Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory

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Rodney steele : Will is the man

Og_Deadbolt : Will Smith made rap mainstream as much as anyone else and deserve a lot of credit.

mrRud3y : Willy came from the happy ol days of pajamajammiejams n shit, back when artists were rocking out on college campuses, positivity was a big thing in rap in them days, shame it's lost so many good vibes...

Daniel Visin : "All you rappers yelling about who you put in a hearse, do me a favor, write on verse without a curse" Bro that line, that line is gold...

TreFKennedy : Lol that’s true tho will smith is the version of 2pac if Pac stayed on the light side , good shit Murs

D. O'H : Will Smith creates Rap you can listen to around your kids and not have to cover their ears.

WaVyBaBy Productions : MURS just hit us with a 50 hit Fact combo!

Alvin Elmore : This is simple. The moment he made "Six Degrees of Separation" the hip hop community abandoned him. Lucky for him, the white folk didnt.lol

Zakaria Munsoor : Fresh prince my man. Miami heat was wicked back in the day. And who didn't sing Men in black in the bathroom. Damn son

MrKing8050 : Nobody can tell me that you weren't bumping to Summertime, especially when you were growing up in the 90s

JanJam93 : there's no such thing as "people outside the culture". as soon someone is in contact with the culture, he's contributing to it, in whatever form that is. culture isn't exclusive... never!

Chris Murder : I don't care what anyone says. Will Smith is the shit and hip-hop SHOULD be about promoting positivity not just "I'm thug this and thug that" the reason it all started was to distract us from that very shit we deal with on a daily basis in the hood growing up. Sure it's cool to talk about hard times cause it's relatable but promoting this tough guy act is why we got black brothers killing black brothers and brown brothers killing brown brothers. But I digress 😐

MrGriff305 : Summertime was his best hit

Roberto Acuna : He should have had a track on Black Panther.

amarguitar : "He's super original...because you just can't copy that type of corny"  7:50  A++++

Michael Jones : Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff are unsung heroes!!!

stickysoap : 2:03 good comparison between slick rick's storytelling to will smith

Jason Abbott : You say that parents just don't understand doesn't have a hook. Isn't parents just don't understand the hook?

Chris Hickey : A girl once told me Jurassic 5 isn't real hip hop. I almost lost it!

Sideshow The Game Freak : I grew up on Willy, he's a hall of famer for sure!

Waterfall Chūn : im proud to go by the name will

Ben Shapiro : holy cow, your right ..ive been listening to hiphop since 99 and i all ive ever appreciated were the g-unit's diplomat's lox's (the list goes on) simply bec. they sold the "dark lyrics" .. but now that u mention it, i think its fair to say that people listen to hip hop bec. they arent looking for good values or high moral, otherwise they'd listen to "country christian music" and i now realize that the reason hip hop sells is bec no one is dressed formal and talks polite ..its bec. they are "different" that the genre is now the most listened to ...this video made me put the pieces together

John Tabar : Because the other rappers we all love are in reality,are fake posers who were called plastic gangsters back in the day. They try way to hard to look the part,& because they look the part sometimes,it's enough for the young dumb black man to lose there shit overs these good for nothing drug dealers who will just end up shot or dead before they retire & enjoy the money they think they have.. Will smith without the filter, It's that will made it standing right next to white people through it all & not really needing to act so street to have them eating out of his hands, At least he wasn't like the studio rapper fags of today,no hip hop artist should never,ever where skinny jeans,that's when real hop died,what the fuck!!!!.seriously skinny jean wearing gangsters ,todays rappers are genuinely mostly homosexual studio gangsters who actually fuck each other during breaks in the studio....

