The Verge: How NOT to Build a Computer

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Science Studio : Hey, Capital One! If you wanna learn how to build a computer *for real,* here's my email:

The Eastside Show : he forgot to tell his listeners to just download more RAM incase they run out.

Sono2 : He's wearing an anti static wristband without having it grounded to anthing. That's like vacuming the floor without plugging it into the wall.

Ryan Brown : How the Verge builds computers: 1. Goes to 2. buys MacBook Pro 3. Rates 5 stars.

Kyle : Can we all appreciate that anti static wristband that isn't grounded anywhere, so it's essentially a PC builders fashion statement.

Tran Bronstein : This guy's build looks strikingly familiar... Oh right, it's because it looks exactly like my first build back when I had no idea what I was doing. All the same rookie mistakes were there: non-existent cable management, putting the RAM modules right beside each other, way too much thermal paste on the CPU, etc. It's a miracle my PC even turned on. Then after the embarrassment of shelling out for service fees to get help and advice from a pro technician at Canada Computers, I started looking up websites YouTube videos figuring at SOMEBODY must have posted a video on how to properly build a PC! I mean, there's so many how-to DIY cooking and woodworking and home improvement videos, surely somebody must've posted a PC build video...right? Little did I know that it would lead me to an entire community: JayzTwoCents, Paul's Hardware, Hardware Unboxed, Gamers Nexus, BitWit, Science Studio, PCPartPicker, etc. My next builds went amazing thanks to all the help from the online PC enthusiast community. Of course, I also don't make my living getting Capital One to sponsor my YouTube videos including one on how to build a PC. There was absolutely NO EXCUSE for this travesty when The Verge literally could've looked up any other YouTube videos on how to properly build a PC before filming and posting their own. I feel bad for the guy in the video, he was clearly just following a script and I actually found him eloquent and well-spoken. Unfortunately for him, his producers were clueless.

Mike T : Only thing The Verge knows about building computers is how to use a dongle for their MacBook.

Meko Unknown : "And it supports overclocking". No. Please no. I beg you. Do not attempt overclocking. Or do, for my amusement....

Skemooo : dint he say to put Thermal paste on the socket?

Star Wars Chronicler : 'They made a few generalizations' Yeah, like that people are actually going to buy Battlefield 5.

DeadlyFredXXX : The funniest part is people sticking up for him as if improperly installing computer components is an opinion? No... it's not. You either put shit in right or you don't and if only for the thermal paste application alone... he don't.

Bitwit : Amazing job, Greg! Lyle will be following in your footsteps soon. :)

1234coolman : I like how they tried shifting this video from a trash build to racist comments. That's pathetic verge.

Kjetil Korsveien : They blamed the critics for being racist hence admitting this guy was chosen to do the video because he was the right skin color, not because of his expertise. This is what socialism (and racism) looks like in practice. I don't care what experts look like, only if they are good. The Verge do categorize people by their skin color, the pure definition of racism. Now apply that to all parts of society and watch everything fall apart.

Archon331 : 10:14 wtf are they missing one of the screws on the cooler?

The Maphio : Incompetent guy (who's majoring in Computer Science, to boot), makes a shit computer that will die a couple hours after turning it on to play a game that not many will buy because its publisher and marketing campaign were anti-consumer, other than woke, which is idiotic in its own merit. And to make sure that that bag of trash will run well, how are we gonna benchmark the horrifying mess of a PC? With League of Legends, that runs on a microwave oven. If there was anything in the original video that was worth the view, was the involuntary comedy.

Darius Andrey : We should report the video as being misleading

RingQuest 1986 : "Next, find an old Indian arrow head to use as a screwdriver..."

Hoss Cartwright : Something tells me they needed a black guy more than they needed a tech guy so they just took the nearest black man they found.

phantom845 : If the verge hadn't deleted the video it would've been a bigger sensation than DESPACITO.🤣

Bernardo Jordan : I like to keep my pc underwater in a bathtub since it can't short circuit since the cables aren't touching the panels

Alex Swiatkiwsky : I feel bad for the young man. This should be called out though so other people DONT follow what he does!

