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Cwitsh : I will always cherish that last scream.

Dr Gammaray : "No description available"  That sounds about right. 

PentagonFlame : It took me 5 years to figure this out, but I finally realized that the thumbnail is from Good Burger

Droidigan : When I was an 11-year old girl, and just discovered the internet, I found this so hilarious.

KS Myth : That end scream...

NevermoreSalt : My mom thought I was watching porn...

Hilimart : This guy sounds like he has an iq of 150+

EnderSlayer789 : Close your eyes, and let your imagination flow...

Hammy D : When you finally find food when your starving


Chris Egnot : that yell at the end made my day!

Cassidy knight : My reaction to penises in general

Joseph : I loved nova's style of unedited videos and natural flow of comedy, but James honestly doesn't let his humor flow as naturally as nova and edits a bit, but only just a bit too much now

Max : But imagine him during sex tho

ErichGrooms1 : OMG someone make a TF2 Heavy version with Sandviches! =D

AmusableSman : This is your brain on drugs

Evan Fernando : That scream oh god it makes me lol every single time xDDDDD

Nova Flare Q : The first part was the beginning of a new dawn.

Leather Hobo : Nova sounds like a damn turkey

hup2thepenguin : What even is this?

xavier welinder : Shame that his Aether series stopped.

My Face When I Get A Blow Job : nova has changed a lot. he isn't as fun to watch anymore

Caleb in your Coffeemaker : The amount I've watched this video is unhealthy. Help. Call an ambulence.

eron1965 : close your eyes at the beginning and tell me what you imagine

Captiankilljoy23 : During the video I got a recommendation to buy a pickaxe from an ad.

WiseEndro333 : This video is a classic xD

BeveledEdges : I want nova to react to some of his old videos

James : James turns into a headless kamikaze at the end there

Salivating Salamander : This was what introduced me to Nova in 2011 and I'm so happy I found him, I've been watching him ever since to this day.

Ellis does Gaming : If I could choose any video to watch I would 'pick' this one

Yuyam 12 : This video has nothing to do with MLP, plz stehp

Zilla : This is a piece of history nobody will forget

GameForge : don't press 5

SinkHead : omg i watched this video like 7 years ago I never thought I would see it again

sophie : this man was ahead of his time

MiningPixel : Like if you got here from a vid called "Jeff can eat these"

James A : The first video I ever saw of James. Still watching.

Phillip : Wow the memories, this was the first Nova video I ever saw.

Standing Still : rainbow dash and the yellow thing

Isabelle Alicorn : I came here from the Rainbow Dash and the Yellow thing video XD

CrimeraRi Bloody : i CaN eAt ThEsE mMMMmMmMMmMmMmMmMmMMMMmMM


JustGotEpic VII : He should react to these old videos

The Lost Jammer : I was brought here by Rainbow Dash.

RedDeliverent : I like how many other videos were made because of this video

Indelacio.co.uk : Lets Plays and Game Reviews : When you watch to the end and it's all those good burgers, and then immortal's stream sniping ninja in the middle pulling the same face on the video selections with autoplay off ! GG aleks bringing back that meme face.

no u : Aether mod flashbacks...

Flamango : When you eat spaghett

drackiseries : The pig dying at the end cracks me up EVERY DAMN TIME

NoteBlockVEVO : Well this is epic