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Killahfam69 : Who ever disliked this your mom is his other Girlfriend

Bobby J : I like it...but he needs Yung Humma back.. it aint the same without the tag team champs....

Dave King : Damn they thicker than a sunday newspaper

bowser4 : Another smanger

msprettylovepink : This a good song but I miss the other members too

Spicoli : Flynt Flossy is my favorite rapper.

Edwar Johnson : No features? All Floss? Aint nothing wrong with that!

Khrene Cleaver : Honestly, the reason I liked y'all is cause you bombastically (and very skillfully) parodied rap from the mid 2000's. There was loads of ego and posturing but it was very tongue in cheek. This and the past few songs have toned down the goofiness and hype of the delivery, the quality verses, and the other characters while keeping the same level ego. In short, the magic ain't there no more. Dig the Avatar the Last Airbender Sample though, y'all have been on the vg and cartoon samples (Chrono Trigger, Street Fighter)

rickylee86 : Keep that jeep rolling!

Juz rhyme : What i always liked about these videos that yall make songs without cursing like sailors

white nigga : Lacked Flynt Flossy doing some sick solo dancing.

George B : Moonrock is my other gf

crash bandicoot : Literly just as awesome and sounds the same as they did eight years ago when I first stumbled upon their videos


Michael Critchlow : we still listen to them ....... I say yes :) how about you ?

Al Wash : My phone accidentally dropped and paused at the 2:08 mark. I think it was devine intervention...I don't know who she is but I think I have a crush now😂😂😂

Queen Ariyon : 😍😍😍 I’m here for ittttttttttt

Mitchyl Bateman : some wavy tunes out of the jeep

Sprax : This channel Still doesn't have 100k subs. What a shame.

Candy Person : Honestly a bop. Have this on loop! Didn't know ya'll were still making music but I'm glad you are. The beat is amazing, is a TummyScratch beat?

Larry Chunk : I want two girlfriends.

Left Wanting : Honestly....better and more entertaining than anything Eminem or the rest of the industry is focused on. Flynt is my idol. My spirit animal hahahaha

ACM Detroit : Glad you dudes still at it man, classic.

Sang-fantôme : Eyyyyyy Flossy's back.

Daron M. : Them hoes fine. Flynt Flaah-see

Tyrael02 : I bought a pack of assorted chocolates and it had Almond Joys in it, and all I can hear is watchyamacallit yelling CAN YOU TASTE MY ALMOND JOY!? everytime I see one.

Ata Tabesh : 🔥 🔥 🔥

emprrah : Where is the rest of team???


Michael Jonas : This went hard af

DJFaceplant20 : Ahhhhh I’ve already bought the song a good 2-3 month ago. I’m glad I can see what the mind of Flynt has planned for this song in the video

Kyon Shii : Bay-bee

koler69 : Flynt when you coming to DC??

Logan McTaggart : Yo Babyyyy It's Mac! Keep The Jeep Rollin!


SpaceHobo : Notification squad 👐

You Call That a Knife? : 2:18 Yo! I was in a bar in Portland, and I legit saw a dude doing that exact same dance! Just gettin' it!

rahfahL : Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaahh

Timothy Little : They all bad

RivalsPOV : Tightttttttt

Single Player Chronicles : I dont... I... I love it.

Walter Threatt : Another smanger

Bryon Devine : This dude is Bad Ass

Sean Knapp : Your other girlfriend is... oof.

Christopher Cross : Love it! Ktjr!

Donish Cushing : "Pick one? Oh no, I refuse. Why choose when you know you have two?" I have great respect for your fearless straightforward awesomeness.

1-7000 ANCiENT : flynt is back

TM Nation : First.

DJFaceplant20 : I think the real question is.... Judie or Judy 🤔

Greg Dragon : Another smanger ...