Slaves! Song

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TheDoctor64 : Black History Month in a Nutshell

John Johnson : Why did we get rid of slaves? They built 'Murica, maybe the can fix it?

John Johnson : My gf got so wet when I played her this, i got so hard as well. It was a great night of BDSM. #fiftyahadesofgrey


Rayalot72 : tbh it compliments hat slaves actually did build a lot of great things, we just don't think about it.

CrimsonZymphony : There should be a 10 hours version of this song.

William Seibert : back when MTV was good

alex nicola : wrong side of youtube again...


Sami B : I don't think people know what offensive means anymore....

GeT_AiDs : #thxslaves  

serpex 1 : noticed how there are no black kids....

timmeline : Without a doubt the best bit is the slow mo sky high jump at the end...

sexbad : what's a r*******d?

Joseph C : its not rays video this kid can use it if he wants

Chris Noble : Lolz! So politically incorrect but so hilarious!!

123WintersAngel123 : I kinda raped the replay button.....just sayin'. :DDDD

Sagarmatha : umm MRMRHAX i actually found this usful cause i was looking forever for that video to show to my friends but i couldnt find the right RWJ vid. and @akbob4 is right, this isn't his video, he just reviewed it. like ALL the other videos. i saw the episode, and he said it was on mtv2 a long time ago(look at the bottom right corner.)

Sagarmatha : this was not made by ray will and jay because it has mtv 2 on it.. but its funny!

chitin122 : Tobacco and credit card companies still enslaving people though. But we aren't building anything but their mansions with that money pretty boring stuff.

ColonelSanic : the people from Ancient Aliens need to watch this

Felipe Goes : We NEED a extended version of this!

ahmed ibrahim : WTF DID I JUST WATCH

Hahduked : wonder showzen was a brilliant show to bad you cant air that type of dark comedy now a days ugh what a shit world full of pc buttercups the internet has created

lonewolfsproductions : Slaves!!! Built the pyramids

fuckboi : @MRMRHAX ur a fuck.

fuckboi : @MRMRHAX YA. HAHA SO FUCK U! haha

fuckboi : @suklaamursu from and by are two different words.. how are they the same thing.... i said it was FROM because he had it on his show... Dam dont get so anal about it!

fuckboi : @akbob4 thanx i like it too and it actually isnt his video incase u were wondering.

fuckboi : @loverlove98 thank u :)

fuckboi : @RuneZoneYT aight. thats fair :)


notsblarg : It's good to see public education is actually teaching kids something worthwhile for once

Doom Waffle : Read the title. Its "song as seen on ray william johnson" no "from" in there.

Aisha V : Wow, we're all about "FUCK LOGIC" today aren't we?

ac1dP1nk : crude effective parody. Thank you slaves

Mercilessm0nkey : i did when my teacher was next to me XD

Theblondegamer : I don't now whether to like this or not O.o

marshallb129 : I love how the description is just SLAVES!

togekissed : @MRMRHAX It's not RayWilliamJohnson's video, and there are a million reposts. You can't exactly find the "original".

Sarahi Nieves : I am insulted when the girl points her finger at me >:| lol

CakesAreNom Sake : No idiot

CakesAreNom Sake : SLAVES!

Gasosag : This is funny, no way Ray William Johnson made this.

Aaron Clarino : The kid in stripes must be really into slaves


Averagejoe : SLAVES!!!!!

Jitsu : 17 slaves dislike this video :D

Nandini Sarkar : what the hell

Nandini Sarkar : dad any one notice that at 0:20 the song goes "SLAVES!" and the girl in blue points to us......