Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory

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amarguitar : "He's super original...because you just can't copy that type of corny"  7:50  A++++

RecardoGuillermo : That family guy skit is hilarious

Koldraiyne DownSkayle : 2 reasons 1.) Even with all that, Will is more accomplished as an actor. He's arguably the most successful black actor of the last 2 decades. He has never fallen off in that arena, and as hip-hop's audience gets younger, many people don't even remember he ever rapped before Fresh Prince. 2.) He wasn't edgy enough for today's rap fan (ie suburban kids who celebrate black criminality and trapper-turnt-rapper types) This comment section alone constantly gives him grief for making clean music.

Juan Santiago : will smith made more for hiphop and black culture in general than all rappers of the new generation combined! Mad respect for the dude

GREENRUNNER84 : Why hip hop doesn't acknowledge Bone Thugs N Harmony's Legacy? Or their style which is pretty much used daily and give them they Props, come on Eazy B.I.G Pac and Pun work with these guys. SMH

Chris Flores : I don't care what anyone says. Will Smith is the shit and hip-hop SHOULD be about promoting positivity not just "I'm thug this and thug that" the reason it all started was to distract us from that very shit we deal with on a daily basis in the hood growing up. Sure it's cool to talk about hard times cause it's relatable but promoting this tough guy act is why we got black brothers killing black brothers and brown brothers killing brown brothers. But I digress 😐

Bryan Vickers : 50% of the damage to his image was done with one bar from Eminem.

cecil123 : ♪♪ Woo ah ha ♪♪ I respect women when I'm on a date I'll take 'em to the park or maybe the museum And I only try to kiss 'em if they're ready Whoo hoo what what what a what a say what what Help out your mom and dad by gettin' a job So you can help pay for school supplies A whoo hoo say ho Wipe your shoes on the mat when you come in the house Someone just cleaned that floor A whoo hoo say what what ♪♪ Ha ha ♪♪

melvin cosalan : This topic reminds me of that Fresh Prince of Bel-air episode when Will and Carlton join a fraternity..

Richard Andrews : Well, the Industry made Hip Hop what it is today. They wanted us to forget it's true form and made it into some gangsta bullshit. Unfortunately we as a culture embraced the brainwashing. Will Smith is a reminder of what true hip hop was supposed to be. We are just too stupid to wake up and support him. Instead people want to be hard for the sake of looking "cool".

Graffiti kingdom : Will smith is an icon, and a living legend, the fact is he is a great role model, he's what young black men should be aspiring to, but sadly the media have brain washed young black men to believe they must be drug dealers and gangster's thugs and killers of their own kind! very upsetting and very frustrating. An obvious Negative Agenda has always been the music industry's goal. In 2018 I can see they've totally accomplished that. The state of music morals and underwhelming artist's are clearly obvious to see. I gave up on music from this era as soon as I could tell it was going to be a cycle of Trash and super stereotypes mostly teaching people nothing but immoral decadents And stupidity on a level only practised by monkeys!! Music as I knew it, is well and truly Done, from a creative, emotional and spiritual level. One thing im glad for, is that i got to see The highlights of true artistry in people like MJ, prince Barry white Stevie wonder The beatles Anita baker Luther vandross David bowie queen nirvana and many many more that came from an era which was filled with colour, excitement and True individualism in style and music. The 60's 70's 80's and 90's were the best era's for music period, that's gone and along with that, most of the greatest artists that could of ever graced the planet, we are sadly now left with a massive Void of talentless nothingness, with mumble Rap and other crap music being a direct result of this.

jjrod33 : My man weird al yankovic has 4 grammies GOAT

SIEKICK Productions : So true man... Will Smith put in work. Hes a better actor than rapper, while Ice T & Ice Cube are better rappers than actors imo

BigBennKlingon : "Hate" is a bit strong. He was just never really ever able to break out of that primitive pre-1988 old school rap style. No matter how cool or slick his later production was, his flow was always that archaic simple style.

mrRud3y : Willy came from the happy ol days of pajamajammiejams n shit, back when artists were rocking out on college campuses, positivity was a big thing in rap in them days, shame it's lost so many good vibes...

childof83 : When he was the fresh prince he wasnt corny, I think people thought he was corny in hiphop when big willy style came out.

