Theo Katzman - One Of These Nights (Live @ BIRD Rotterdam)

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With the Four Fine Gentlemen, and of course a stellar Joe Dart solo. 15/04/2018.


mookie714 : there's so much going on here. 1. a beast of a bass solo 2. an incredibly smooth transition from the bass solo into the song 3. Joe Dart's boneless neck 4. that falsetto is top notch

Tom Elliget : Theo: Joe - Dart - on - the... Crowd: Joe! Joe! Joe!

Joseph Pickard : You can tell EVERYONE in this band is loving every second. Living the dream.

Seth Gartner : At 3:20 everyone got hyped because it sounded like dean town

Lance Burdick : That's so funky I can smell it

diregremo : Joe "stomp the funk out of the floor" Dart

CocoaChunky : This performance has everything. Sick Joe Dart solo Awesome harmony Theo’s falsetto and doing that thing where he sings his guitar solo Super funky keys solo

Ray Hoodoo : Joe "the Joe Joe" Dart

Karl Anthony Peel : I can't stop listening to this. I think I have a problem. Send help.

Firago Music : God Theo and Joe come from the right place. I love Theo giving up the second verse like that.

Maxime Newbold : the harmonies on the chorus are unreal

LonestarPaul : Holy crap as an Eagle's AND Vulfpeck fan I never thought I'd ever see such a Joe-Walsh-approved funky version!!!

Jared Haught : My favorite thing about Vulf is how much fun they have.

Jake Fain : i wish i could watch this for the first time again


Noah Berdugo : Joe. Dart. on the? JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE

bass master : watch this everyday since i found it rip

Anne Jansen : BTW. That first Katzman chord. Damn.

Graham Wise : God damn FIIIIILTHY !!

Jonathan Lane : Let's hear it for the real hero: Joe Dart's chiropractor

Jarod Armstrong : Joe’s fingers are Weapons of Bass Destruction

Wesly Wingate : This is one of the baddest covers Ive ever buddy i played it for goes..."oh they turned it into baby makin music!" Scale of one to ten its a twelve.

r3inventing : Every single one of them goes REAL hard. Respect!

plaash : Joe with theo is like the edgy older brother from joe in vulf

Harry Martinolich : bet the live show is unreal

Jorge Correa : This is the real deal, these guys are amazing!! Everything is just perfect

Raphaël Nibart : JOE JOE JOE JOE JOE

Obuscus : The run at 4:45 got me tripin

An Arbitrary Miscellany : This is hands down my new favourite video on YouTube.

Daniel Goodwin : I watch this twice a day

Eladious : I could not have NOT nod my head to this. About as tight as it gets. Can't wait to see the pack in London this October.

Constance Oehlert : 2nd guitar solo reminds me of 'Don't Take Me Alive' guitar by Steely Dan. Awesome Footage

Polyculture : Watched this so many times thought i should say thanks! :) Love this version so much, the crowd is half the fun!

Dreweful : keep coming back to this video. thanks for uploading :)

YohAquino2 : I got goosebumps on the keyboard solo!

AwesomeThunder16 : That guitarist looks like he could be related to bob Marley

Rai Ichikawa : good lord this is insane!

Alan alan walls : magic, great work

James Cook : That falsetto. Good god.

Richard Guevarra : Man, those crazy high notes...kudos! This band is crazy, crazy good! #eargasm

zaretix : I didn't know Neymar played the guitar

MarryJewana : Honestly at this point I'm starting to see Joe more and more as a meme and that's a compliment bro.

hiqwertyhi : you cannot wipe the smile from this face

Sean Armitage Music : @4:44

The Ragged Edge : My favourite Eagles song with Joe Dart on bass. Is this real life?

kandau elliot : Who are the Vulfpeck playing with ?

Andrew Kosiba : Live album please

Ajita White : OMGG DO you have any more of the show??

James Shepherd : Stop it