[593] Gallium vs. Titalium - Abus Padlock Meets a Gruesome End

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TAOFLEDERMAUS : That's really cool!

Billytheshit : A time-lapse of the whole process would have been cool.. but cool video anyway.. didn't know that!

semproser19 : I read "Abus Padlock" as "Adblock Plus" at first. Not quite sure why, nearly an anagram I guess. My brain is weird.

A3Kr0n : Titalium. Rolls eyes....

Maker's Muse : Super interesting. Thanks!

Fester Blats : Who makes a lock out of aluminum?

Mike Belcourt : So interesting how the Gallium behaves almost like a virus infecting the Aluminum.

tom thompson : hard to believe what im watching ,,, amazing

OpTic SlAnDeRr : Face reveal confirmed lmao

Luke Hawkinson : now you know why gallium is a no no on an airplane

nlo114 : 9:45 - we'll just see if this screwdriver will... hmph grrr ...and there we have it, red gallium

Wabefuhon : I misread Titalium as Titanium.

wettosixecho : Im not a rocket scientist but i was a bit worried as this gallium thingy looks toxic and at 9:58 you nearly stabbed yourself with it. Put it in a vice next time, even if its not toxic.

CreepyblackZ : "im gonna break it with my bear hands" *uses a screwdriver*

Gigaguenther : I'd like to see the hammer method now! Great video

Raymond Duttine : That sir was wonderful! I never knew that gallium reacted in such a way to transform aluminum into a useless product for strength! While this method would not be a viable option for opening most locks in most situations I could see this having some unique application for... err, um nevermind. Seeing the reaction with the compound and water was also very interesting and could indeed provide an alternative source for hydrogen production to power engines. Being that the gallium can be recovered this seems like a viable alternative source of alternative energy and your video has inspired me to do research on this matter. Thanks - a new subscriber!

gecomert : You've said bare hands 😒

willd3rbeast : Skyrim lockpicking level 1000

Andrew Coleman : So my super duper motorcycle lock can be defeated by a couple grams of gallium bought of amazon? Sweet.

Chris Chiampo : We’re Can One Get Gallium This is Awesome😀😀😊 And To Recover The Gallium I’m Guessing You Put the Scraps in a Bucket Of Water 😎

Ice Daemon : Not the fastest way to open a lock without a key.

Sheep Eve : My guess is that lock had some oxide protection on the surface.

KingBongHogger : 9:57 made me jump so bad I kneed my desk. I'm at work. This is awkward. Help.

DaMarineShh : Confused thought the title said titanium

RoachDoggJR : It would be a shame if my ex-girlfriend were to get some gallium on her alloy rims, hmm

John Doyle : You learn something new every day.

hī-drär′jə-rəm mûr′kyə-rē : Really low melting point?!! Hold my beer.

William Zuk : Lockpickingscientist

Oosk : Dang, I wish you would have just dropped the whole lock in a bucket of water and watched it fizzle away.

MTS Gaming & Music : Wow thx, now i can break into my friends barn

hackerseven : Ohh bro! When u "peeled the lock away" it was so satisfying! Keep up these new series and soon U'll bypass #bosnianbill I especially love the series with the Ramset gun! It was tantalizing cuz those guns are banned where I'm from - the Caribbean but boy those vids earned every like they got!

Peternuuki : Take a shot everytime he says gallium

Relaxing Gaming : You breath too loud

Ilya P : 4:35 may I suggest you do a timelapse next time

MrDunvegandunvegan : Thats not aluminum, it literally has titalium written on it. titalium is titanium aluminide not at all the same as aluminum, it is an alloy with properties different from both titanium and aluminum.

Bond James Bond : One drop of Gallium on an aluminum engine block does wonders. hehehe!!!

Aaron Anderson : Send the remains over to Codys Lab and he can teach us how to turn it into Gold or something magical.

you238 : I wonder if you could "wet"-sand with 80 grit sandpaper to get it started super quick

Blake : What if you used the alloy and water reaction to build pressure and run much like a steam powered engine. I wonder if and how much pressure it builds it the gas from it expands very much.

Blake : I bet if you just hit it hard with a hammer it would just crumble like sandstone or something like that

fla playa : I saw "Titalium" and wanted to blast on someone... Spam. Say that Titalium is a lock. Peace.

steve c : Because of you there are a number of psychics out there who won't be able to find the Gallium they need to use for making the trick spoons to use in their spoon bending acts! LOL

Shane K : Was the lock solid aluminum? The name on it made it sound like some super alloy of titanium and maybe aluminum.

Trueflight Silverwing : I'm going to break this lock with my bare hands.... let me get a screwdriver....

Robert Zeurunkl : I subscribed! ;-)

ChaosPotato : How much time did you leave the gallium on in the end? Like 5 hours?

R.P. Rosen : I arrived here for Locksport, but I stay because, YOU ROCK! LPL, you are truly an original, keep the creativity ... flowing!

Kalle Klæp : I really enjoy your videos. However, this time you did something I've not seen done before ..at least on YouTube. Using chemistry to open a lock, that's cool.

Night-X : I remember hearing about gallium but I have no clue what uses it has because it melts in your hand.

Venerable Studios : Put Gallium into a home door lock..like inject it into the lock and see if the lock unlocks lol