The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Shoulder Press girl

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Arie Fraiser : pfft...I'd be more impress if the woman bench pressed the mountain.

Latin Lover : guy on the right is jacked yet looks small as fuk next to him lol

Douglas Richardson : She probably got a little wet after that.

chickengres : Now do that with an average American girl

Expiridion Delaverga : Gee, I wish I could be a 6'9" Icelandic giant.

Nick Peterson : "she's former gymnastics so you can do whatever" proceeds to rape her, murder her, then kill her children

dorsal 2008 : No man should have a problem picking up women after this helpful tutorial.

Ben Jenkinson : He seems like such a nice dude

wally west : he;s not just a skull crusher.....he's a pussy crusher too

xTheTruePlayerx : my man the mountain tryna climb into some puss lmfao

Brucey : Why the retarded female?

dorsal 2008 : Mispronounces the name of his own character... no one cares!

Admiral Ackbar : You raped her! You murdered her! You killed her children!

Zeron! : 5:50 lmao, smart man, put his face in her ass and disguised it as a party trick

Tanvir Alif : I'm just 5' 10" and my mass is around 72KGs but I think could lift her. Not like I could do push ups like he did but I could lift her. And I won't feel that much of a pressure since she's a pretty girl.

MidasZ : Who's the third guy from the poster? holding a hammer

Melody Burnz : can I ass press her?

Oczkins92 : ,,You murdered her you raped her you killed her children"

Grav Bloss : that moment when u realize u wont need to go to martial arts ever do beat the shit out of anyone with one strike

tlwolf86 : What does that girl weigh? 110 lbs,? We saw the Hawk do that with the Nature Boy and then shot put him out of the ring to the Andersons.

Hieillua : ''This is where I'll put my hands......'' ........ but he didn't tell you he'd proceed to put his face in between your cheeks. lol

Tony Music : I did a 190 pound dead lift... Out of bed this morning.

UnleashTheBlob : WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE?

decentradical : 6.5/10 Didn't snap her spine in half.

Andrés Mm : 27? O.O He look's 40...

john hamlet : Nice but now i want to see another kind of video of these 2

monkeyslaye : Yep, she's wet.

MrLTiger : psst. I think the sound doesnt work

Isaiah Marquez : I think she wants to see Thor's hammer...

Bryon Lape : My left ear enjoyed the interview.

lmozep : lmao the girl wants his dick so hard

Pedro Pierre : My guess is she really liked it.

Deez Nutz : 1000 years ago she would've been raped

Joseph Summers : You can tell he does that with ease. She's probably 150 lbs, because muscle. But still, that's nothing.

Sebastian Lind : Elia Martell, I killed her children,Then I raped her, Then I smashed her head "in like this!"

David thomas : God bless

Affe_ohne_Waffel : My left ear enjoyed this video

JonDecagon : It just puts a smile on my face when a guy is huge and menacing in terms of his physique but is soft and genuinely humble on the inside. These are people you should look up to, literally and figuratively.

Jonas IDK : This guy is so chilled and that hot swedish girl wanted the big viking dick. Swedish men are beta. They are also tall but this guys like Thor have more norwegian in them.

Deliverant : "I'm gonna show u where i'll put my hands" ...... XD

Juyuka Karan : I also can lift u like that

Hannah Meaker : I bet she came a little

Yassine EL AZMI : fun fact he's actually strong anough to smash someone's head with his bare hands

William may : i wish the little faggot pretty boy would stop finishing his sentences, but man oh man,,,, that mountain is a true gentleman,,,,,

Alex Gewecke : She was eyeing him the whole time, LOL!

S Moon : 2:17 look how he changed his poise when asked by girl lol

BILL N' JIM : 2:28 the screen.behind

George Davis : Those two should breed.

Kevin Carey : big deal shes what 120lbs??? Id like to see him press Tess Holliday

Juyuka Karan : wat a power