[593] Gallium vs. Titalium - Abus Padlock Meets a Gruesome End

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William Zuk : Lockpickingscientist

Maker's Muse : Super interesting. Thanks!

Gigaguenther : I'd like to see the hammer method now! Great video

R.P. Rosen : I arrived here for Locksport, but I stay because, YOU ROCK! LPL, you are truly an original, keep the creativity ... flowing!

steve c : Because of you there are a number of psychics out there who won't be able to find the Gallium they need to use for making the trick spoons to use in their spoon bending acts! LOL

Aaron Anderson : Send the remains over to Codys Lab and he can teach us how to turn it into Gold or something magical.

ForthyPremonition : wow, i've known about gallium but i didnt know either of those properties, that it could do that to aluminum and also that hydrogen reaction! really cool. i think this definitely could be used to open a lock, 4 hours isnt that long..this could also be used as a sort of defacement or "graffiti" on certain buildings or fences. does it work at all vs other metals, even slowly? BTW every time i see "titalium" i think its a bad name.. sounds like its made from titanium. do you think titanium would make a good lock body material?

Steve Jones : Chemistry is amazing.

Geoff : This is one of your coolest videos LOVE IT

Steve Jones : I keep thinking about the T-1000. Hasta la vista, baby.

Don'z Lockz : Wow, a gallium attack on a lock. Who'd a thunk it?😁👍🏽 Crazy reaction & disintegration of the lock. I seen it done on an aluminum can but not on a lock. Cheers LPL.🍺😎✌

My Reef Life : Super cool! Great experiment!

Luke Hawkinson : now you know why gallium is a no no on an airplane

Pickaholic : That was cool 😎

Performance 3DP : The stuff floating was most likely from the anodizing process.

evanchapmanfanman : This is probably the first video on YouTube of using gallium to destroy a lock

Michael Walton : Fascinating.

Locks Rocks And What Nots : Wow! Amazing. Thank you sir.

Marty Hastings : very interesting. Makes me wish i would have paid more attention in my Chem class

tonyholt90 : That was a really cool experiment ! Have you seen the breaking bad series where he uses home made thermide . Maybe something else that you could try!!

PsychoticBovine : You should send it back to the company with a note saying "I have no idea how this happened!"

Southampton Lock Picking Club : Wow, that was an eye opener my friend 🤔 Thanks for this fantastic piece of info. Can see this technique being used, in a lot of destructive lock videos more now - so long as they are aluminium. Still, we all know, where we saw it first 😁 👏👏👏

daz evers : Now that was amazing, very interesting.

FunKey MonKey : Awesome video. 😀 Lock meets Science.

Splod Man : Why I love Youtube.

Jeekinz : The scale on the surface was probably clear anodize.

Raymond Duttine : That sir was wonderful! I never knew that gallium reacted in such a way to transform aluminum into a useless product for strength! While this method would not be a viable option for opening most locks in most situations I could see this having some unique application for... err, um nevermind. Seeing the reaction with the compound and water was also very interesting and could indeed provide an alternative source for hydrogen production to power engines. Being that the gallium can be recovered this seems like a viable alternative source of alternative energy and your video has inspired me to do research on this matter. Thanks - a new subscriber!

JamesG : On the contrary, that could be a very practical attack. Given unobserved access, one could place the gallium on an aluminum lock one intends to break open a day or two later. Unless its owner were to open the lock between the nefarious visits, even a casual observer might be none the wiser. Upon return, given plenty of time for the metals to fuse, the lock would probably fall apart in the intruder's bare hands.

speedbuggy16v : amalgamate, and the travel is under the surface because the surface is aluminum oxide.

TwoStep : I wonder if a few drops into the top of the lock would produce the same results. I imagine it'd be easy enough to add the gallium to the top of the hanging lock, then return in a few hours and strike it with a hammer.

thesmallestatom : It's not an alloy. It's technically called an amalgam.

Been Pickin : Nice work. I work with aluminum and was surprised at how many people are fooled by the name "Titalium" believing it's a titanium alloy. And while it is alloyed with other metals for strength, it is still a very soft form of aluminum. Apparently, "a rose by any other name" would sell better! lol.

J Raymond : That was extremely interesting. Reminds me of Mr. Wizard.

scott ri : ? Did you warm the lock up also

Gazz R : Very cool! Locks and science, now you're really spoiling me. I had no idea Gallium would behave as a catalyst to produce Hydrogen, learned something new today. Thanks for sharing.

LearnHowToWipeYaArse : you should do a video with codys lab!

Morellio Benoir : This could be a solution for the chemist that lost their key, and is too embaressed to call a locksmith.

J S : I used caustic soda (Drano) to dissolve aluminium alloy of of a bicycle stem once, can you do a video with that on an alloy lock?

Errol Lishman : And a light bulb goes on.... My very noisy and annoying neighbour rides a very noisy motorbike.... Motorbike engines are aluminium aren't they...... he he he... Where does one obtain a little gallium....?? Just a little... :-)

Alexandre Treme : Hmmm... I bought some Gallium few months ago to test that. Procrastination will kill me one day. Well, you did it for me. Glad it works. The second test I wanted to do is to pick a cylinder, and put some Gallium in it (quite a lot, enough to fill). Then use a cold air spray (-60° C) to freeze it, and see if the pins will stay on the shearline while turning the cylinder... Just to know if it would be able to make two or three turns then (without of spining tool, obviously). Not sure someone here will succed in understand what my poor english try to explain... :sorry:

Pachyderm Princess The Lockpick Lady : Wow, that’s neat. Cheers!

Colonel Graff : Hey Mr Lawyer, I’m in prison. Can I hire you to bring me some Gallium?

SuperLaplander : Lovely video. Thanks for sharing.

Mister Anonymous : Wow, this video was awesome. Still waiting on the RAMSET, but hey, that was really cool !

Adam Davis : What if you put it in the key way, then attempted to pick the lock? Could it damage the springs, or are most springs steel.

Spyder : That was awesome, thanks LPL!

Ice Daemon : Not the fastest way to open a lock without a key.

Paul Chaulk : Awesome

WineScrounger : First? Looks like it had to get through the chrome plating first.

gecomert : You've said bare hands 😒