Hungry Kitten Wants Food

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abbydabby95 : Here's an update of her now

Jake Jacoby : *S M O L N H A N G R Y*

Robbee : Feed me Hooman!!!

Free 3D Models : Next time my boss will get this if he's late to pay my salary

Anonymous Dude : He attacc He protecc But most importantly He meow for some snacc

Malik King : *you're not you when you're hungry*

Learn Effectively : This cute kitten is like a mouse ( I mean her size) lol.... 😂

Nelsia : My cat does this like every time *Why didn't i record it*

Lucky Inky : Hooman feed me! Doggo feed me! Hooman holdin camera feed me!

Liam Cahill : That little squeak at 0:36 when its put on the counter is so cuuuute😹😹😹


Evelyn Dezan Herrera Hidalgo : So cute.. the dish is much bigger than her 😍🤣😘

Легенда 1960х : Give him food! Fastly!!!!😠

Mar10 : IT'S TOO DAMN CUTE!!!!!!!

james : OMG! How Precious!! She has grown into a beautiful Cat!! So glad she found a loving home with you!!

Reon Baruah : *Nom nom nom nom*

Axana Schneiderhan : Ohhh, thats soo sweet. I have too a cat... shes one year old and her name is Mascha. ❤💋😍😘..i love cats

O E : Oh wow what a little angel awww and now how big she's grown! They really don't stay little for long do they. She's beautiful and clearly very well taken care of, you can tell she's loved very much and that's lovely. Great owners ❤.

abhi seng : The kitten grabbed your boob

latino heat : Your killing me with cuteness 🐱

That1TechDude : “GIB ME NOMS HOOMAN!”

Gia Linh Nguyễn : So cute😍😻

Kaylied D : FEED.THE.KITTY!!!!!

Mohamed Abdulla : did anyone else find it adorable how the kitten went to the dog for food

Johnny Poland : Too cute!! 😍

RogueRapidash : Looks like my kitty Serena when she was a baby 😍

heyfreind Keon’s tar : That’s my kitten

Asriel Dreemurr : Brother, is it banana time yet ?

Mistakia : No he wants Nike shoes because he is hungry lol

Cc Bb : Wow cat on kitchen counter where you prepare your food.

Matt Murdock : Small Wheelbase kittens are best for offroading. They do have bad handling on pavement though.

Fudge Fantasy : This is why you don't eat what the white folks bring to work cause they let they cats on the counter.

bevin judge : He never protecc He never attacc But most importantly, He constantly meow for an additional snacc

green meadow nihgt blade : Omg I cryd its so cut 😭😝

RN _Renato : I read *hungary* kitten want food '-'

Red Coat : God bless that little furry bundle!

Marshmellow : That's so cute!

Sam Garcia : They are so cute when they that small....

Ali Mohammed : Aww lol my cat woke from the kitty not knowing where the sound was coming😂😂

Thanos Always wins : Very cute kitten......😄😘💕

condor67 : can you post a video of pepper nowadays pls?!??!?!?

GayBae : Basically my kitten expect twice the size since we feed him nonstop

john L : Doesn't matter when you feed kitten. He will scream like he hasn't eaten in a month, until he gets his food, even if he ate a few hours ago.

musiclover : KITTY!!

Joy ex : Выключил видео, а кот продолжает мяукать...

Никита Пешкин : Ну и зачем котёнка была мучать? Нельзя было просто дать ему покушать? У меня тоже кашак всегда кричик когда хочет кушать и чё??

Леля Воронина : Очень милое видео.😍☺☺👍

Александр Михайличенко : Батюшка Собака помоги Котеноку на корм

кунде я : Сколько дней некормили п а разиты

Даша Поморева : издеваетесь ужас