Kevin James Corrects a Ridiculous Tabloid Rumor

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John Paul : I Love Kevin James, he's so funny and amazing!!!

Alain Bruno : Kevin James is awesome 👍

Omar Correa : I wonder if Kevin lost weight and was super buff if he'd still use the same shtick about food. I think he'd have nothing to talk about

Austin Thomas : Kevin seems like a great guy

Maria Β : Kevin James is the best guy to tell a story in a funny way! I'm crying laughing!!!

Nicholas Almonte : Used to be a huge fan of this guy until I met him in person. He came into my T Mobile store a few years ago and is a DICK. He doesn't talk to his fans unless he absolutely has to. He had his family friend speak for him the entire time even though I was dealing with his business account. Absolutely hate this guy now.

awill891 : I was glued to the TV set the first year Jimmy started the Tonight Show. It was new, it was different, it was unlike any thing other talk shows were doing. But now it's unwatchable with the non-stop fake laughs and mumbling garbage like 4:17 - 4:31 in every interview. He seems like he's not interested in the guests and just pretending to care. I like Jimmy and I want better for the show. This is the first clip of the show I've watched in a months to give him another shot but man this is disappointing.

Zainuba Ali : Has Kevin lost weight? I feel like he has 🤔

Life’s Way : By reading the comments I learned Kevin James is an ass and Jimmy fake laughs need to watch the video

Wolle van Ro : God damn it Jimmy, just let him tell his story

Mary L. Vigil : does he know Leah Remini is married?

MoodSwank : where's the tabloid rumor about you're fake laugh

Seymour Asses : Imagine if Kevin James appeared in a bad movie... oh wait.

AbbeKing : 3:28 Tell me that is'nt a fake laugh.. I dare you.. And now Jimmys fanboys are gonna say "So what, get over it" "Stop commenting about his laugh".. Well you see, this guy has been doing this for 3+ years, and he should know by now that he is fake.. There are a thousand other people more fit for his job..

Ticia Grant : *This guy is not likable at all.*

BallymurphyBabe : Kevin James is a wanker!! His fame got to him and he thinks he's so much better than everyone else. He doesn't even hide it in this interview. I used to like him too. Now I think he's an arse every time I see him. Gabriel Inglesias is waaaay funnier and nicer than he could dream off. BTW Kevin unless you invented a new way of putting on your clothes and going to the bathroom, you do it the same way as everyone else you schmuck. Jmho.

New Jack Swing : I don't necessarily believe everything people say. I once watched a YouTube video titled "Kevin James hides from fans wanting autographs". And this man did the exact opposite. He signed their autographs and went on his way.

Apple dumpling Gang : Kevin James is the worst!!!

Robert Tassi : Very dissappointed in James for swapping the lead actress in "Kevin can wait" I liked that show. Now it's king of queens 2.0

Dopey Lyn : What bullshit! I loved him! Until I met him. He came into a restaurant/bar that we were at in Missouri and he was a down right jackass! I was tempted to go over Bc my husband talked me into a "once in a life time opportunity" to go say hello and to appreciate his work. I was getting the guts and another glass of wine down to go over and say hello. But these other ppl went to him and he was down right mean to them. REFUSED to say or even acknowledge them. He acted like he was royalty and everyone was scum. I sat my ass down quick and turned around and I felt like maybe he had a shitty night or was just st his limit and I tried to understand that.. until I ran into him AGAIN in Chicago. And this time I'm like ok, you seen him twice now. It's destined to go talk to him. NOT. I was stopped, pretty much immediately but this dude, that told me to turn around and go away. I said I love your movies. I'm sorry and he just flicked his hand at me like I was a fly or something. No respect for him. Worst celebrity encounter(s) I ever had!

Sakk 1 : Man jimmy seems so cringe and fake here. How do you make a funny man with a funny story boring

Lady Bug : It seems like his kids are real brats... getting cranky at a car ride, impatient at the ice cream shop, messing up the farm stand and all of that cause they were out on vacation having fun?? Apparently his disciplining is not working!

TheAudiotinker : I love him. He's awesome.

mai2oo : Dougieeee

Rock Climber : KJ hates all of his fans what a loser..... I never liked him.

Hoof Harted : I died when he said imagine single chocolate and double it up in your head

Kdot Tdot : Is jimmy ever sober? And every time I click his vids he's got a bandage on his hand. Wth?

Ö _ : Imagine if KJ starred in a decent film! And if Jimmy actually did something funny and unscripted

adamweishaupt81 : Wow, Kevin is looking really tired there.

Aaron ANIMAL : Kevin James! Love him, he's awesome!

Fabian Hutan : He is really funny

wisdom seeker : The fat jokes are tiring.Very.

Khai Phai : I've always thought that he would be perfect for a live-action "The Incredibles" movie, as Mr Incredible himself.

fL3x YTB : here before 50k views? :P

Kisthebest Kisthebest : I don't like Kevin James he's not funny or what so ever

Brian : I worked at a pizza shop where Kevin James visited. My coworker accidentally glanced into his eyes and then next thing I know, all of a sudden, out of the blue, all of a sudden Kevin James starts beating my coworker with his fists. My coworker ended up having a crushed skull he permanently lost his eyesight, his ability to make pizzas, and now he doesn't remember anything that happened prior to that event which the doctors called amnesiac. My coworker tried to sue Kevin James, but the judge said he had no case because quote Kevin James is God around here. So my coworker just killed himself by swallowing a Jar full of bees.

Zephyr Kingsley : Dude it was my birthday too😁

John Leonard : What a duoche bag

Merchant Ivory : KJ treats his fans like crap

Reverse Flash : Happy birthday, Jimmy!

Victoria Panossian : I hope you enjoyed your birthday, Jimmy <3

Lisa Hardy : KevinJames RUINED his current show by making it King of queens reboot

Niel Scobie : Kevin's been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm

Mario Perez : Boring!!!!

isabel torres : lmao

Ana Teklić : He does not look 52!!! Great storyteller...

Grace Helen : we share birthdays jimmy :)

Mike Wilson : Hes really underrated. Sweat the small stuff is amazing.

Hercules mac : Did he get caught in traffic on the Queensborough bridge?? Love Kevin James he and Leah Remini have provided plenty of laughs for my wife and I.

Angela White : here are 2 complete scumbags the think because they are on t.v. people believe or care what they think. they'er terrified to say if they discipline their kids no surprise there