Yaybahar Improvisation at Seaside
An instrument youve never heard before

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For contact: yaybaharcontact@gmail.com Webpage: www.yaybahar.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yaybahar/371861612976976?sk=info Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/gorkemsen/yaybahar-quartet-nekam Twitter: twitter.com/YAYBAHAR Yaybahar is an electric-free, totally acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen. The vibrations from the strings are transmitted via the coiled springs to the frame drums. These vibrations are turned into sound by the membranes which echo back and forth on the coiled springs. This results in an unique listening experience with an hypnotic surround sound. What you hear in this performance is captured in realtime without any additional effects and with no post audio processing. Instrument: Yaybahar Performance: Görkem Şen Video: Kudret Celebi Video editing: Cenk Sayinli Sound mix: Cenk Sayinli Place: Yesilkoy sahil


Samantha Izaguirre : Wow... and my band director said we wouldn't live to see any new instruments.

Álvaro Vargas : Like si vienes del canal "Un Poco de Todo" 😝

Ayberk K. : türklerden çok yabancılar biliyor

Гальванизированный Труп : My head just exploded in 1,000 pieces

vulkein : HOLY CRAP! one of the most beautiful instruments since the cello....

Pedro Brasil : that's a spiritual sound..

Baba : Astounding sound and an amazing instrument. I'm so impressed by your ingenuity and talent.

Renuvo : you put me in a trance. I feel the universe through your art. Thank you for creating magic. 

Malomir : Sound epic. Like "Godspeed! You Black Emperor". I would love to have such an instrument.

Ian Maclennan : An amazing instrument. I love this seaside session, you really know how to create an ambiance that's truly mellifluous =)

Uhemai Notmeh : My friend you really should get in touch with Robert Plant. I want to see /hear what both of you and Page too, can come up with. I am 10000% sure it will be amazing. Please, do it.

PopBubbleWrappable : Dude. Where the hell can I buy one of those.

Rey Herman : how can it be so loud ??

IceRalf2 : like si vienes por un poco de todo

Chelsea Arley : The long tones are beautiful for making meditation music

Erik Turtev : Nice instrument , and nice music ! Greetings from hungary

Richard Schwarz : Where I can buy one for me? I will play it at church! Pink Floyd Church

Екатерина Мороз : Файно!!!!! Я додала в свій плейлист)))

Mike Sletten : This is badass! I would love to have this guy sit in w/ my band or @ some open jam sesh. Amazing!

Michelle Marilyn : so beautiful!! more please!

Lulu Janečková : It's absolutely gorgeous, I am totally in love with the sound of this incredible instrument!  

JeopardsRune : guy is like at least 90% ascended as an ancient

hopikopitarium : Dogs look happy and enjoying it greatly :D

frafri : Great instrument , amazing talent

Tiago Paschoati : Lindo som!!!

AHS Healing : Perfect sound of wonders. 

Leeahu Jensen : Una gran experiencia, maravilloso rayo de luz.

Kabir Hazarika : I wonder if the video and the playing were recorded separately. No ambience sound and the huge amplification without any electronic device like a pickup or a body like the guitar makes me wonder.

jj : no AC DC? :[

_XxX_ tentacion_ : This instrument makes a beautiful sound 👍🏽😁

ILIV : Can we have more videos like this, please?

sittingby thepool : that is the most amazing instrument I've ever heard!

Nate Buker : must...make....play......

Daniela Jiménez : Amazing sound, It is so majestic 👌🏻

Ultraliviano : Can I find one in Latin America ? . Argentina

rocketrod101 : a very amazing instrument!! i love it!!

Kevin Williams : Sounds like a hidden track off of "Owl Splinters" by Deaf Center. Compare this to tracks "New Beginning", "Divided" or "Animal Sacrifice". Great stuff.

Bernado : like si viniste por updt

VonZegen : Can you PLEASE post your schematics for this instrument? I want to build one very very much!

Luis Allende : amazing, wonderfoul instrument, thank you...

Louis Croisez : Is there reverb in the sound recording? Or is this the reverb produced by the instrument itself?

Miguel Rodrígez : Un poco de todo :v

B1gLupu : Could you play Flight Of The Bumblebee with that thing, that would sound awesome?

Rymus Dash : Sounds epic, really

Temperal Thunder : Amazing, real, natural sound! Truly pleasing to the ears. ;)

Freddy Stone : Can you here it, the potential of unheard music that could change and bring back music in a new way. I'm so excited about the sound you have I wish only I could be a part of it, all the best to you. PS you're only just beginning.

Casey Harmono : This is awesome! I've got to get one, or make one. I hope the parts are easy to find.

Helen Keenan : beautiful music tyvm for sharing

onemon22 : Thank you so much for posting.