K/DA - POP/STARS Finger Dance | League of Legends

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Valantis Krikri : When fingers have more talent than a human

Sapo Serelepe : Your fingers dances better then me... ;-;

Avakin- Alex-rf-3052 : I❤you 👖 👟 Very much 😘😘😘😘😘

Jun Hao Lim : I can’t even dance I’m so sad literally a finger beaten me

The Randomizer : atlast after many days got to watch my favourite chanel. 👨 👕 👖 👞

Klea Leli : Yes I knew the finger dance version was missing, now K/DA is completed.

Muskan Pirzada : Amazing dance keep up good work guys real unique work of art

1000 Abos ohne Video Helft mir! : *This Finger dance better than International Professional Dancers! 😂💃😎*

Stickmans Inside The Whiteboard : You are the best..... 👖 👞👞 ....YouTube Channel in the 🌍🌎🌏

Dhairya Singh : Great vid lilach love ur vids

polkin : Gooooooood

vAqeii : *Yes* You have one talented hand

Keiri Riveron : XD

xxjuju_snipes8xx : I love this lol

Yarizel Torres : Add some shirts and we have our next top hit

Json Peters : Your videos are so well made and funny lmao this made my day

Waffle Man 2000 : 1

NitroGaming : Show ur finger show collection!!!!

יצחק ארייב : מי שאהב שיתן בלייק®

*Naoko Sam* : esta cool 😎😂

Graziely Patrícia da silva : Quem gostou do vídeo da like

the super luigi shows : The best danse ever i love your Youtube Chanel 😘

Редкольт Проектович : NoNutNovember Day 26th Almost failed to fingers in dresses.

RichRobber YT : I thought it was about the game League Of Legends

Pory02 : Why Everyone using the fore- and middlefinger? I always Use the middle- and ring finger. So the thumb can be Using as Tail or as support. But Nice Performance!

StrawHat Anims/Gaming : Lmao im dying

K. Undeterminable : Ladies Fingers, you dance supa hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirai Kuriyama : No Nut November Diary Day 26: Just when I thought nothing could tempt me anymore. The final boss has appeared.

caid Гилязов : Super fingers dancers

GreenPenguin : After all these years being subscribed to you I did not expect to see this LOL

brooklyn Soto oficial : One the wrestring

1000 Abos ohne Video Helft mir! : *Fingers are Nice! 😎😂*

Beverly Milton : Omgggg!!!!!!! That's the best I've seen!


HappyFooK &FooK : Good job

Falco L.R.B : Lol😂😂 good job 👖 👟

yan chan ak 47 : Me encantan tus videos son lo mejor

Ryu : Co to jest kurwa

Канал Max One. : Я как раз смотрел клип этой песни а потом мне пришло уведомление с этого канала.

fabian reacciones : El primero siempre 😋😋

Jose Portillo : You have a LOT of talent with only just your hands, good job! Keep up the great work! Edit-OMG YOU GAVE ME A HEART THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Quin Quin : That's cool! :O + tutorial included <3

BartGaming : That's amazing!! 😄😄😄

linci penci : Cool video I loviu 💕💕

Pink Cat : Cool !!! That's amazing !!

Pereira : soo funny

LANDER y sus landeros : ...🖐️ 👖 👟👟 I love it

adam ariff : Wow..AMAZING BRO

NAT Cool : Nice

Crazy Games : I love it