I can break these cuffs!, Evan Rosenthal, COPS TV SHOW

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Mark Schultz : Kevin Hart is looking rough.

Pearson Allen : imagine he did break them. screamed and ran 

Christopher Franko : you cant break those cuffs

Orman Albo : Top 10 strongest anime characters

LeginNoslen : He looks so confused at the end when he realizes that he had not in fact broken those cuffs.

Quick Clips : Legend say's in his past life he was a super saiyan. 

SweetBro HellaJeff : "i kin... BRAKE THeesszs'... kuffsss.." *_"You can't break those cuffs!"_* So bluntly put, lol.

biscuit : Black children are getting beefier and beefier these days

Joe Adams : He's an angry little elf

Paul Denton : That little dude is freaking buff! He almost looks like he could break those cuffs!

Hydronaut : Bro, do you even break those cuffs

kmsg spectre : Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne

Digging4Answers : I can... write this... comment...

pinksock : Holy shit, I never watched the whole thing. I always assumed he was kneeling!

VAPING RAGE QUITTER : That is one swole midget

BinarySecond : a short foot pursuit ensues. a short foot pursuit ensues. a short foot pursuit ensues. a SHORT foot pursuit ensues.

john erikson : That episode was on tv tonight! Spoiler alert: the cops took him to a place for little performing people where he got a job since he was homeless. Not a joke.

TheSneakiestOfficial : 0:24 And so the greatest meme was born

Robbie Rotten : Mexicans: we can break this wall Trump: you can't break that wall Mexicans: AHHHHHHHHHH

UnrealEd Addict : Only Morpheus could break these cuffs.



Cielo Pachirisu : Holy crap, he's going Super Saiyan, TAKE HIM DOWN!

knight2battle : You cant milk those..

StartTakingNotes : DayZ standalone in a nutshell

pyrophobia133 : 5 years later and still can't break them cuffs

Admire Kashiri : Tyrone Lannister in trouble 😂😂

Dilbert Doe : On the unedited DVD of this episode he actually broke them and ran off, laughed and then came back. The producers (and local law enforecment) explain how it was best not to air that for fear of others thinking they could break out of cuffs so easily.

NEIK91 : the legend says he didnt break these cuffs.

Meenit : Press 6 to choose to break the cuffs. Press 7 to try harder.

Daniel Gilbert : He can't break those cuffs.

Joshua Fuentes : The greatest scene in the whole COPS franchise

Yaboy Official : I got here from WubWoofWolf. XD

HeadfulofEyeballs : He really thought he could break those cuffs.... but the officer was pretty sure it wasn't gonna happen.

CutieHoney13 : Lol that guy sounds like Kevin Hart

PaperHearts001 : I can't hear this normally anymore xDD

Mustangkev918 : I'm watching this scene right now! He tried climbing a pole but the cop pulled him down and when he started running from the cop at the beginning he looked like he had a stick up his butt XD

KarnageExile : I'm pretty sure he was using 1% of his power. With 50% he should be able to melt the cuffs.

Kayhr : #AlistarCanMilkTheseTits

Spazmatic Banana : the gmod idiot box brought me here

Thomas Savage : You can't break those cuffs

Mini Marionette : Suspect: cuffs cuffs I can break these cuffs Police officer: you cant break those cuffs Suspect:I can break these cuffs

Mayank Barad : Boschitt, anyone?

Lyndel Beckwith : The cop actually took him and got him a job. Seriously.

dimkacracker : phantoml0rd brought me here.


Batuhan Bicak : CLICK 7 TO GET THA RAGE PART!!

Potatofarm71 : Press seven to hear a wookie

Lvl81Pikachu : Free Phantoml0rd! Kappa

The NightMare : I can Break these Cuffs!