I can break these cuffs!, Evan Rosenthal, COPS TV SHOW

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Mark Schultz : Kevin Hart is looking rough.

Christopher Franko : you cant break those cuffs

Orman Albo : Top 10 strongest anime characters

Hydronaut : Bro, do you even break those cuffs

38th Meme Time Lord : Legend has it that he's still trying to break his cuffs.

Joe Adams : He's an angry little elf

LeginNoslen : He looks so confused at the end when he realizes that he had not in fact broken those cuffs.

The Lovely Russian : JUST DO IT! YES YOU CAN, JUST DO IT!

Paul Denton : That little dude is freaking buff! He almost looks like he could break those cuffs!

StartTakingNotes : DayZ standalone in a nutshell

BinarySecond : a short foot pursuit ensues. a short foot pursuit ensues. a short foot pursuit ensues. a SHORT foot pursuit ensues.

UnrealEd Addict : Only Morpheus could break these cuffs.

Cielo Pachirisu : Holy crap, he's going Super Saiyan, TAKE HIM DOWN!

REVERSE WALRUS : Holy shit, I never watched the whole thing. I always assumed he was kneeling!

kmsg spectre : Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne

Meenit : Press 6 to choose to break the cuffs. Press 7 to try harder.

Pearson Allen : imagine he did break them. screamed and ran 

Lijthesurvivor : 0:24 And so the greatest meme was born

pyrophobia133 : 5 years later and still can't break them cuffs

Quick Clips : Legend say's in his past life he was a super saiyan. 


Spazmatic Banana : the gmod idiot box brought me here

SweetBro HellaJeff : "i kin... BRAKE THeesszs'... kuffsss.." *_"You can't break those cuffs!"_* So bluntly put, lol.

Mini Marionette : Suspect: cuffs cuffs I can break these cuffs Police officer: you cant break those cuffs Suspect:I can break these cuffs

George S : I can break theese cuffs

NEIK91 : the legend says he didnt break these cuffs.

RED x Evil : You can't break those cuffs

sayedstafa : is that a black Cotton Hill?

Les Friedrich : One must vocalize their intention to make it a reality.

Amadagon : Hello PhantomL0rd

Joshua Fuentes : The greatest scene in the whole COPS franchise

dino : he was so confident he could break those cuffs

Mayank Barad : Boschitt, anyone?

The Cook : Press 7 to break dem cuffs

James Williams 777 : this is sad funny but really inspirational lol

Admire Kashiri : Tyrone Lannister in trouble 😂😂

Robbie Rotten : Mexicans: we can break this wall Trump: you can't break that wall Mexicans: AHHHHHHHHHH

Kim Nielsen : PahtnomL0rd

Yambii : I can..... break these...... cuffs!

Pawi : Wolf is too OP ;3

Führerious : LOL Lil Black Alistar.

Maarten : I can break these Cops

Digging4Answers : I can... write this... comment...

Thomas Myers : Phogoth the untamed be like

camero loften : hold my beer, ill break those cuffs

DazednMildlyConfused : Summit sent me here

Kaiser Charles : damn Keven Heart got arrested I feel bad for him ...

Jameetaye : smh didn't break the cuffs

Mooph : WubWoofWolf...