Local Driver Discovers Turn Signal

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Craigo4 : The racking focus at 0:19 fits the news feel so much. gj babe

The Red Rabbit : I sent this to my grandfather. He didn't appreciate the humor. Also, this caricature of a redneck is actually my grandfather exactly.

The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs : alt title, The chosen BMW driver.

Ryan Donohue : Anyone notice we were watching channel 24 and then "channel 9 has the exclusive interview?"

Osmosis Jones : I love you Gus. Maybe 15% homo.

SBerg : lol! when he tries to grab the micrphone at 0:40 !

goo6 : this is what youtube was meant for

cameron zero : "nah, I probably just keep barreling through intersections..."

DUCKDUDE4100 : I wish I could send this to the idiot who nearly ran me over the other week.

Jack Booth : Every BMW driver ever.

Lonan : I feel a quiet, blistering rage dormant at the pit of my soul watching this, knowing that as soon as I close this window, go out and get in my car to go get lunch, on my way there will be at least 3 mongoloids who pull in front of me with nary a foot of space to spare between their rear bumper and the front of my car and don't use their signal. You aren't making jokes, you're painting a picture of the world, and it is a bleak one.

Khandar William : this is not even satire

Dei H : "Nah, I'll probably just keep barreling through intersections."

Crystal Roberts : I knew you had to be from Wisconsin when you put on the only slightly exaggerated Wisconsin hick accent that I always see on local news.

A : I heard that BMW removed that feature in their cars.

Mandamelon : Hey Gus, I don't know if you've been notified but Vsauce subscribed to you!!

Stefan Frank : Lmao its the little things like trying to grab the microphone or the face in the end that make those videos so damn good

Pierre Alarie : I can't stand people who do not use their blinkers, it should be an automatism, even if there is nobody around me I still use them, it is a way of communication on the road, don't be that retard please

Sickening Pissening Insulting Revolting Spaniard : Around 5 years ago my mom tried buying me a new matress off craiglist. We ended up going go to the sellers house to look at it before buying. Dude was super nice and had a super nice/hot girlfriend. I remember vividly playing with his fat orange cat that looked like garfield as my mom and the dude discussed prices. They end up settling for a price and we decided to come back in a week to pick up the mattress... One day before we were suppouse to pick up the damn mattress dude kills his girlfriend cuts her up into pieces and shoves her body into a plastic bin amd hides the bin in the garage. Then blows his damn brains out all over my mattress... that fuck we already paid for it too so there goes $700... Weird as shit life experience.

Giu : Well you could say that this story took an unexpected turn ;-)

Emily : this sounds so midwestern

Shoes : Wisconsin drivers will always be better than MN and IL drivers.

PurnceNMe : Omg the Midwest is quite audible in this video.

Bryan Harper : Turn signals? Pfft. I've had it with this pathetic fake news.

Dasha Efimov : I blasted this in math class...I regret nothing

Nicholas Sharron : I think this is my favorite

MasterKittez : Every truck driver be like

D A : This channel has taken a turn... for the better

True Shit : Another spicy boi coming at you hot ! “ nah I’ll probably just keep barreling through intersections “ So real it hurts 😂👌

Kicked Into Next Week : Gus has the best social commentary

WiffCS : Is this the BMW news network?

_Jamison_ : *Every Ford driver ever

Matthew More : is anybody gonna discuss how the anchorman voice was recorded separately and voice over the video??

HereticxAnthem : Oh my god, you need to do a video with evan breem (spelling?) you guys would be hilarious together

David B : Gold as always. Great moves Gus! Proud of you!

Bambee-T : This is beautiful

Renegade Guy : Hi

Teegan : instant sub.

Russon Films : just like every redneck driver ever

Brendan Yoder : The dislikes are BMW drivers.

srvfan42 : dat adr

Vlad The Impaler : 0:41

Dave Boothney : Lol when he tries to grab the mic... This is classic "Naw I think I'll just keep barreling through intersections...." LOL

DTParkour : Is the guy in the beginning the kid from Good Luck Charlie????

exceptionalfilms : Wow, are you sure you aren't in South Florida? I swear, no one knows what a turn signal is here.

Ronald Raygun : I thought that's where you hand the air freshener.

United Federation of Awesomeness : At least he's honest

Grace Altop : Wow

anew742 : Damn that intro music made me think I clicked on Boglinwatch 2017 by mistake…

bigemoney31 : SMASED that like button. Hope to see more of Melvin in the future!