Is NASA still worth the cost?

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KungFuBlitzKrieg :

ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ : Long live NASA!!

Gabe Darrett : Americans spend more on pizza than on NASA. They definitely need more funding.

Preston T Cro : Excellent video, Neoscribe. Funding space exploration is the best investment that a people can make. Not only does it lead to technological and scientific advancement, it inspires millions of kids and young adults to study science and improve the world around them.

MrGrombie : I've feel like NASA should have 1/8 the military defense budget(massively more than what they are at now). We are beacons for the world. We should act accordingly. Inventions they make for space, have earth applications. Velcro immediately comes to mind. In a perfect world, 5% would be nice. NASA is one of the few places in the government where you can give them money, and they know exactly how they would be spending it, and they can give you charts for days. When it comes time to higher people, I'll higher people who have that type of work ethic. As well as enjoy my taxes going to that, as I am basically helping funding it.

Zanzalur's Odyssey : People need to realize that NASA isn't just developing the SLS. NASA and SpaceX are different, SpaceX focuses in lowering the costs of spaceflight and commercializing and eventually colonizing space. NASA however focuses on exploring the universe. If NASA missions are going to fly on SpaceX launch vehicles and spacecraft, we got the ultimate combination.

M&M : Many inaccuracies in this video! Just downright lies. I am unsubscribing.

Doug M : You looking for a PR job at NASA? The real question should in my mind have been does NASA provide the same value for money as the likes of SpaceX? I doubt whether many people watching your channel have an issue with government money going into space research. Personally I'd like to see more funding but having said that I want it to go to the most productive agencies not just a bureaucrat black hole. From what I've seen SpaceX is moving ahead at warp speed whereas NASA is operating on impulse power. (sorry non Star Trek fans) How long would we have had to wait for NASA to develop reusable rockets? Would they have ever developed the technology at all? Sorry not impressed by air bubbles in cross trainers. Private enterprise with government support will give us the biggest bang for our bucks. Healthy competition between various space companies should lead to accelerated innovation. Must admit I feel sorry for NASA having to endure political interference leading to cancelled programs. Very wasteful.

solid9 : This video is BIASED show us both the CONS and PROS of NASA in complete detail.

Brent Anderson : NASA r great, but they have fallen behind and r now pretty much obsolete. Younger newer company’s have taken the lead. U can not live on past glories. But that’s just my opinion

Michael : I think you forgot satellites for communication :D

ZakDTV : I'm glad you are pointing out some of the great products that are possible through nasa research. People who complain about the cost of our space program don't see anything more than the rockets. The other day I had a guy telling me how the ISS is a waste of time and money on one of my SpaceX videos.

Adam Campbell : That pie chart is pretty embarrassing at the end.

AngryBoy : Long story short > no space exploration now > 1000 years later starting real space exploration > to late meteor hit us after 1050 years > only if we started space travel sooner.

Robert Gagnon : Nasa creates industries out of whole cloth. Money well spent. Tang sucks, and it’s a relief that NASA didn’t invent it.

Brian Petersen : Well said!

Melankomas : This isn't true. And I dont think we are living in the dark ages!

Nicholas Hernandez : I'm still waiting for the 2018 spinoff

Hairysteed : Everybody who keeps comparing NASA to SpaceX or some other private rocket-launching company needs to keep in mind that all they provide is launch service! There's a lot more to NASA than launching rockets into space

Michael Kay : Lol and here I thought that NASA developed Tang! Thanks for including the budget info too!

Saifur Rahman Mohsin : NASA isn't affordable nor is it efficient in any way. Not only does Elon Musk's SpaceX do it 10 times cheaper and more efficiently with re-usability but in the space programme here in India it's even cheaper (even thou it's govt. funded). It's possible that a private space company operating out of India can do it far more cheaper. Remember NASA is government funded and usually anything govt. run is way more expensive than they actually are supposed to cost.

Bruno Lopes : great video

Javier Campoy : I'm not american, so I have little to say about your taxes. But I believe that investing in NASA not also helps your economy, but also makes the humanity push forward. It might not be the best motivation for an american to invest his money, but me, as a spanish guy, wouldn't mind if my goverment invested in space instead of, say corruption (wich is a big money sucker here where I live). Anyway, cool video as always. I really preciate your effort, because I believe it helps to make this a better world.

Disinfect : This is a misleading video!

Frank Nakamo : NASA is worth nothing

Cbeddoe19 : NASA needs control over their own budget. SLS and Orion are Congress's mess.

