Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory

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amarguitar : "He's super original...because you just can't copy that type of corny"  7:50  A++++

Chris Flores : I don't care what anyone says. Will Smith is the shit and hip-hop SHOULD be about promoting positivity not just "I'm thug this and thug that" the reason it all started was to distract us from that very shit we deal with on a daily basis in the hood growing up. Sure it's cool to talk about hard times cause it's relatable but promoting this tough guy act is why we got black brothers killing black brothers and brown brothers killing brown brothers. But I digress 😐

mrRud3y : Willy came from the happy ol days of pajamajammiejams n shit, back when artists were rocking out on college campuses, positivity was a big thing in rap in them days, shame it's lost so many good vibes...

David DiMuzio : Dude, I love you. Will deserved this.

Og_Deadbolt : Will Smith made rap mainstream as much as anyone else and deserve a lot of credit.

D. O'Hanlon : Will Smith creates Rap you can listen to around your kids and not have to cover their ears.

Shawn Barbour : 10:00 cringiest shit ever

WeedyistFlame420 : Will Smith stayed to close to the mainstream heart. Hip hop hates establishment, conservative conformity and Smith appeared to be a bit of a Jim Crow mascot in light of that. He never sold out because he didn't have a ghetto mentality, but he always looked like a sellout cuz he didn't do anything to upset white folks like most if not all other mcees of his day. He chose the path less traveled, I hope we get more like him... Kendrick gives me hope...

Isi Smalls : Will Smith is a legend

SavingThemLost. : I have a question: how does a group work if you have both a DJ and a beat boxer? Do they just take shifts? Edit: also, about hip hop not liking the good guys; From what I understand, the reason hip hop was dark in the first place is because rappers wanted to portray themselves truthfully, shedding light, and expressing, the kind of things they've had to deal with as a black youth growing up in poverty. As gangsta rap got more mainstream, there were a lot of rappers who felt they had to talk about the same stuff to fit in. Now we just have a bunch of dudes who, for the most part, have no idea what destitution and struggle is. Personally, I think hip hop would benefit greatly with more positivity. Not saying that there can't be dark songs, (I listen to death metal and that's pretty much all negativity) but as this is the music that the mainstream is listening to, wouldn't it be nice to have it be a normal thing where you actually care about what the artist is saying? Because most of the people in my age range I meet listen to nothing but mumble rap with the typical "guns drugs hoes" rhetoric and claiming they only listen to the beat anyway. Not my place to judge anyone's music taste, but I just wish we expected more humanity out of our rappers. Sure, life is hard. Sure, fucked up shit happens. But there's also good parts that could be more heavy lyrically if rappers just kept it real.

Elliott Killian : Haha. Spend your life corny or talk your whole life about the two years you were a drug kingpin. Genius

Roberto Acuna : He should have had a track on Black Panther.

stickysoap : 2:03 good comparison between slick rick's storytelling to will smith

Sideshow The Game Freak : I grew up on Willy, he's a hall of famer for sure!

Chris Hickey : A girl once told me Jurassic 5 isn't real hip hop. I almost lost it!

Jason Abbott : You say that parents just don't understand doesn't have a hook. Isn't parents just don't understand the hook?

TVICIOUS21 : I'm glad somebody said it! Big Willie Style was the first album I ever owned, had the cassette and CD. I grew up on him with the show and music but my cousins always used to clown me. I think part of it was because he didn't curse so he was seen as soft. He had a dope couple lines in I Wish I Made That that talked about this when he said "black radio, they won't play me though, ever since summertime they aint liked none of mine, even though the fans went out and bought enough, I guess they think that Will aint hard enough, maybe I should just have a shoot out run up in the bank bust grabbing all the loot out, whoop somebody ass taking my boot out, right on tv so all y'all could see me, just ignorant attacking acting rough, I mean, then, would I be black enough? oh wait, maybe I'll jack a truck, full of cigarettes guns and drugs and stuff" He got the singles, accolades, achievements, even elevated rap to a higher level but they still don't give him no respect. Nick Cannon get the same treatment but he less dope on the mic so thats a different convo

Nick Smith : The rejection of Will Smith is simply a reflection of black culture. As more young black men strive to be street or real, they stray further away from what is moral and true. Why emulate a successful black man who doesn't need to curse, hit women, sell drugs, or act like he's better and bigger than you to find success? Without even intending to (or maybe he did intend to) Will Smith criticizes the predominate black culture that to this day continues to push young black men toward acts of violence, incarceration, and abandoning their children.

