Yaybahar Improvisation at Seaside

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Álvaro Vargas : Like si vienes del canal "Un Poco de Todo" 😝

Baba : Astounding sound and an amazing instrument. I'm so impressed by your ingenuity and talent.

IceRalf2 : like si vienes por un poco de todo

Samantha Izaguirre : Wow... and my band director said we wouldn't live to see any new instruments.

Гальванизированный Труп : My head just exploded in 1,000 pieces

Pedro Brasil : that's a spiritual sound..

vulkein : HOLY CRAP! one of the most beautiful instruments since the cello....

Malomir : Sound epic. Like "Godspeed! You Black Emperor". I would love to have such an instrument.

ImogenSkye : 5yr old daughter: Mummie, would you marry him? Me: I don't need to; he has given me his music.

boi slim thicc Skinny legend : It's like a Cello with flanger

Miguel Rodrigez : Un poco de todo :v

Mhc : Şu muazzam enstrümanı hiç duymamış ve tesadüfen videoya denk gelmiş olmam ülkemizde sanata verilen değere bir örnektir. Resmen sipiritüel bir deneyim.

PopBubbleWrappable : Dude. Where the hell can I buy one of those.

hopikopitarium : Dogs look happy and enjoying it greatly :D

Uhemai Notmeh : My friend you really should get in touch with Robert Plant. I want to see /hear what both of you and Page too, can come up with. I am 10000% sure it will be amazing. Please, do it.

Renuvo : you put me in a trance. I feel the universe through your art. Thank you for creating magic. 

axel arguello : like si viniste por updt

you tube : Vengo de un poco de todo

onemon22 : Thank you so much for posting.

Mario Lagarto pro gamer : Like si viniste por un poco de todo :v

truthishere dealwiit : If there is no post production why is there a credit for the guy who mixed it ?

Phillip Johnson : Correct me if I wrong but wouldn't adding another (drum) head to this that is slightly larger, produce a deeper tone and possibly another octave?

Ayberk K. : türklerden çok yabancılar biliyor

Rey Herman : how can it be so loud ??

Erik Turtev : Nice instrument , and nice music ! Greetings from hungary

Ian Maclennan : An amazing instrument. I love this seaside session, you really know how to create an ambiance that's truly mellifluous =)

Lulu Janečková : It's absolutely gorgeous, I am totally in love with the sound of this incredible instrument!  

Accel Well : Real talk my guy I'd say you were on to something big here.I love this thing

ILIV : Can we have more videos like this, please?

ahmed Engin Tekin : Yaybaharın bass olanıda olabilir aslında :) armoni gezilebilir ... sadece bir hayal kurdum :)     bassbahar    :)

Louis Croisez : Is there reverb in the sound recording? Or is this the reverb produced by the instrument itself?

HangSoul : never heare so a great big Sound - cosmic Oktave ! Its a Masterpice !!!

Freddie Mercury : nightmare on Elm street music. very scary

Обезьян Обезьяныч : Просто ахуенно! Мужик, продолжай творить!!!

Casey Harmono : This is awesome! I've got to get one, or make one. I hope the parts are easy to find.

Mike Sletten : This is badass! I would love to have this guy sit in w/ my band or @ some open jam sesh. Amazing!

Luíza Sampaio : Sublime!

DarthAmerind : Where can I get one

Richard Schwarz : Where I can buy one for me? I will play it at church! Pink Floyd Church

Nate Buker : must...make....play......

AHS Healing : Perfect sound of wonders. 

Ultraliviano : Can I find one in Latin America ? . Argentina

weuxa : love love love!

frafri : Great instrument , amazing talent

JeopardsRune : guy is like at least 90% ascended as an ancient

jj : no AC DC? :[

_XxX_ tentacion_ : This instrument makes a beautiful sound 👍🏽😁

Tiago Paschoati : Lindo som!!!

Bridget Walker : Wow...O_O

Kristina Rome : You have created a masterful instrument!  If you recorded these over a long period of time with such backgrounds as the sea or forest, and sold the music, many people would use these sounds to do yoga or meditate.  It's such a beautiful and eerie sound that gives me goosebumps!  I would love to see more videos from you, too.