Ep 9 Hammock Dome

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Sean McCabe : Update: Still the best channel on the internet. 01:57 was when I knew my Patreon money was going to good use.

Justin : lol wish there was more than a second of footage of the dome in use but still enjoyed the video

Agent Element : Quite literally the most underrated channel on YouTube.

Mattis Torede : i dont know why but the milk at the beginning cracked me up keep doing what ur doin dude <3

CAPITAL EX : Gosh, I just hate when I carry four times the conduit I need, too.

TheTrumpBoy : Hey man I thought you had no friends!! I feel betrayed!

Aquahawk : Didn't even notice you wore the same shirt through the whole video until you called it out. Also, that's a pretty good invention.

Javier Salcedo : Why build one hammock dome if you can have four for four times the price?

Jacob : Why does the narration feel like it's straight out of a Wes Anderson film

Laternenpfahl E. : Damn, you actually built something usefull this time? :D Still nice vid, as always!

FlippyTuna : I just wanted to stop by and say, I am the Bing Bing Bong. Have a good day.

Steve Healt : 10/10

Delicious Debris : you done did good kid

Mirtheous : Did J know you were creeply filming him as he slept?

Leo Williams : HAHAHAHA, you are so criminally underrated.

Quant Delpha : Where did you get the lights for the camelback? Also how are you powering/controlling them?

Edward Zacharek : How's the shirt?

Jimmy Sebesta : Hey man! Im looking to print this dome, and in the Thingiverse file it says not to use PLA. What material do you suggest to use? (ABS looks viable?) Thanks for these awesome videos, you made me go out and buy a printer for Prime Day, very excited to start using it!

Patrick Kossila : Quality

pystdragon : This is the only channel I'll stop by day for to watch when I get the new video notification. You're my kind of weird.

Lota : wowe the youtube cards are here immediately. Do you make totems?

SAHM : More footage of the dome maybe?

Brien Wankel : Shit man, 6 seconds in and I'm already giggling uncontrollably

CorndogBrownie : Quite nice

Jordanary Blue : These videos are always as fascinating as they are hilarious. Great work

Bryce Walburn : Rock & Roll and Jazz...riiiiiggghhhhtttt

Brando Montes : Great editing. The comedic timing is excellent.

Necriptos : Fantastic as always, keep on making these please :D

Preston Manuel : Consistently funny and well put together! The humor is so dry I need a shower.

EFOZM : Best damn channel on the platform!

Joseph DeGraff : Seriously awesome, keep it up!

Logan Williams : Your channel makes me so happy. But, what would make me happier is knowing what kind of shoes you have at 0:28?

Carver Koella : Silhouette Face With LEDs xD

Pretz3ls : He's back!!!

Amos Hunter : Tell me about that milk jar, though

Spencer Jessee : What an awesome channel. Thank you for making such dope videos. I also appreciate the attention to detail of synching the cutting of the pipe to the backing track. I bet that took a really long time

ardenthebibliophile : Nicely done!

chemxcore : luv u bby

Mustakrakish : Oh hell yes. Lemme get some popcorn I made with a microwave I 3D printed Edit: No memes, this was sick. Well done.

D0doubleD : This is some hard-hitting quality content! ”Wait until spring” lmaooo I love it!

Ilya Zolotukhin : The first channel where I clicked the bell to get notified! Videos are amazing!

Sam Austin : why do u have so much milk in the intro

Flavius Popan : Yay Electric Forest :-D I'll be keeping an eye out for the totem next year, cheers!

sam rusoff : incredible content. had me chortling from start to finish. that conduit transaction omg

Christine : You're great.

Austin : How do you not get more footage of the dome after months of work? Did it collapse that quick

PianoVatius : One day this will have millions of subscribers and I can finally tell that I was one of the day ones

FAZE CLAN : Wish I saw you at EForest! Which week did you go?

SaucerJess : 💙