MrKing8050 : Nobody can tell me that you weren't bumping to Summertime, especially when you were growing up in the 90s

Tom DeLaCruz : I think it's cause he isn't 'gangster' ...


Waterfall Chūn : im proud to go by the name will

zayn riasat : Will Smith is the hero Hip-Hop needs but not the one it deserves.

TreFKennedy : Lol that’s true tho will smith is the version of 2pac if Pac stayed on the light side , good shit Murs

John Tabar : Because the other rappers we all love are in reality,are fake posers who were called plastic gangsters back in the day. They try way to hard to look the part,& because they look the part sometimes,it's enough for the young dumb black man to lose there shit overs these good for nothing drug dealers who will just end up shot or dead before they retire & enjoy the money they think they have.. Will smith without the filter, It's that will made it standing right next to white people through it all & not really needing to act so street to have them eating out of his hands, At least he wasn't like the studio rapper fags of today,no hip hop artist should never,ever where skinny jeans,that's when real hop died,what the fuck!!!!.seriously skinny jean wearing gangsters ,todays rappers are genuinely mostly homosexual studio gangsters who actually fuck each other during breaks in the studio....

Compte Prive : A lot of you guys have no idea how good Will Smith made black people look internationally. I spent the 90's as a kid in Europe. They all loved Michael Jordan, but then on top of that came Will Smith with his box office block busters and then Big Willie Style. They LOVED him over there.

Top Notch : Summertime was and still is a classic...

Athan Shmathan : I think most people just associate Hip Hop with grittiness, but I think there will always be room for "good guys" too. Shit, the world needs a new Will Smith album right now as a matter of fact. If anyone can help bring people together again, it's The Fresh Prince. <3

Willie Braxton : Maybe they are just jealous. Will's talents transcend hiphop. He has put a lot of effort into his acting career and you can see it has paid off. He has the versatility and range that many entertainers do not have.

Jung Nasty Man : Will Smith is cool but anyone who puts dude in the top 10 has no credibility when discussing rap music.

CMHQSOFTWARE : Will is back. =)

Chris Young : Will is the man And will always have my respect

luminousmotion : He don't disrespect black women enough to be considered "hip hop". :-/

Crypto Kiwi : Top MCs?! I don’t know anyone who bumps WS.Let me get whatever you’re smoking!

Sonny C : i was never really a Biggie fan but i liked some of his tunes i was more drawn to Tupac .

Willie Dixon : Put it like this, along with Redman, Will Smith is one of the few artist that have appeared on MTV Cribs back in the day and he would have owned everything on his property inside and out. He's one the greatest lyricist ever, whether people like it or not! W!!!

startingoverpodcast : Will Smith is clean. He was the first to go Hollywood when the others were looking for street cred. Will Smith is the man.

nope : I only have room for one super corny MC in my life, and his name is Biz Markie.

Sean Mulligan : Fresh Prince was the shit back in the day. Entertaining

TYMATIC BEATZ : Record labels didnt reward positive rappers. Thats why he became an actor. He Wasn't gettin paper as a rapper. The conditioning of "love for badboys" and conciousness being corney. How did white ppl feel about R&B? They hated that too. Cause it was too mushy and we cared more for OUR women.

Rodney steele : Will is the man

MrHEC381991 : Answer: Because he is in the closet.

James C : The way Will has totally turned himself to be a youtube smash hit, an Instragam genie, the guys a legend. I went to see him and Jeff in Blackpool last year and they were so tight, Jeffs scratching is like no other and Will can rap better than any 49 year old. Nice vid, enjoyed this a lot.

killzane : He had 3 children...

Bamb!i : J.Cole? He's a good guy

K. Edwards : Will Smith is just a clean, talented rapper who did not need to rap about cars, clothes, money, being a gangster to be successful. He is not just some made up stereotype that fits an image unlivable and not letting image destroy his career aka: Chris Brown!

Professor K : I'm an old head who remembers when The Sugar Hill Gang dropped Rapper's Delight. When hip hop was a niche genre of music, you had all kinds of styles. The underlying point was about partying and having fun. Rap battles and breakdance battles were about trying to bring people together and competing through music. Will Smith didn't lose the hip hop community. Hip hop evolved, and unfortunately gangster rap is what became mainstream, because that is what the record labels were pushing. Plus, it didn't help that when his acting career took off, he dropped his rap name. Every other rapper turned actor kept their rap name. When he dropped Fresh Prince, it was like he sold out. He is definitely a pioneer, but he may not be recognized as one until he is gone. But that usually happens to true innovators.


Marco Rodriguez : I always liked that wild Wild West song as a kid :(

I AM : Respect Will Smith, he's definitely a legend!