Bacon Pancakes in various languages

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hayoung : I couldn't stop laughing at the Turkish one

ZombifiedDuder : I love the second Spanish one.

HoneyCake : That high note on the Japanese one though XD

Wity : In Spanish of Spain (second spanish of this video) is wonderful hahahahaha

Zion Uchiha : Best ones (not counting English): German, French, Russian, Polish, and Spanish (Spain)

Natalie Alfera : *SoLo PaRa MIIIIIII*

ДЖЭЙ : Кто русский?

Simon Santander : Turkish sounds like if you were playing a music tape in reverse...

Juan Romero : Las mejores son la versión Alemana, la Portuguesa, la Rusa y la Española (Castellano)

xsosonyx : polish so cute :з

Konrad Stolzerfaust : Best: Polish. Worst: Turkish

Ari Loves Tucky : the russian one :’)

Luisa Cruz : Bacon frito, BACON Bacon fritoh!👑

pinijas69 : the second spanish its spanish original


Batata Mil grau : T O U C I N H O

Jojo Starmaster : German is Still best

Mario Lad : 1:36 That is the gasp of a man who has burned his bacon pancakes, not a singer.

bryan brayn : 1:15 XD

Copy Kitty : I love the Russian one and polish X3

Paul Johnson : Chinese and Korean please (and a better Japanese one).^^

Sebastian Castellanos : português >>>>>>>

Ethan Trewhitt : Japanese was apparently recorded from the other side of the room. No but really, this is neat.

softyhowell : The Polish one sounds like Peter Griffin

Sadness Page75. : French,German,Russian and Castlian Spanish.

Random Comment : English, Spanish (from Spain) and Portuguese sounds the best.

Comrade King : Russian is the best

Kim van der Linden : I loved the polish one omg.

Martin Hansson : Nalle sneaky nalle nalle sneaky ........rabies

hope dean : The German one sounds English haha I love that none of them are in tune with each other

Мех Соколов : Russian ❤

Ilgın Sahin : türkler 1

Mario Adolfo Medina : IN NEWWW YOOORK

Ali Bayram : İ love laounges is turkish

JrKellyRocks : In Portuguese (1:49) listen closely!

JrKellyRocks : When I heard this in Italian I already loved this!

*insert channel name here* : 0:32 IM DYING XD

Stratagem : The japanese one sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

Tazer Parker : 1:18 AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS

TURBO BRO : Türkiye'den selamlar

HelloSE : 0:44

ElectroBlastLuigi : I'm a huge fan of Japanese but I really like the Spanish dub most for this scene. The first Spanish voice fit Jake really well. I don't want to offend anybody but Jake sounded like a robot when he sung in Turkish. :/

Kahiro : Turkish was real wtf lol

Mindorindo Masta : the polish one sounded way better than the rest

sxatqepl : I like Russian and German lmao. Hell i like em all

Hüseyin Mert Türk : sa

Nur Sanchez : It's strange to latinos listen to spaniard spanish and strange to spaniards to listen latino spanish, that's why there are two versions, they are addapted to the "zone" vocabulary. PD: No matter where you are from, we all love bacon. (sorry for my bad english)

J0KERzZ : 1:17 alahu akabaaaar

The cupcake chesse : 1:09 He say McDonald's

Vicente Juan Marín Cid : Cyka blyat, cyka Cyka Cyka blyat, cyka Cyka Cyka Cyka cyka blyat, cyka blyat Cyka Cyka blyat cyykaa blyyaaaaaat 0:44