Kevin James Corrects a Ridiculous Tabloid Rumor

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John Paul : I Love Kevin James, he's so funny and amazing!!!

Merchant Ivory : KJ treats his fans like crap

Carla sees all : By reading the comments I learned Kevin James is an ass and Jimmy fake laughs need to watch the video

Lady Bug : It seems like his kids are real brats... getting cranky at a car ride, impatient at the ice cream shop, messing up the farm stand and all of that cause they were out on vacation having fun?? Apparently his disciplining is not working!

Ticia Grant : *This guy is not likable at all.*

Jordan Fernandez : man's a dick hole....

fL3x BFH : here before 50k views? :P

crzyhorse88 : Have heard numerous accounts of him being a dick in public -- i don't believe him saying he isn't like that -- dude is an ass -- can't watch this anymore

Nicholas Almonte : Used to be a huge fan of this guy until I met him in person. He came into my T Mobile store a few years ago and is a DICK. He doesn't talk to his fans unless he absolutely has to. He had his family friend speak for him the entire time even though I was dealing with his business account. Absolutely hate this guy now.

MoodSwank : where's the tabloid rumor about you're fake laugh

New Jack Swing : I don't necessarily believe everything people say. I once watched a YouTube video titled "Kevin James hides from fans wanting autographs". And this man did the exact opposite. He signed their autographs and went on his way.

Lisa Hardy : KevinJames RUINED his current show by making it King of queens reboot

Bazil Joseph Toy Loy : At 1:13 sec...When Jimmy Fallon said, "Hot-Spots", and Kevin James agreed with him indirectly....I thought they were talking about it being a "rough-ganster-like area".......But I guess white people refer to it as, "Alot of Paparazzi",,,,Like WOW...

Apple dumpling Gang : Kevin James is the worst!!!

Seymour Asses : Imagine if Kevin James appeared in a bad movie... oh wait.

dankwrasslin : kevin james is shit

Adi Adrian : 00:01 "Thank you S...." S?

2016imhere : I love James voice

Mary L. Vigil : does he know Leah Remini is married?

Katherine : Funny and charming for the camera but really a huge dick (not in the good way).

Vikingsandra : Nothing but ♡ for this man

jesse kl : If youre upset about a small beans fake story that makes you sound like an asshole, maybe stop being an asshole to fans then people might not always wanna hear more bad details including this embellishment

Niel Scobie : Kevin's been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm

MrStensnask : That rumour probably has some truth to it. Maybe he was just annoyed one evening that some waiter kept looking at him or something and he told the manager to have that waiter go somewhere else and then it just blew out of proportion, because, you know...Hollywood.

Amanda clark : Saw him do stand up in Saint Louis, MO. Sooo good!!!! 🤣

John Brocado : I want to try charanuga tennis ball 🎾 flavor

Anand Tumurtogoo : I heard this guy is a fucking a dick. Hey I don't sometimes don't make eye when I order, it is douchey, but it is possible.

comfortablynumb128 : Kevin James should've been cast as Sean Spicer lol

Hugo Pedersen : Ice cream samples....reminds me of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode :-D

michael tilley : Love Kevin James but he stole Sebastian Maniscalco's bit about sampling. Fuckin' weak.

Vince the Goat : Hey, I'm an upcoming youtuber that needs motivational from newer fan base and build up audience from you guys! Check out my newest vid

Rebecca B : Now when I hear Montauk all I think of is Percy Jackson

adolf jr : Kevin, Sandler, spade how far they have fallen

Brian Wawczak : When ur life's a big fat joke

Jon D : Anyone else hear that KJ was a dick in real life?

Nicole Furey : Francescos is the best bakery! They did my wedding cake!!

Yon Yi : Whats the song at the end?

RiceCum : paul blart mall blart 3

Etienne Aubert : Is it just me or does Kevin James look Italian? You know: Italian-American?

Alex Livingstone : i only have time for two bears, what a time?

DeeJayCee : I hope "Kevin Can Wait" is comin back

Mats Thømt : Doug 😍

Mary Cacia Masser : Kevin James would have made a great Soprano/Godfather character. Italian mobster totally! He is so talented!! He should try some serious drama. Love him!!

jadasilly : if you go to Montauk you have to visit "Zum Schneiders"

Javier Fernandez : Paul blart 3 3d: welcome to Washington! Special guest star Donald Trump!

TheAudiotinker : I love him. He's awesome.

Don Roberson : Gee, I wonder why Kevin is wearing black.  Could it be to hide the 400+ lbs of FAT???  How does his wife find it??

Ruben Lima : Just me that loves this guy?

Q Schwenk : Long Island!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

assixofficial : Big3st douche