Porg McNuggets : "On another note, tech YouTubers are not journalists." This is technically true. However, a vast majority are tech professionals or, at the very least, veteran enthusiasts. Would you rather take advice from some rando journalist in a car magazine who's demonstrated they don't know how to rebuild an engine correctly, or a trained professional mechanic? Someone who forgets a bolt on the head and had speaker wires all over the interior or an enthusiast with years of experience? Being a journalist means absolutely fuck all, especially when it comes to tech.

RingQuest 1986 : Shit. I guess I'm out of swiss-army knife.

Similak Child : - He screwed the mainboard on without using mainboard washers. hes gonna fry his mainboard. - He didn't use the proper tools to screw everything in, he most likely messed up the screws - I always put the PSU in first.. this guy is obviously an idiot. - Zipties are not called Tweezers, also there was little point of using it since his cable management sucked. - He used way too much thermal paste, you're supposed to put a small circle amount right into the middle - He used a 8th gen board with very little knowledge of its specifications, also used very poor RAM with it.

SantaMuerte livE : Lol. They deleted the video. 😂😂😂😂😂

Barteg : Really reminds me of "Lyle" building a computer on Bitwit. BUT THAT WAS ACTUALLY ON PURPOSE Oh god. Verge. No. Stop.

Mr. Fahrenheit : He jizzed all over that CPU lmao.

Most Deadest Pool of em All. : *Empties bag of PC. parts on the ground. that should do it, now lets google porn.

Zagrusz Ventus : 7:08 we dont mix difreant type of thermal paste because we dont know how the two cemicals react with ech other and the metal surface

aryan ambastha : Isn't Verge an Apple subsidiary?

ProtoMario : LMAO that cable management is total trash.

Slimword : It was such an embarrassment that they took it down. Did no one from IT ever see this before it went live? Did no one stop him? Maybe IT saw this and was like "Yeah, let's not say anything and watch it crash and burn." I like that idea and I'm sticking with it.

KrGsMrNKusinagi0 : as soon as he said BATTLEFIELD 5 I stopped watching lmao

ᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚᅚ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) : At least they met their diversity quota.

Gub : It looks like he was using the samsung quantum dot monitor that's 144hz and he locked league at 120 fps. Oof

davetechme : Poor guy. Sounds like he was thown into a project way over his head. Still, a majority of his mistakes could have been easily corrected with a day or two of research which it looks like he either didn't do or he chose to ignore.

Chris Season : i'm entirely convinced it's a joke. the 'anti-static bracelet' really seals it for me

Fluffy Hedgehog : i knew the verge basically is an apple Fanpage … but i never expected they are THIS clueless. this was beyond bad, my 92 year old grandmother could build a pc better than that. half of what he did was actually detremental to performance, stability and/or safety.

kityhawk2000 : When I first built a PC I looked up videos on how to put it together. I found a video that used my exact case and for the most part it was fairly good. Thing is when it came to installing the PSU the guy positioned so the intake fan faced upward inside the case. But I could clearly see that the case had a fan slot cut into the floor with an air filter over it. I was like why would you not use that slot so the fan can draw in cool air from outside the case instead of hot air from inside. So I just ignored him and did it that way. At some point common sense has to supersede what someone tells you.

Kurt Barryman : Diversity hires are just that.

US : Was waiting for this response. The algorithm really loved pushing this video. Next: How to destroy a $2,000 computer using an Obsidian Sword

Lagger Onesixfour : This is bad. Very very bad.


N N : Verge made 1.2 phantom accounts to downvote this video.

Sebastian Mustermann : powersupply was mounted with the fan directly to the back of the mainboard-tray... *heavy breathing*

Roast Pig : Damn the verge removed the video.

Aa Kk : anyone else notice that, of the 4 tools he said you would need (after the "table") he only used 1? thermal paste spreader? obviously not... allen wrench? nope... "tweezers"? lol... defintiely not... but we do see him use the swiss army knife... and the table...

Space In A Space : I would love to see these fools try to assemble a car!

Taaank CPC : Why is he wearing Blue Light Blocking Glasses to build a PC ?