People complaining about the fortnite community clearly forgot about the Minecraft community

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Cwitsh : I will always cherish that last scream.

PentagonFlame : It took me 5 years to figure this out, but I finally realized that the thumbnail is from Good Burger

Droidigan : When I was an 11-year old girl, and just discovered the internet, I found this so hilarious.

KS Myth : That end scream...

NevermoreSalt : My mom thought I was watching porn...

Hilimart : This guy sounds like he has an iq of 150+

Hammy D : When you finally find food when your starving

EnderSlayer789 : Close your eyes, and let your imagination flow...

JL Eugenio : @0:23 Nobody: Eve towards the forbidden fruit:

Chris Egnot : that yell at the end made my day!

ErichGrooms1 : OMG someone make a TF2 Heavy version with Sandviches! =D

Joseph : I loved nova's style of unedited videos and natural flow of comedy, but James honestly doesn't let his humor flow as naturally as nova and edits a bit, but only just a bit too much now

Evan Fernando : That scream oh god it makes me lol every single time xDDDDD

FPS Voltage : i didnt come here from some video. ive just been subscribed to nova since 2010. 

Leather Hobo : Nova sounds like a damn turkey

Max : But imagine him during sex tho

Nova Flare Q : The first part was the beginning of a new dawn.

xavier welinder : Shame that his Aether series stopped.


BeveledEdges : I want nova to react to some of his old videos

Caleb in your Coffeemaker : The amount I've watched this video is unhealthy. Help. Call an ambulence.

Pinkie Spy : This video gives me life. 

Ellis does Gaming : If I could choose any video to watch I would 'pick' this one

Salivating Salamander : This was what introduced me to Nova in 2011 and I'm so happy I found him, I've been watching him ever since to this day.

WiseEndro333 : This video is a classic xD

eron1965 : close your eyes at the beginning and tell me what you imagine

hup2thepenguin : What even is this?

RedDeliverent : I like how many other videos were made because of this video

Captiankilljoy23 : During the video I got a recommendation to buy a pickaxe from an ad.

James : James turns into a headless kamikaze at the end there

UMADBRO ImaTroll : 2011 algorithm: sure 2012 algorithm: nope 2013 algorithm: nope 2014 algorithm: nope 2015 algorithm: nope 2016 algorithm: nope 2017 algorithm: nope 2018 algorithm: nope 2019 algorithm: BRING IT BACK BABY

Team TIJ : You cheated to get some gold... You fought some monsters... and slept in the Aether... *_YOU BROKE THE RULES!_*

Chip Malfunction : This is a piece of history nobody will forget

drackiseries : The pig dying at the end cracks me up EVERY DAMN TIME

Cassidy knight : My reaction to penises in general

Shrek : Beds stackable? Wait. That's illegal.

Ђст ин Кејс : 2011:no 2012:no 2013:no 2014:no 2015:no 2016:no 2017:no 2018:no 2019: let’s just recommend it

no u : Aether mod flashbacks...

sir weeabo : Secret files of hentai anime

My Face When I Get A Blow Job : nova has changed a lot. he isn't as fun to watch anymore

SinkHead : omg i watched this video like 7 years ago I never thought I would see it again

James A : The first video I ever saw of James. Still watching.

Northstar Evil : ei cen eeet deez, God, I'll never forget that when I was younger...

Qumanx : That end scream is just Sr Pelo

Yuyam 12 : This video has nothing to do with MLP, plz stehp

The Lost Jammer : I was brought here by Rainbow Dash.

JustGotEpic VII : He should react to these old videos

Emerald Mining : Huh I didn’t t know mods where way back then (EDIT: U DA PICKACK U DA PICKACK U DA FUQHING PICACK)

Black Knight : You can feel the pixelated pain 1:19