TVICIOUS21 : I'm glad somebody said it! Big Willie Style was the first album I ever owned, had the cassette and CD. I grew up on him with the show and music but my cousins always used to clown me. I think part of it was because he didn't curse so he was seen as soft. He had a dope couple lines in I Wish I Made That that talked about this when he said "black radio, they won't play me though, ever since summertime they aint liked none of mine, even though the fans went out and bought enough, I guess they think that Will aint hard enough, maybe I should just have a shoot out run up in the bank bust grabbing all the loot out, whoop somebody ass taking my boot out, right on tv so all y'all could see me, just ignorant attacking acting rough, I mean, then, would I be black enough? oh wait, maybe I'll jack a truck, full of cigarettes guns and drugs and stuff" He got the singles, accolades, achievements, even elevated rap to a higher level but they still don't give him no respect. Nick Cannon get the same treatment but he less dope on the mic so thats a different convo

Ombeni Idassi : Wow, never thought i would see the day where a full hip hop video was dedicated to Will Smith in a positive. Growing up, Will Smith as the first rapper I was able to listen to. I had African parents who only played Christian music so I couldn’t listen to any rap. Will Smith not cursing made it safe for my parents. Will Smith was my entry point into Hip Hop. He is my 3rd favorite rapper of all time cuz i loved his flow, his topics, & his ability to make some dope tracks. His corniness makes him a winner in my book, especially since I am corny myself. Thanks Murs for this video. Much love to the Fresh Prince!!!!!!

DuckAlert Beats : You are correct about your Vader theory. Simpletons will not get this, hence, only revered emcees are corny bad men. Simplistic thinking at its finest sigh

Titus Knight : Just on the grammy protest and being a pioneer in hiphop he should have the acclaim, yet i feel as if his success jaded all shades on how influential he really is/was. How can you hate on him and his family (yes jaden haters) while they continue to shape hip hop culture. Great vid.

MrGriff305 : Nightmare on My Street used to scare the hell out of me when I was 6 years old!

MissShey : Chance that rapper is will Smith reincarnated.

Elliott Killian : Haha. Spend your life corny or talk your whole life about the two years you were a drug kingpin. Genius

Marco Rodriguez : I always liked that wild Wild West song as a kid :(

Sonny C : i was never really a Biggie fan but i liked some of his tunes i was more drawn to Tupac .

RedLabs : My opinion doesn’t quite mean much, but I don’t think it’s just hip hop that has a fascination with the bad guy. Breaking Bad in tv, Wolf Of Wall Street in cinema and Danielle Brigoli in real life. I think this theory is far more wide reaching than just hip hop

zztop3000 : Look at this transvestite talking about hiphop, not to be taken seriously lol

Paul Martinez : Nightmare on Elm street Freddy Rap - # 1

S. Murphy : I'd love for him to team up with Weird Al Yankovic! Nobody could touch that level of weird!

Lerumo Sibanyoni : Will has 3 kids bro

Krishnan Sen : Will in top 10 is a bit eh for me. As in he's definetly got the commerical success, Big Willie Style is about to go Diamond and all his over stuff has gone at least platinum if i'm correct. I just never really got to know Will Smith as a person as well. Thats imprtant to me. No doubt he's got brilliant skills such as storytelling, probably top 3 along with Slick Rick and Ghostface Killah. I guess i never really looked at him from the perspective i should've. He's a great rapper, a true MC as Nas said, i'm just a little onsure on where i could rank him.

Maniesh Ramanayake : Will Smith is such a good actor that it makes people forget that he also raps

Phillip Moore : Once again you are on point.

MegaCrasherMusic : I think it's when gangsta rap really took over the mainstream in the 90s. That's when pop rappers and lighthearted rappers really got pushed to the sidelines.

Stevie Newby : Will Smith AKA The Fresh Rapper is the G.O.A.T.....Will the don't get enough credit of his work in the rap game.#Overlook #Underrated

Maikito G : Will smith is actually part of hip hop history

David DiMuzio : Dude, I love you. Will deserved this.

Crystal Vanner : #NoLiesDetected

Steve Connolly : This is not a brag, but I work at Studio 4 Recording (formerly Ruffhouse records) and I've found numerous Jazzy Jeff master tapes lying around. The place is kind of a mess, but in a fun way. :)

Devin Belson : Respect

Joseph Thurman : Will is what many rappers aspire to be, but won't admit to. He is larger than Hip-Hop because he's multitalented, is scandal free and a family man. The powers that be can't confine him to the box they put most rappers into. He's a smart brother....and a pioneer. The same small-minded individuals who label him corny or lame are actually jealous of all that man has accomplished. #HATERISM101.

Ali Akbari : The movie at the end?

lord reyna : Hey that's where Murs went lol