Bacon Pancakes in various languages

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hayoung : I couldn't stop laughing at the Turkish one

MLG Lord : 1:55 "suck my dick"

Rico : The 2nd Spanish version was solely just about Bacon

The all seeing egg : 🎤LA LA SNEEEEEEE-KEYYYY🎤 my favorite was Polish :3 Edit: I realised it's NA LA not LA LA

jay mac : the polish one tho

Rodrigo Llosa : The Spanish is Latino

hope dean : The German one sounds English haha I love that none of them are in tune with each other

WingDing Animations : I cant stop laugh at Spanish and japanese version xd italian too

Pro100Bendi : I love russian languages Jake

Kelfi Batista Moreno : And the arabic version? xD

Natsu God459 : Wow I didn't know there was a Russian language cuz Niko bellik never used it

Naviu 0u0 : the Spanish one is so catchy

Mike M. : All <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< English, Italian, Russian, German

Der lachende Alper : The English version is so shitty

jamadi lee : The second spanish one he said fried bacon making fried bacon 😂😂😂


Dee Un : Turkish is so bad

Toca Boca Gamer : Polish sounds like Peter Griffin.... Just a little

The cupcake chesse : 1:09 He say McDonald's

Random Comment : English, Spanish (from Spain) and Portuguese sounds the best.

Leonrique Pereira : The Portuguese voice, from Brazil, was the best! Much better than the original.

genyus camel : Why does the Spanish one sound like he's mad?

Pinke Green : I love the polish

Beatrice Wielich : The italian one literally says :" bacon pancakes are good, really really good, I eat them every day for breakfast, yeeesss! "

KubaW : naleśniki, robię naleśniki, biorę bekon to z nim będą naleśniki, naleśniki robię z bekonem je, naleśnikiiiii

Jose Guillermo : 0:55 bacon pancakes put it in a basket then put it in a pancake bacon pancakes

Elijah Juma : the person that was doing the japanese one must have been a couple miles away from the microphone

Mitch Huston : Am I the only one that Learned that bacon is French and pancake is German from this?

Ruten VI : As always... German is the best one


Takhia Lawrence : The Polish one sounds like Peter Griffin

M.I.O : Love the russian's voice

jefferkid : The Polish one was the best

Supreme King : Turkish one is illuminati

Raquel P. : that is not portuguese that is brasilian portuguese

Rick Aqua : The Turkish one looked like a satanist cult song

MrTitanThePhenom : Vladimir putin sing bacon pancakes every morning

nates vlogs : 0:30 SOLO PADAMEEEEEEE

Zuper Bro : The 1st spanish😂

Syakiee J : Polish & spanish iz cute 😂

Andrzej Paryż : Naleśniki!!!!!

Jósés : Sounds SO Weird

roksipinkfloor : polish one is the besttt

Mar Bob Lop : Anyone show me the lyrics in French pls

Adrian Cole : 😂😂😂😂😂 internet is life, I love it lmao

t77snapshot : Hey so I gotta know, was this one guy or many others?

Ramsey V : French one is funny 😆

Tiago and more : I'm italian

Der lachende Alper : The Arabic version is garbage 😂

Oyun Dahil : 1:17 tek benmiyim yaa