Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman Lived for Your Sins

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NakeyJakey : such a great video. Aaron Paul will be remembered forever because of his work on Breaking Bad. just incredible.

Lemonwedge : Letting Jesse live after the first season was hands down the greatest decision the writers ever made.

Sara Katherine : Jesse will always be my favorite brba character. He’s a pure soul caught in a world of corruption, Ill always let myself believe he got help and lived the life he deserved after escaping in the finale.

Razing : Just finished the show. I know I’m late.

Joseph Bastidas : Jesse is my favorite character on the show. His character development is I think the most drastic I've seen on any show and it's so tragic.

C. Kim : The reason i think Walter saved Jesse revolves more about storytelling and the arc. I think they wanted to give to Jesse, the martir, the final redemption: the life. In end of the day, ever since shakespeare, the bad guys can't live in the end, maybe because of some ethereal justice sense in the world. In a sense, i think it's impossible to Walter be alive after all the sins he commited in front of the audience.

K Noelle : Poor Jesse. He went through a lot. I just noticed that he never once referred to Walt as anything but Mr. White.

scifinerd17 : I find it kinda sad that Walt Jr./Flynn wanted to be closer to his dad and considered him his hero, only for Walt to be more attached to Jesse than he is to his own son. I feel sorry for him, especially when he finds out the truth of who Walt really is.

Saylerjesse : Jesse made me cry a few times. its so tragic, his character.

Sharp Design : A messed up world where "your meth is good, Jesse" is a compliment

Arunima Tiwari : This was so interesting!

K Noelle : I love Jesse Pinkman, he was one of the few truly sympathetic characters on BrBa. Jesse seemed like an actual good person, unlike Walt, who pretended to be a good guy throughout his life.

MAGA Matt Bell : I like that Aaron Paul never took acting classes

neosoontoretro : If Walt was the spiritual father to Jesse then Hank could be seen as the spiritual father to Walt jr./Flynn. This is would explain why Walt jr. disowned Walt at the end of the series, he didn't just hold him responsible for killing his Uncle but for killing his spiritual father (i.e. his true father).

Lord Reyne of Castemere : I knew you were going to use "Yeah Mr. White! Yeah, science!" line. This always makes laugh.😂😂😂😂😂

Eeshan Beohar : Probably the best analysis of Jesse there is. Everyone has an opinion of Walt but not very often do you see such deep examination of Jesse's character. Although, it would've been even better if you commented more on Jesse's influence on Walt and his actions throughout the series.

Shwift : You guys seriously do your research. And it pays off greatly.

Psychosmurf5471 : The Passion of the Pinkman

olenna natsu : I loved Jesse`s character so much, he was my favorite from the start. The actor did very well with that role.

Tarik Ashmawi : Damn jesse is really the GOOD guy of breaking bad and walt is the BAD guy

K Noelle : The Jane thing was so heartbreaking, I hated Walt ever since that moment.

ObviouslyASMR : Been anticipating this video for a while 😁 ngl I welled up a little in the end

Zombies Expert3 : "For a while he finds a surrogate family in Gus and Mike *mike slaps him*"

Alyssa : Damn 😭 I want to believe that Jesse got to Alaska and became a carpenter. I can dream

Randy Suyematsu : Your analysis is always so deft, intelligent and thought provoking. Screenprism is awesome!

lh9591 : Loved it. Walt is very much the devil, tempting everyone with knowledge or material things. Jesse valued the intangible, did the right thing even when no one was looking. He provided for his followers/friends. Like Jesus, he was chosen and didn't really have a say for what would happen in his life.

shaneruegg : These video essays have been so consistently good for so long that I usually don't stop to take stock of just how great an individual one is - but man - this one is outstanding. They are all outstanding really. So insightful and well edited. It really amazes me how quickly you guys produce so many that are of such high quality. I hope they never stop coming.

japhyf : Mike doesn't say Jesse is a hero out of respect, he is informing Gus that their plan to set Jesse up to look like the hero worked. Gus and Mike were playing him just like Walt was, they knew Walt needed Jesse and were tricking Jesse into switchimg sides.

Kenneth Connally : Great video! I think "pure innocence" and so on is a bit rich though. Jesse does majorly messed-up stuff throughout the series, including knowingly hurting other people for selfish reasons. He gets Jane back into drugs even though he knows how hard it had been for her to get clean and how much anguish her addiction caused her family. He also comes up with the idea of attending support groups for recovering addicts in order to get them hooked on his product. Jesse is not a good person. His "badness" is just of a different kind than Walt's. Jesse is a lot more honest with himself than Walt is about how fucked up their activities are, but he could always just stop if he had the strength of character to do so. But he doesn't. He's fundamentally a weak person who does what he knows is wrong because doing the right thing is too hard. Walt is much more disciplined, but his big brain invents elaborate rationalizations to convince himself that he's doing the right thing when he clearly is not. Now Mike on the other hand... he's all right.

