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!!!NEW LAW!!! You have 3 hours to get your money back from an exchange place! Find the map of Honest exchange places here: Also our meet up event is here: Huge thanks goes out to Chris who helped us with todays episode! He does a great magazine called PRAGUE VISITOR! Make sure to grab a free copy, while you are in Prague! If you feel like checking out on our insta life, here are some links! Janek: Honza: our Instagram battle: Check out our facebook page here: and let us know what would you like to see! We hope you'll have an amazing time! Thank you for your support! Honza Mikulka & Janek Rubeš


Frans Witarsa : Man, you are truly an awesome guy. Thanks for the info that u share.

El Dita : I'm russian and I'm really ashamed to see the russian dude working at the scam exchange place :( The translation in 2:03 isn't correct though, but the guy's still saying lots of EXTREMELY rude things.

The Dark Musket : I was dying when the scammer started swearing and the guy was like "Is that Czech or I don't understand" LOL

Tayne Hollywood : I remember walking through Prague in August and people were holding signs saying that these places rip people off, glad that a law is put in place to bring some justice!

Gecko_ : 5:59 If this isn't going to be turned into a meme, I will be very disappointed...

Thompter S. Hunson : The golden rule in these situations is *never give your money if the exchange rate isn't written big and clearly* somewhere in the place. Most likely they're scamming.

BEST OF DASHCAM EUROPE : Last thing i remember from Prague was actually getting ripped of. Great channel to start change!


Agustín Bustos : You deserve a statue in Charles Bridge dude!

Gaming Lunatic : watching you for about a year we should also implement this in our country

Kyllouan : I was in Prague in 2017 and thanks to your videos, I was aware of all of this scam and my friends and me didn't get scammed Thank you, keep doing this, your videos are awesome

SEWARY : OMG i was amazed to hear that guy swearing at him at russian. I'm russian and i feel terrible. All you heard about russians is true and this guy and people like him are living proofs ☹️

600firefly1 : Same here in never get the full rate back. It's a joke.

Linh Nguyễn : You’re doing great things ❤️ dekuji moc!

Renan Vasconcelos : Went to that place on Old Town Square (that ia closed now) when in Prague and my wife asked me to stay in front of the place and save some tourists... :)

Uy Danh Ta : I enjoy your hints and tips you share with the community but also im sad about the fact that there are so much Videos from you about Prague and these scammers ^^ that City dont deserve these kinds of People around and you can be proud to be one of many who helps citizens and tourists to make the city a better place. Greetings from Germany

die patrioten : Your a true patriot doing this for your country, this is how someone helps his country not only tourists on this case🤙good job wish alot of other european capital cities have someone like u

SKB 008 : Man, you are doing great things for the tourists....Appreciate all your efforts!! These things would definitely help me during my trip to Prague... Hope I can visit this beautiful city very soon. Love from🇮🇳

Sydney Concerts : props to you my bro subbed and im sp happy they put new laws in i remmber your old vid of this exsact problem im assumeing you helped even if you didnt i still belive you helped alot no matter what

Polish Al : So glad to see that something is finally changing . Now on to the taxi mafia please ! Greetings from a polish man who has spent half of his life living in Scotland and now lives in Germany.

Cheryl I : Doing God’s work! Thank you :))

alessio fernando : How can this guy be so brave??!!

Great Bullet : i would wait at the back of the store and punish them down the public toilet :D

Alfredo Iganz : wow...great job by the government and you guys who exposed them

J D : every single country bro, they robbed me in Italian airport when I moved to London, and I'm italian

Michal Landsman : THE BEST TIP FOR EXCHANGE: Do not do it! Just use your payment card or smartphone! #fintech

zz12345aaa12345zz : just bring euro as a currency ffs

Jiri Forman : Or just get Revolut, create Czech account there and exchange money to czk in the Revolut. ... afterward you can pay like Czech domestic payment or withdraw from a normal atm (csob, KB, airbank, moneta, ... not the atm at the airport or in some of the hotels) - Czech crowns - again - without exchange.

Thea Bruknerová : And remember, the number for police is 156 or 158, both will work. If you can't remember that, 112 is an international number that combines police, ambulance and firefighters. Keep the receipts!

Allison Suleiman : Honestly, just withdraw from An ATM...

K dawg : I went to czech and nevet had a problem but thank you. I am sharing this so anyone who goes there will not have a problem

Marek Svec : This won't be happening in the future... hopefully when Czech republic gonna switch to Euro. It's already surrounded by it. So more likely a far future as Czechs are mostly Eurosceptics.

gingerjoe1972 : Great vid and i love your Prague tips in other tips!! Hope to be back there early July! ;-)

Cheok CG : I guess imma go visit Czech just to have fun getting these scammers rekt

Dan [The Security Man] Stuckey : Alternate way Make a molotov and or pipe bomb to attack the horde of zom Oh wait this isn't Left 4 Dead Still works the same way

Arielle Mendez : I want to learn Czech now (I think that is the proper name for the language)

Nikola yay : I love how people do that exact same thing what you do when you’re trying but in India this helps the whole world

Gary Willis : In a way, if you are dumb enough not knowing how much your currency is worth, then you should at least take some of the blame.

Chad Davidson : The workers rather understood:give the tourist their money back after 3 hours

Dr Katt : You are the best! Can I buy you a beer next time I'm in Praha? 😂

CALLBAD : they have to signed you a minister of tourist in Czech.

Ty Ty : Thanks! This helps a ton! I will be in Prague next week!

rohanzo1 : notice how nearly every exchange office clerk is working behind a large security window


Darius : Please make a Video where Like 50 of your Friends are giving These Exchange places 1 star in Google Maps and the real commission.

ur scaring me : Can you please do Bucharest, Romania sometime? I'm moving there later this year for schooling. I've never been outside of America in my entire life and don't know exactly what sort of scams to expect as a foreigner.

juandenz2008 : Awesome new law ! They should have that law in every country. Scam exchange places are like a plague.

WingZero616 : money is the biggest sickness of the planet, next are the evil people who produce it and hold most of it! its pure evil and I absolute hate money!!

ozku007 pelaa : 5:20 when you understand that you got own in a public game.