El Boogie : Will is my dude. Been on his music since the beginning. I always appreciated his part in the game. He fit in right with Salt N Pepa, Kid N Play, Heavy D, Slick Rick, The D.O.C., and other acts that didn't rely on cussing and street stories. I was into the street shit too, but you had balance back then. That's why those acts could thrive. NOW it's not like that. Everyone sounds the same, and does the same thing. Originality is a must, and it's missing.

Blck Mach1 : Excellent video about will smith. I think most people who enjoy hip hop or rap today like the “thug” gangster type stuff. A lot of the kids these days prolly don’t know who a Tribe Called Quest even is or Sugar Hill Gang. Apparently saying something positive doesn’t sell records anymore. The first hip hop group I ever heard was Run DMC. I still listen to their music and don’t have to worry about my kid hearing cussing or negative messages.

Rainer-Wilfried Kasuppke : I can't help but assume that a large part of Will's career is based on remakes of well known, popular songs, like Wild Wild West is based on Stevie Wonders "I Wish" or "Men in Black" is based on Patrice Rushen's "Forget me Nots", Or Miami is based on The Whisperers "And The Beat Goes On". I mean HipHop's a sample culture, sure, but these beats are straight up remakes. So imo either Poke and Tone or the original artists created a huge part of his buzz for him. And if I don't wanna hear cusswords, I listen to some Native Tongue, De La Soul, Common, Gang Starr or whatever, Will as a rapper is just the byproduct of slick prdoducing and marketing to me. He's just so smoothly polished and that's not what I'm looking for when I'm listening to rap, I wouldn't even consider him a rapper, merely a pop artist releasing rap style songs.

David DiMuzio : Dude, I love you. Will deserved this.

Viral Killer : "Make sure you help your parents with school supplies" - Will Smith

balasoori : i would love see will smith should react this

Jordan Morris : I'm on the light side

Susannah Nachenberg : Respects to Damian Marley for staying conscious & clean while hittn' hard bars... Gift Of Gab, Aesop Rock... "the great way is easy, but people prefer side paths" Tao Te Ching we stuck in an Ego culture..that's why 2Pac is God & not Will Smith. 2Pac was just as silly inside, and could've written much stronger music, but he followed his Ego..creating a monster that got him killed & many others after him.

MrKing8050 : Nobody can tell me that you weren't bumping to Summertime, especially when you were growing up in the 90s

Harry Ortiz : Does anybody hate Will Smith? I know he's not in most people's top 10 but even so he is on the mount Rushmore of hip hop

YeeSoest : Why HipHop hates Will Smith: Because he said "I did all this without using curse words" like he was on some sort of parent pleasing high horse or something. I remember him saying that and going "If I focused on dance parties in miami, I probably wouldn't need any curse words either...duh" How do you act like using those words is beneath you when other rappers specifically use it to emphasize their content? It's like he told them to not talk about the hood and their upbringing, because for many rappers, you can't do one without the other. Short: He acted like he wanted to be my mom's favorite rapper and I didn't appreciate that. Neither did Eminem...

Nathaniel Dortch : I am and always been a BIG Will Smith fan from the late 80s until the 2018s and don't give a rat's ass about how other people's feel about him.

soid drone slayer : As far as Hip Hop goes Will Smith 2 hits will forever stick with me and thats Parents Jus Dont Understand and Summertime, you can still play these jams in todays time, but lets be honest Will Smith is a way better actor than rapper and thats not a bad thing. I can name more of his films I like than albums i.e. ALI, BAD BOYS, BAD BOYS II, INDEPENDENCE DAY THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, ENEMY OF THE STATE, MEN IN BLACK, I AM LEGEND, I AM ROBOT, WILD WILD WEST. Will Smith is a legend period.

Rodney steele : Will is the man

Arthur Gonzales : Will Smith has some killer tunes. His lesser selling albums that were a lot more serious really had a lot of real tunes. He actually spit back shit who tried to bag on him and it was tight

Malcolm Carrington : I love Will Smith and I love Chance the Rapper. Just saying.🤷🏾‍♂️