fireofenergy : Thanks for the thumbs up for NASA! What's wrong with those fifteen or so negative people. I say up the science portion of the US budget by at least a factor of 20! Trim everything else. Send all troops home, except those needed to back up special ops. Trim the pension fund by just a few percent. Don't cut SS. Delete all child protective services (that's a job that cops can, and should gladly, do!). Cut illegal imegrant funding by like half (compromise but don't give it all away to illegals). And cut all healthcare to overly expensive hospitals (the town doctor is only 1/10th, actually, less than that, of the community hospital, stop health care insurance and Medicare sucking bs price gouging! With that, I probably just saved 30% of the budget, out of which would be spent on _affordable_ and free health care to all ($50 copay to prevent abuse) AND the world's top science based nation. NASA might want to let the private industries to do space launches (because they're cheaper and offer more launches per year) but NASA kicks ass when it comes to automated missions. Therefore, they should design "a million" cube SATs that explore the entire solar system, refuel, use solar, whatever, retrieve space junk (ok, LOTS more refueling), integrate to make solar system wide telescopes, etc. Part of the science goes to making a better battery, just like NASA made it possible for SpaceX to develop better rockets. All Trump supporters should be ashamed of his cutting the National Labs! Oh, slim education, too (somebody out there knows how to integrate cheap computers or phones into cheaper, but more effective, learning). Cut institutionalized imprisonment over petty stuff (cut Jeff Sessions!). Pay for commercials that actually promote going against fossil fueled depletion into an over heated biosphere. Like a consumer awareness campaign for _the need for science_ (paid for by "individuals for a well informed democracy"). Just like the anti drug campaign, it'll just make everyone want to do it... Ad Astra! 😎

Z71___ : Keep it up! Your videos are always informative.

Ronald Sund Valiente : NASA HAS BECOME A Political pork barrel to keep dinasaurs polititions reelected by using NASA money in thier districts to get reelected..Tha fact that Elon Musk has developed recyclable rocket boosters into the space in such a short time without the political boonbogleing because he used his own money just goes to prove how politics in this country is regresing incredible research potentials.Thats why we buy russian throwaway rocket motors.

Tom Bombadil : NASA should only have money for space probes. Leave the rest to commercialisation.

Martin Munoz : Videos like these show what humans have turned into. From a middle-class citizen's perspective (this really should apply to anyone on the planet) you can not justify the US budget. 54% of the federal budget is destined for military purposes, does that make any sense to you? 600 billion US dollars spent on military equipment designed ONLY to kill people. You may try to defend this by saying the US needs this to defend and protect its people and land, but I don't think that is a proper way of spending money (or defending your country). Here's my idea. Why don't we spend ALL the money spent on military services on education instead? By doing this you teach people to see the human species as one big and united community, a community where people around the world love each other, instead of a place where nations are challenging and killing each other. You inspire young population to work for the rest of the world, and truly evolve as one big team. You may be thinking: what is this crazy commie saying? what does all this have to do with NASA? Well, I'm glad you asked (or not). Back in the early 60's when JFK said “We Choose To Go To The Moon”, the US was only competing against Russia in the space race, there was really no point in going there, (yes, I know we learned a lot in the process) the US (and any other country) only wanted to prove they were the best in every aspect, space exploration being one of them. Competitiveness has been a thing for as long as we can remember, we even killed each other when we lived in tribes and our goal was to survive. My question is, why is this still around? Why don't we challenge and compete against ourselves to build a future that guarantees our existence and evolution, instead of destroying and polluting the one and only habitable planet we have access to today? I am not criticising Trump or the US, I simply don't understand why we have to fight each other, instead of helping poor countries that have been left behind. Please, take a minute to think about what you can do with 600 billion dollars ($600,000,000,000) that is a lot of zeros 11 to be precise. Lets put those 11 zeros where they make sense. 1. 0 Wars 2. 0 Hunger 3. 0 Selfishness 4. 0 Lying 5. 0 Corruption 6. 0 Racism 7. 0 Intolerance 8. 0 Jealousy 9. 0 Pollution 10. 0 Injustice 11. 0 Military budget I truly hope we change one day. *mic drop*

Brian Petersen : Inspiration is the intangible element that is priceless through the efforts of NASA and all the engineers and scientists that push the boundaries of exploration.

Liam Lee : great allusion and content delivering!

Rook the Raptor : No mention of the fact that they destroyed/lost technology that we spent billions on? Big surprise.

cyllan3 : what has nasa invented / done in the last 10 years???? who much has it cost???

CyborgJiro : My opinion has always been, we don't spend enough on NASA.

Robby Leonard : Why? Because we can’t live on earth forever that’s why so we need to stop worrying so much about problems on earth

Robby Leonard : Glad u got a vid to half a mil nice!

boulman travel : so thanks to nasa

Boggless : Not to mention... GPS, and mobile phone networks

DMart : I think this is probably your best video! Thumbs up.

Freedom Loving American Patriot : How the hell do most of us think NASA takes up 20% of the budget?? All they have to do is a quick google search if they're not sure

Fahad Alharbi : There is waste, but yeas, it 100% worth it. I am not american, thus because it is thier money, their vote matters at the end

BR5491Z1Z : I totally agree great vid It makes more sense to spend money on nasa that another useless social welfare program ... peace out

Robert Gagnon : Architecture in the so-called “Dark Ages” was far more sophisticated than Classical architecture. Look up the gothic versus the Roman arch. The University was invented in the Middle Ages. I could go on. Please refrain from perpetuating falsehoods about the medieval period.

Rawdogletard : NASA gross waste of time and money. Earth is all there is nimrod

Dat Ilzya Guy : I win!

Luigi R. Bedin : Very well done. Any American citizen should see this. Thanks!

David Cornwell : That was one of the best videos on this subject I have ever seen very impressed what an eye opener!!

Luke the Space Emperor : I wrote an essay about this.