Bacon Pancakes in various languages

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Numquid : 1:36 That is the gasp of a man who has burned his bacon pancakes, not a singer.

Wity : In Spanish of Spain (second spanish of this video) is wonderful hahahahaha

Zion Uchiha : Best ones (not counting English): German, French, Russian, Polish, and Spanish (Spain)

Джэй Кэт:з : Кто русский?

HoneyCake : That high note on the Japanese one though XD

Blasé : The japanese one sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom.

Simon Santander : Turkish sounds like if you were playing a music tape in reverse...

X-alted/Flourishing Empire gameplays and more! : the polish one sounds like 21 savage

Konrad Stolzerfaust : Best: Polish. Worst: Turkish

xsosonyx : polish so cute :з

Kim van der Linden : I loved the polish one omg.

Luisa Cruz : Bacon frito, BACON Bacon fritoh!👑

Ari Loves Tucky : the russian one :’)


ZombifiedDuder : I love the second Spanish one.

Ethan Trewhitt : Japanese was apparently recorded from the other side of the room. No but really, this is neat.

Jojo Starmaster : German is Still best

Itzjust josie : Nales'niki

bryan brayn : 1:15 XD

orzart : turkish one was like ass , im from turkey i can do it way better , voice actor didnt even try to sing along he plainly reads a google translate script . FUCK THİS

Jack Ray : French, Russian, and German all had surprisingly sufficient Jake Voices. Whereas Japanese was fucking scary. Jesus, that sounded like a torture cry at the end.

Joseph Hurtado R : turkish are crazy

Sebastian Castellanos : português >>>>>>>

Random Comment : English, Spanish (from Spain) and Portuguese sounds the best.

Copy Kitty : I love the Russian one and polish X3

Paul Johnson : Chinese and Korean please (and a better Japanese one).^^

Ari phansbabydaddy : The Polish one sounds like Peter Griffin

Sadness Page75 : French,German,Russian and Castlian Spanish.

Terēze Locika : I loved the Turkish one XD

No biting the packagerino Kripperino : When russian came i just got rush b no stop

Ilgın Sahin : türkler 1

Martin Hansson : Nalle sneaky nalle nalle sneaky ........rabies

HelloSE : 0:44

Ali Bayram : İ love laounges is turkish

Iselca : The polish version sounded so hilarious I listened to it over and over and I absolutely love it. The turkish version just sound freakin' weird, and the italian sounds like an old man. And I was surprised at how similar the german version sounded to english.

Yesil Arda : 1:18 AS BAYRAKLARI AS AS

Lav Tazısı : Türkiye'den selamlar

pinijas69 : the second spanish its spanish original

ElectroBlastLuigi : I'm a huge fan of Japanese but I really like the Spanish dub most for this scene. The first Spanish voice fit Jake really well. I don't want to offend anybody but Jake sounded like a robot when he sung in Turkish. :/

nothing to see here : Spanish sounded like it wanted to kill himself 0:21

Hüseyin Mert Türk : sa

JrKellyRocks : In Portuguese (1:49) listen closely!

JrKellyRocks : When I heard this in Italian I already loved this!

Leonardo Hernandez Cabrera : The video has two spanish dubs cause both latin spanish and spain spanish are so different, How different? "Coger" can mean "fuck" and "Pick" if you are in México or Spain. Interesting fact Jake from latin america makes a lot of refferences to mexican movies trying watching "sandwich time" in latin spanish listen the part when Jake hugs his sandwich and cry before eat it then search in YouTube "torito mataron a mi torito" or "La muerte de torito" is a iconic scene from a really sad movie and compare this will give you a good example about the conflict.

Awakend Tiger35 : the only ones that sound right to me I English and german

Мех Соколов : Russian ❤

Nur Sanchez : It's strange to latinos listen to spaniard spanish and strange to spaniards to listen latino spanish, that's why there are two versions, they are addapted to the "zone" vocabulary. PD: No matter where you are from, we all love bacon. (sorry for my bad english)

Kamil Erlik : Where is the Arabic one?

hope dean : The German one sounds English haha I love that none of them are in tune with each other

Veronica Palensky : The turkish one sounds like goblin