The 22nd Annual Webby Awards: Full Show

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Press Play University : Where is everybody ?

Harri v'Jah : 0:24 *LMFAO*

Andrew Woodson : $600 to nominate yourself for an award, Over $400 to attend the Webby awards. And then if I win I only get to say 5 words. You would think that maybe spending that much money you could be proud standing on stage and thanking people and making a statement. This is a scam!

Janessa Williams : 21:30-23:30 & 27:05-27:15 Dominique Fishback is an absolutely stunning, amazing, beautiful, talented, inspiring, young black woman. Don’t ever change. This is your year ❤️ #Hbo #TheDuece #JayZ #Smile

Aarin Mont : This was an intelectual let down and seemed more like a selfcocieted pat.

Bradley PerrouxYT : Sorry there is no comments

Tanomoshii Nekojou : :deep_thinking: