The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Shoulder Press girl

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Croatian Warmaster : Mountain is such a nice guy

no flex zone : Female's name? Need it for research purposes

TubbyTimmy : She just laughs and giggles. But when I tried this with random girls, I got kicked out of the mall... :´(

Ben Jenkinson : He seems like such a nice dude

mebsrea : Ah, the wench press.

Zeron! : 5:50 lmao, smart man, put his face in her ass and disguised it as a party trick

Synthfrillan : Hold the Door! Oh wait ...

Douglas Richardson : She probably got a little wet after that.

chickengres : Now do that with an average American girl

Pawel Wos : I can lift you in many ways- give this man a medal!!

Alexis Varacolacci : The reporter sucks as interviewer!

Expiridion Delaverga : Gee, I wish I could be a 6'9" Icelandic giant.

JovanFB : 4:57 she is a former gymnastic, so you can do whatever.... i already like her haha

Teh Jokur : Those big guys are chilled af.

GIANT ANGRY ROBOT : feels good to see someone who's having a lot of success at the moment being so humble and pleasant. Hope he has a lot more success in the future with his acting and competitions.

Verbal Vertigo : 4:41 when he says " i can lift you in many different ways" hahaha

Jordan Groff : Now that's how you pick up girls!

Gheorghe Vasile : if this guy punches a normal person with his full power it would send that person back in time!!

StuffandThings85 : 5:52 - that view

JonDecagon : It just puts a smile on my face when a guy is huge and menacing in terms of his physique but is soft and genuinely humble on the inside. These are people you should look up to, literally and figuratively.

Mother of Dragons : She tottaly wanted to get creampied, and he wanted to bust some nuts

Nightmaya : He should write a book on how to pick up girls

Deliverant : "I'm gonna show u where i'll put my hands" ...... XD

Yassine EL AZMI : fun fact he's actually strong anough to smash someone's head with his bare hands

John DeVoist : The Mountain knows how to pick up chicks.

Слобода Или Смрт : Im going to Yapan

OMFGLOLROTFLWTF : fuark. you can tell she was mirin. she wants to be manhandeled by a giant alpha.

Chelsey M : Every woman's dream :D

Guv Noir : That gymnast though...OMG! Baby got back!

Petter A : Typical skinny white girl: "I am heavy!"

Oneofthosefatguys : damn, lebron is 6,8 250 and this guy is 6,9 400 !! amazing!

Stan Lee : That chick was SERIOUSLY into him. She was giddy! Did you see her jumping up and down like a little puppy? That's hilarious :) way to go, big man, haha.

ArtakhaPrime : 420 pounds, high like a mountain

DKG89 : WTF He's 27? I'm 27.. I need to reevaluate my life decisions... Bugger me.

Kekederoze : "I can lift you in many ways"... MA BOIIIIIIII

Φόβος κομήτης : they say the average size of a viking was 5'8 imagine this guy, he would be the CHIEFTAIN or JARL

Religious Peddler : women want equality and want to do what men do. good luck. men cant do everything a woman can do and women cant do everything a man can. leave it at that

draconian45 : There you go. Sniff that nice ass before pressing her overhead.

dairo1 : He's only 27!? Damn I thought he was like 37. Holy crap I'm a year older than him...

Pukki34 : Hey, goddamn, record audio on mono.

S Moon : 2:17 look how he changed his poise when asked by girl lol

jospi2 : What a great guy, I hope he wins WSM this year.

Crunkboy415 : Shame...shame...

Dylan1011100 : It was kinda funny how nervous he was about touching her, seems like a pretty respectful guy.

RDLC : He seems like a nice bloke

krydda fem : hahaha his creepy smile while hes lifting her

jorzallan : and that how men.... we should go to the streets and pick up chicks :D

myjaminone : that sweaty left thumb after the armpit invasion

Forst Efter : the wench-press.

hunterrpl : excuse me? he's 27? ok... anyway he looks like a cool guy.