K/DA - POP/STARS Finger Dance | League of Legends
KDA POPSTARS Finger Dance League of Legends

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• Paid Collaboration with Riot Games • Make your own dances using the K/DA track and tag them with #bepopstars and your content could be shared by Riot! • Check out all of the new skins here https://riot.com/2QHXtcS Let me know in the comments what do you think. If you like it, hit thumbs up! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE http://goo.gl/buefws Be sure to check some of my other work in my channel. https://bit.ly/2MBHEBQ Also, Like on my Facebook page and stay updated with my work: https://bit.ly/2Os0xZG I'm always happy to be part of new interesting projects, feel free to contact me at: lilahen@gmail.com #leagueoflegends #kda #popstars


Edgar Uribe : 0:40-0:44 Me when I have to dance at a party

Mirai Kuriyama : No Nut November Diary Day 26: Just when I thought nothing could tempt me anymore. The final boss has appeared.

Klea : Yes I knew the finger dance version was missing, now K/DA is completed.

Jun Hao Lim : I can’t even dance I’m so sad literally a finger beaten me

vAqeii : *Yes* You have one talented hand

Avakin- Alex-rf-3052 : I❤you 👖 👟 Very much 😘😘😘😘😘

THE RANDOMIZER : atlast after many days got to watch my favourite chanel. 👨 👕 👖 👞

QT168 : Most creative ever 🤣👍

1000 Abos ohne Video Helft mir! : *This Finger dance better than International Professional Dancers! 😂💃😎*

Jose Portillo : You have a LOT of talent with only just your hands, good job! Keep up the great work! Edit-OMG YOU GAVE ME A HEART THANK YOU SO MUCH!

ok lol : Your videos are so well made and funny lmao this made my day

Muskan Pirzada : Amazing dance keep up good work guys real unique work of art

me : Why am I laughing? =) Btw nice video.

EMedia Plus : You are the best..... 👖 👞👞 ....YouTube Channel in the 🌍🌎🌏

RAYAN Fortnite Gaming : *yes* R/tslentbeatWORKbutTalentBeatWork

Bunneh Rose : Doctor: You have approx 4 minutes and 8 seconds left to live Me: *watches this *

Aephesilon : Ahri is looking a bit bony nowdays...

Quin Quin : That's cool! :O + tutorial included <3

LANDER y sus landeros : ...🖐️ 👖 👟👟 I love it

Crepto Ductions : The fingers dance better than me......... DEKU I NEED YOU!!!

Alkku : You just made my day! I must say, your fingers have true skill. This part 0:50 <3

luiyan 872 : The best danse ever i love your Youtube Chanel 😘

Panda Dz : waw hhhhhhhhhhhhh good

jujusnipes : I love this lol

its adam : Wow..AMAZING BRO

nagene wang : Gosh, it's so funny, can I cryyyyy srsly🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

league of unicorns GachaGirl : I love this song!!! Also why does your hand dance better then me in real life..😢 XD

xXhyan zueiro brXx : W T F ! ? ........

Eva Deacon : Omgggg!!!!!!! That's the best I've seen!

João Alves : Pelo menos deixava cada uma com sua parte... Botou Akali na parte da Eve, Ahri na da Akali, ;-;

StygianVenom : 25th comment, no dislikes Here b4 30 viewz

Carprincess : When you thought you saw all kinds of KDA content, but then you stumble across this. Wow this was amazing and not only that but you also showed HOW you did it as well. This was awesome

Dhairya Singh : Great vid lilach love ur vids

GreenPenguin : After all these years being subscribed to you I did not expect to see this LOL

ayiko eimy- chan : Me encantan tus videos son lo mejor

Putri Diana : So cutu finger!!!......😆😆😆😆😆

Vertix : Omg! This is insane! (According to me, because I rarely see amazing things.) What do you use to record?

Lonri : This was my first encounter with your channel and this is amazing! And paid collab with Riot Games?! Congratulations!

Teo V : Sexier hotter better good job XD

Falco L.R.B : Lol😂😂 good job 👖 👟

Hanna Rainbow.#Patate : Best video 👏

Sin Of Mortality : Okay, This is epic.

ZOE : Como eu vim parar aqui?? Kkkkkkkk mano eu to morrendo de rir vey MT bom Eu n consigo dançar com os dedos

gaming dog : When fingers are evolving Next is probly a face eyes amd nose with a mouth that can speak

chicken fries : Add some shirts and we have our next top hit

Myleine Djikeng : Kpop stars have left the chat 😂😂

1UniversePrincess : How in the world? 😂 Maybe one day my hand will be as talented as yours

Zaifers meilers : esta cool 😎😂

Drizzly Frost : Bruh iv seen YouTubers upload more in a month than this person has in 13 years...