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Mic Pizarro : It does not matter who you are, when jackie cries you cry.

Dawn Sno : Mad Me cry 😢

David Totten : Jackie Chan will be one of those celebs that will break billions of hearts when he passes on but his legacy will remain intact for millennium's

Rey Tang : Growing up as a Chinese Singaporean kid, I've been watching Chen Long all these years, and it's wonderful to see how far he's come and with no signs of slowing down. This was truly very touching and emotional.


uf0s8mycat : "40 years they've risked their lives with me." "AHHHHHHHHH!!!"

That Black Dude : I thought only Dragonball made me cry. Nope, Crying tears. I love Jackie and his team.

Dyna Pamella : Man! I cried like a little baby😢💕💖I love you Jackie Chan💖

Tomara27 : On behalf of Filipino People, we love you Jackie Chan! \m/

Shakaama : i'm not crying, my eyes are just leaking.

trends cube : I thing Gods will also be very happy to keep a man like him in heavens because he was so incredible and dedicated never feared anything and gave fans something which i think no other actor can offer . since my childhod i still like him like my family member may God bless him extremely inspirational person on earth

Raj K : Oh my God ?!.. I got very emotional by seeing this video. Because its very hard to see, when a Legend got tears in his eyes like a Man ..Jackie Chan. Unbelievable! Jackie Sir We Love you👍👏

somya _ : It is amazing to see men like these walk today with such grace and love...i remember watching his movies when I was quite young and even the animated cartoon that came later..he is a true legend....#greatrespect

Arno Tim : he is the pride of China

Jay Tee : When Jackie Chan cries, you cry with him. No exceptions

TrésorS YYY : I grew up in a small town of an African country, my childhood was hard but joyful from watching Bollywood movies but mostly because of Jacky Chan and Bruce Lee films... I think America remastered many. of his movies lately but he was there long before. This short clip brought back too many memories and I am close to be 50 old, my eyes are bleeding hell with water. Ain't crying guys, I am's like watching most of my childhood on movie with this guy and his crew... Watch the Drunken master and you will understand a bit what I'm talking about... Long life Jacky Chan.

didiet kinantre : RESPECT from INDONESIA

Nana Jamir : The f**k...m crying so bad....

LIGER NATION : Who are the bastards that disliked this?

Pandya Family : I didn't understand the Chinese but I understand to the emotion of Jackie Chan I also cried .I m the biggest fan of Jackie Chan

sharath 8933330105 : The evergreen LEGEND

Subhash Chandra : Love u Jackie u r superstar...ur Indian fans club.

Santiago Mendoza : I want to thank Jackie and the team for making me and my mom happy everytime we watch your movies, take care and God bless.. Greetings from the Philippines 😊

vogurt99 A : Me halfway through the video: "Am I starting to tear up or is this my allergy?" *Sneezes* "Yeah, my allergy"

KaMea PriMe音楽 : OMG when this legend dies holy sh!t

whyORK : What's really cool is that all those guys don't call him Jackie, like in the subtitles. They call him "big brother."

Raju Roy : I m from India...n i love u jacki sir...

Arthur Lee : Only true men cry


عبدالله القحطاني : وش السالفة!؟ اللي يفهم صيني يعلمني

3abd Mzeri : 😔😢😭

Zareen Hossenee : I have to say god bless them all and jackie we love you☺👍💪

Jayu Manen : ❤A Leader and a Legend❤

Mithril Man : 10 minutes ago i was laughing at a comedian video, and now i'm crying.... f**you youtube for your video suggestions!

Back sunday : Jackie chan feel great to watch his old friends ,I'm happy for Jackie chan☺️ he remember all the moment


Angie Ar. : Τέλειο

Killer WTF : Who all started crying😢😢😢😢

bebo ali : Jackie You have made happiness and pleasure in the hearts of many generations and I am one of them. I would like to tell you that you are not just actor you are legend


Aarav Styles : with love and respect from india

Sapridhan Jd : Ok tears come from my eyes, hey who put onion here?

SK Raheman Ahmad : I cried after watching this video

SkyPain Games : For the first time I cried so much watching this. Dang...

umzz Last : When Jackie Chan films were a genre of their own. Y he left them and went Bollywood. I don't know that's y I still respect donnie yen. Golden harvest best movies ever

Redarkz : I think this is the second time in my entire life crying to a video...holy fck u know the disgusting feeling in your throat when u just wanna burst out the tears but u are holding it back. I know he'll never read this but, thank you. Dude thank you so much.

Dylan Feili : I cried so fucking much man i love you so much Jackie chan

Paris Davis : Who doesn't love Jackie Chan? 😂👌💯

Chingun Mendbayar : There are few rules you must and you should follow : 1) Respect Jackie Chan 2) Respect his crew 3) Obey Jackie Chan 4) Don't you dare hate Jackie Chan 5) He is a legend LONG LIVE JACKIE "CANNONBALL" CHAN !

Charlie Varela : Just Beautiful