up, especially after eating a plate of baked beans on toast with cheese. :o)

frollard : I wonder how much of it is archimedes valve action and how much is just 'hemicylinders are stronger and cheaper than flat walls'  Very cool.

RKH1502 : Soooo... linguistics videos soon? :p

TheFrosty : I wish you would bring back your old outro when you used to say "and that, is something you might not have known" :'c

Lukaaz : I literally drove by there every week for the past 15 years, and I only just learned what they actually are xD

sion8 : So, is that a way to stop the Air Nomads from escaping?

Fotografieren mit : This thing is wonderfull and ugly at the same time!

Hardcore Bob : Tom it's crazy that an Englishman teaches me the most about my country.

rohan1970b : You should come to the plains of the US. It was done 80-90 years ago. They just used wood (aka trees) instead of concrete and planted them by the dozen or hundreds of miles and around most buildings... They're called shelterbelts

aKillerSandwich : this makes me want to be a structural engineer

Bacon Wizard : *a flood happens “Don’t worry we’ll just block the ocean” *wind appears “Don’t worry we’ll just block the wind” In the Netherlands nature doesn’t stop you, you stop nature.

Vin Sad : I prefer Yasuo's wind wall

jaziel tan : They need to get some artist and do something to it. It'd make something so amazing even more marvaleous.

Drakinite : That's amazing, oh my god.

Micah Philson : I thought that said "How the *Neanderthals* blocked the wind", so I was super confused for the entire video!

daemonCaptrix : Most of these comments written in Dutch read remarkably like awkwardly-worded English. I didn't know the languages were that similar. Must be the Germanic roots?

Ganja H.E.R.B Dinosaur : Netherlands be prepairef for a airbender attack

Damiano Truzzi : Yasuo came here