526Gaijin : I can't believe a video needed to be made to "discover" a truth everyone should already know by now. Whether it's hip-hop, politics, cartoons, sports, whatever...we are all more interested in the good than the bad, more into devils than saints. No matter what archaetype or setting is used or displayed, the 'pure' good guy will always get a lack of respect and automatically, erroneously labeled "lame" unless he has an 'edge' to him. Meanwhile, as referenced in the video, rappers who haven't even seen or done half the stuff they rap about, who often turn out to be known fakers and frauds over time get all the acclaim, all the cred. Ppl can even find out later and still support the rapper with the edge on their outer appearance. So if most ppl don't seem to care that most of these rappers' life experiences weren't consistent---and in some cases, extremely contradictory to the public images they portray, then it boils down to a purely image-based infatuation with the 'dark side': how tough something looks, how edgy, intimidating and in control someone or something looks. Which is what we all desire: respect and control. Ppl have learned that for all our talk and concern about integrity and doing the right thing, conveying the light---simply does not gain respect because in our own lives, kindness is inexorably, inevitably, and always mistaken for weakness and no no wants to be disrespected or taken for granted---and when you choose to identity with the outer appearance of "good", that tends to happen. Despite all of these factors, it all boils down to the measure of a person's inner courage and fortitude, to stand for what they believe in which leads me to an additional consensus---that we convey 'evil' not so much from an inner infatuation, but out of survival. If evil if what the world respects, than evil is what we cloak ourselves in to ensure our survival, as we find evil to be a better visual deterrent than good.

Murray Webb : What up from Murs to Murs! Big Willie style is a G...on the screen, not on the mic. He was always funny on the mic, but people couldn’t take him seriously. I appreciate the history tho, cause he did much more than I realized.

Joseph Thurman : Will is what many rappers aspire to be, but won't admit to. He is larger than Hip-Hop because he's multitalented, is scandal free and a family man. The powers that be can't confine him to the box they put most rappers into. He's a smart brother....and a pioneer. The same small-minded individuals who label him corny or lame are actually jealous of all that man has accomplished. #HATERISM101.

doug mcdonald : People forget about his third child

KrissFromNorway : In west philadelphia born and raised ... I have no clue. So yeah there is at least 1 person alive on earth who cant finish that phrase. I'd guess there's a couple billion more in Asia but at least there's me

Randy Real : Will smith, public enemy, run dmc, beastie boys, kool moe dee I think they all did well because of their positivity that's why big willie style sold 9 million albums and is obviously not hated. Drake sucks because he's an effeminate r%b singer who pretends to be something he isn't.

Speedy Noriega : For me Will Smith's homebase is up there with Snoop's Doggystyle. Props for bringing this up and for putting it together so well.

Compte Prive : A lot of you guys have no idea how good Will Smith made black people look internationally. I spent the 90's as a kid in Europe. They all loved Michael Jordan, but then on top of that came Will Smith with his box office block busters and hit songs and then his massive Big Willie Style album. They LOVED him over there. So when a black kid from USA like me showed up - they FLIPPED out. I was worried about fitting in but turned out I was hella popular. Thanks Will!

TheStBlaine : Now you need to do a video about his wack son.

OkamiAce : Will smith has a diss song it’s called Mr.Nice Guy

Sunshine Gonzalez : He has had a great career! He deserves more recognition than he's had.

James C : The way Will has totally turned himself to be a youtube smash hit, an Instragam genie, the guys a legend. I went to see him and Jeff in Blackpool last year and they were so tight, Jeffs scratching is like no other and Will can rap better than any 49 year old. Nice vid, enjoyed this a lot.

TreFKennedy : Lol that’s true tho will smith is the version of 2pac if Pac stayed on the light side , good shit Murs

Highland-Ninja : Nothin' but Trouble. One of the best songs in hiphop ever. Fight me.

WILLIE SMITH III : To engage your last comments I think that we embraced all of hip hop at one time, but the story of the streets became relatable to the average dude and female, sure life is fun, but as blacks we own the rights to hip hop itself, it was born out of our struggle to be heard, and have a positive outlet although not from positive circumstances, and Will ended up falling off with the community because as we grew up, and life wasn't as fun and carefree, and the ills of the hood and trying to survive became relevant and many artists were speaking out stories or stories of those around us, Will didn't change up to reflect that, so it put his consciousness level in question imo

GunHed17 : I'm only 2 minutes into this, and consider my rap history knowledge pretty damn good, but you just blew my mind with that Paul Okenfold tip 🤘

Ron White : There’s a saying, “Keepin’ it 💯.” Partna, you keep it 10,000. I’m subscribing right now. Ironically, He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper was the first album I ever bought.

Og_Deadbolt : Will Smith made rap mainstream as much as anyone else and deserve a lot of credit.