Ellen Scares Celebrities (Part 1)

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Noura M : Ellen either touches her ear or her collar to tell her staff to scare somene

Andy Saenz : Stupid lady in the audience saying "oh, no!" at the very beginning!

Joel Diamxnd : "Somebody just say "Oh No" for no reason it all" 😂😂😂

blackout betty : Ellen: I've scared 121 people. Obviously I can't show them all Federica Palma: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

Meh-Tyu : I want to see her get a tough guy, like The Rock or Chuck Norris.

Randy H. : Oh my god! This video is hilarious! Ha ha ha ha ha! Great job Federica!

bella boom boom : I love that Jlo actually puch him haha I was wondering if a calebrity ever did and then she did 🙌🏼

Gain : This cured my depression

Mandy Moore : Even J-Lo's arms jiggle that makes me feel better about myself 🌚

Jason Heavner : Scarlett Johansson looks like Kate McKinnon looking like Justin Bieber.

TheGareth14 : *cockroach scares pink* ellen- "it's a spider!"...xD

Army4life : I want to go on Ellen and be scared

Dalter33081 : Pink looks so much sexier the older she has become. There is just something about her.

Desert Oasis : If I ever go on Ellen, the first thing I'm doing is checking under that table.

Roger Rabit : I would love to see The Rock on this.

bhevz Velarde : I love when she scared Justin bieber😂 He's reaction is priceless

Dekido : Jake Gyllenhaal's expression was so adorable.

NoOne MournsTheWicked : "I hate my life" 😂 poor Jimmy

WOKE : When Chris scared Scarlett... He scared me too my volume was to high ...😢

Taylor Manes : i love how excited chris evans was to scare scarlet johansson

BaconWrappedCupcake : Jimmy Fallon is adorable. ♥♥

Jennifer Himes : I don't care how many times I see this Jimmy Fallon is my favorite and I die laughing every time!!!

michael Tan : jLO "Who was that?" "A cougar" Subtle burn...

nuhrisha : The biggest scare will be for Ellen when someone gets a cardiac arrest on stage while she's pulling her pranks.I hope she is prepared with CPR team on standby

Bad Boy : Scarlett look like Justin Bieber

imperator maxim furiosa : This proves none of the celebrities watch Ellen show.Cos if they do,they can find out when ellen scares.They scare either by coming out of the box or when they were asked the question"u aren't SCARED"

Darwin fan : 3:27 Ellen poked bieber's butt! She has just lived my dream

wikid1992 : idiot audience member

Ashraff Vengeance : Scarlett Johansson is delicious

Belle Sans Merci : It's scary how Adam Levine seems a bagful of douchery.

Irrapture : That audience member who screamed oh no at the start triggered me so hard.

Allie Casey : Justin deserved it! HAHAHAHAHAHA! XD 3:20

JoeyGraceffa Is Bæ : Nothing will scare me an- AHHHOHMYGODOHMYGOD

bhevz Velarde : Jimmy fallon reaction tho👌🏻

DjTeflan : How to react scared as a real man 6:53

Pug Lover : My reaction when someone scares me is to punch. so if it was me i would have punched the guy. XD i once gave my bf a black eye for scaring me... funny enough he has never done it again

Katelyn :P : Justins and Mileys reaction was the cutest!!!!!!♡★♥

Wayne Laney : There's a difference between being scared and being startled. These people are being startled.

AshlovesSunshineMafia : my favorite one is with chris evans scaring scarlett

christine joy arispe : hi Ellen,my mouth feel aching for too much laugh

Jenna Harmon : Haha Jimmy Fallon. I love him.

hanah_ liz5222 : someone scare ellen!

Richard Win : Did you record and edit this with a potato? 240p...

Hoang H. Nguyen : Jake Gyllenhaal haha

Eboni Gordon : Would you believe it, I've never been to your show, but live in California for the last 30 years. I've watched you with my MOM she absolutely LOVES YOU, and has been to the show 3 times but never got to play any of the games or say hello to you in person so I would love for you too scared her, or dance with her, you wouldn't believe how happy this would make her. (WOW) she has made me sit down and watch the show with her sometimes when I didn't care to but I did it because of the look on her face when she watches you give away gifts to your audience. Since September 2003, my mother has set aside time for your show and said that you are the most amazing person because you have been making her laugh for the last 14 years she idolizes you, I would wish for her to meet you and play any of the games, and please scare her so I can get a good laugh. This would be amazing for her and me for the first time, I want her to be blown away because of the Love she has for someone she's never met, I want to do this for her because She's my Idol and you are her's. So Please say YES to the Tickets

Kinga Bad : Justin Bieber reaction is the best! ❤

Miss : whahqhahahqhahaha jimmy fallons reaction was the best :i hate my life, i hate everything lmao

LORD 98 : 1:25 she's look like Miley Cyrus

yahya anarwala : damnn i laughed soo hard after a real long time mann. thank you. thank you very much. enjoyed it !