Nathy F. : Your videos always make me cry. It makes sense for me to cry in some of them, but in this one I have no idea why I'm crying. The best explanation I can come up with is that the level of analysis is so brilliant, and I care so deeply about this show and about Jesse (my favorite character). This video was everything. Keep em coming ladies!! Please do Saul Goodman and maybe some characters from The Office. It's a "light" show but not really. There's a reason it has such a fanatic following. Also, I cried a lot with The Office. No surprise there. Lol. I take it as evidence that there's a deep emotional connection there; it's not just a light comedy.

Jamie Spamister : Thank you, ladies! I’m just going to pretend that you guys did this one for me, since I asked for it a few weeks ago ; ) I’ve read that Jesse was supposed to be killed off after the first season. But I’m sorry to all of the Bryan Cranston fans, Breaking Bad doesn’t work nearly as well without Jesse. I felt like I was watching Breaking Bad through Jesse’s eyes. Having to watch him being punished is Heisenberg punishing us for caring about Jesse more than Walt. Also, our addiction to Breaking Bad corresponds with how much Jesse gets hurt and his lost of innocence. Very well edited ladies! I loved this one so much that I watched twice before commenting. Thanks again! Oh, nice sponsor tie-in too! lol

Vic : Man this channel puts out some top notch content

123rockstar2010 : Nope, he is not a "Dark Jesus". Jesse is (like everyone) who pays and gets rewarded for all of our decisions - just like Walt. Difference is, Walt justifies his necessary actions - while Jesse is emotional when something bad happens along the way. However, both celebrate the victories together; from LARGE CRYSTALS as "ART" to MAGNETS. The show portrays two different men driven with the same agenda, reacts differently, somehow created a bond as they are lead towards the same fate. I love them both so much as they have given me a glimpse of what life can be if we ever try to walk the same path they took.

Ramon Suarez : I am not buying this interpretation of Jesse's moral place within the Breaking Bad universe. He doesn't just suffer for Heisenberg's sins, he also suffers for his own complicity in the meth business. Time and time again Jesse is forced to confront the ramifications of making profit off human addiction and the misery it brings to himself and those around him. He repeats a endless cycle of suffering until the end where he refuses to comply with Walt's orders to be executed and takes authorship over his choices.

Tasnim Naz : Absolutely love your videos! This is definitely one of your best videos yet. Can you please do one on Saul Goodman?

Lord Reyne of Castemere : First! Thank you so much girls! You are the most brilliant youtubers in the world! I love your channel and you have the best Breaking Bad content ever!

Ximena Navarro E. : I just started watching this video but i can already tell you two things: first, your videos are amazing. I love them so much. Second, thanks for paying attention to a very underrated Breaking Bad episode: Peekaboo. It's one of my favorites because it reveals so much about Jesse. Thank you for doing these amazing videos. Greetings from Mexico!

OMR : I love these analysis, but with this one you´re missing the point and interpret much too much into it. You draw Walt very badly. Walt always wanted to save Jesse, no matter what. He could have dropped Jesse a lot of times, but he didn't. And I don't think his affection for Jesse comes from a selfish reason. He risked his own life for him more often. For example, Walt took the risk of drastically deteriorating his relationship with Gus by defending Jesse. That was the beginning of the war between Walt and Gus. To say that Walt had selfish reasons from the beginning - is, in my opinion, too far away from the core of the character Walt. And if you´re too far away from Walt, you´re too far away from Jesse. Both loved each other in a very unusual way.

Abhimannue R.Sreekishan : This is such a phenomenal analysis. Im sharing this everywhere and telling everyone about your channel.

kartik anand : No youtube analysis video matches this level of in depth analysis of brba .Nothing.Effing brilliant!

Diamond Seraphin : I felt so bad for how Jesse ended up especially since, in a way, the show wanted you to root for Walt. But I couldn't STAND Walt, he was a terrible person. Jesse at least just wanted to leave it all behind.

DAN LAROCA : Aaron Paul’s portrayal of Jesse Pinkman, is so real, you feel for the character every time he’s saddened and weeps. Absolutely incredible acting.

Sara Bestea : Jesse was such a tortured character, but still remained good. I love your reviews, girls :)

Ehtisham : jesse was the reason I kept watching this show. because it was extremely boring at times (but it paid off)

Pramish Pokharel : how many time you girl make me rewatch breaking bad ? breaking bad get better and better after your video

Cesare Borgia : Please do a video about Mike's character I've always found him profound

K Noelle : Please do an analysis of the female characters on The Sopranos. Love that show.

vic twenty : ITS WEIRD HOW Walt sees jesse as just a punk kid he needs to sell the meth his link to that world and Walt himself is the innocent then by the end walt has destroyed his entire world and jesses young innocent life and knows it and he loved jesse all along and can never take back what he did to effectively his son as well as destroying his real sons world along the way