[593] Gallium vs. Titalium - Abus Padlock Meets a Gruesome End

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Aaron Anderson : Send the remains over to Codys Lab and he can teach us how to turn it into Gold or something magical.

Trueflight Silverwing : I'm going to break this lock with my bare hands.... let me get a screwdriver....

Jocular Ranger5 : Fake, lock was a paid actor.

Linus Hyper : It's like cancer for metals

Gamingsomeone : Want to break in a house? Just use gallium. Just pray for the home owner to be gone for more than 4 hours

Luke Hawkinson : now you know why gallium is a no no on an airplane

AntonioKowatsch : This lock wasn't made out of Titalium, it was made out of Chinesium.

Christian H : Tip on how to be the worlds most patient criminal

P0LARice : Don't piss this guy off if you have alloy wheels on your car!

Chazza - ChazzaBiggsBlox : how to break into high tech highly secured areas - gallium. just wait a few hours and then kick the walls down (that's if they're made of aluminium lol)

patrick farley : This was vey interesting! When welding aluminum it takes over 3200°F to melt the oxide skin of Aluminum as opposed to 1200° for aluminum that has been brushed with a stainless steel wire brush and wiped down with acetone to remove the oxide skin. You may want to prep your future projects in that manner. Also, is this lock an alloy of Titanium and Aluminum (TITALIUM )? If so, is it possible that Gallium doesn't effect the Titanium and that is what is holding the lock together after the aluminum is compromised/melted? Have you ever tried Gallium on a piece of aluminum like 6061 or similar? Thanks for showing us this!

Boss Boy : Its like dipping a biscuit in tea

Charles Dahmital : Wipe down with hydrochloric acid to remove oxide layer. The gallium travels 'under' the surface as there are no oxides to block its movement.

WColdblooded357W : You should put the whole thing into water and show us the gallium recovery

robizzlor : You sound like the son of JerryRigEverything

Almost Zen : Arnold Schwarzenegger should have had this in Terminator 2..

Theawkwarduck : Thanks now I can read my sister’s diary

LTManiac : 12:00 thats so satisfying

TAOFLEDERMAUS : That's really cool!

binomalia : While looking all the comments seems like people do not understand that for every material there are destroyers. For steel 35% hot sulphuric acid and various other chemicals. For titanium simple things like some organic acids like oxalic acid.

DEADhead Gaming : this is geniunely one of the coolest videos ive seen on youtube

cold cuts : Suggestion. Fill a keyway with galium and then score the metal with the key or a rake pick

mainflame : This is not science. It's witchcraft.

Dan Henderson : The lock is plated in either chrome or nickel. That’s why it’s traveling beneath the surface

Rainbow Mustachio : You Abus-ed The Padlock


bitukukuasukgremany3 : Take a shot everytime he says Gruesome you will be drunk in 1.5 minutes

Rubel Miah : you are just teaching thieves how to break into people's homes

Dago Masere : T1000 is toast.

John Smith : For a lawyer you sure don't know your words. Infusion deals with extracting liquids. The Gallium in this video is actually diffusing (again not infusing) into the Ti metal.

Calvin Setham : home Robbers rejoice!

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch : 2 days later...learns all his screw drivers have dissolved.

Collin Gallagher : What happens if you try to melt it Will it be easy like gallium or will you have to smelt it like aluminum?

wafemaster : His voice sounds a little bit like the one from shoenice🤔

John Doe : Aluminum would normally not cause water to separate to hydrogen and oxygen like that because of that oxide layer that is always on it. That layer forms just as quick as you scratch the metal. Scratching the metal while under gallium prevented that.

MooseGoose : Lock picking lawyer Asmr?

Qaisy Mikail : This oddly satisfying.

Lizard King : Imagine dropping a 60L drum of that on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

dwwilliams19732013 : The title says titanium, but he keeps saying aluminum. So which is it?

MrDunvegandunvegan : Thats not aluminum, it literally has titalium written on it. titalium is titanium aluminide not at all the same as aluminum, it is an alloy with properties different from both titanium and aluminum.

Fester Blats : Who makes a lock out of aluminum?

Sage Oblouk : Poor liquid gallium into the keyhole and fill it up

coc bros : who is here after watching dave hax videos???

divertechnology : mission imposible

Gamingsomeone : Does it work on brass?

PsychoticBovine : You should send it back to the company with a note saying "I have no idea how this happened!"

ZeroPotatoBeansGuy : this is oddly satisfying

g3ntile Jack : My question is are you a klepto? Because you would prolly make an fantastic thief.

Synth Ovine : 7:35 - 7:57 Dude, you didn't use too much gallium (which you can clearly see when you're trying to pry it apart with the screwdriver and having difficulty in the spots where the gallium wasn't so concentrated or manually spread around), you're putting a liquid-ish substance on a curved surface and we have this thing called gravity. It probably stuck to the lock at first because liquid gallium is obviously cohesive and after breaking down the aluminum enough, it diluted it to a point where the cohesive property started to fail and gravity took hold. smh

Pyrahh Idk : If i pour gallium on my heart will it break