Popping Xanax.. Is NOT Cool

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BlackySpeakz : The ''Xan culture'' is getting bigger and bigger.. Had to give my thoughts on it. What's your personal opinion on rappers promoting Xanax like nothing? Let's discuss. Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/BlackySpeakz

KamiK-V : but lil pump taught me that taking 4 xans will make me feel like a hero

alter3go : I'm gonna start my hip hop career Lil Paracetamol and my sidekick Lil anti-inflammatory.

أبو عبد الجبار الشيشاني : Don't disrupt natural selection, let it happen

Prong 5 : Rap is gay now its freaking weak. Everyone is just on drugs and colorful like fruit loops literally. I cant I cant

laelra ze finn : lil overdose

james staggs : Tolerance for Xanax builds up quick and you can become physically addicted to any benzo. Mixing opiates and benzos, so Xanax and lean, can easily be fatal. If anybody is doing or is going to do any of these drugs just educate yourself as to what you shouldn't mix and what doses can kill you. I've lost 12 friends and family members in 3 years to lethal overdoses. This shit isn't something to play with.

Snoopy : I take melatonin to tire me out at night before I go to sleep. Where's my record label?

zipa zonfa : You call dem rappers??? Blasphemy!

Justin B : Here I am 30 years old after popping pills all throughout my teens and 20's (not the fake pressed BS yall buy now but the actual pharmaceuticals) and I don't think my brain will ever be normal. I can't even smoke bud without getting horrible anxiety... But who am I kidding, I never listened to people that warned me and neither are yall... smfh cycle repeats......

12LaurenzO : What if the xanax company invest in the music industry so that the drug is being promoted by artist to make young people buy it?

beats by geet : Drugs won't get u to where these guys r or what ther doing, do em when u get there

Sarah Mason : Xanax, is a benzodiazepine. Benzos mixed with opiates (like Percocet, Vicodin, etc.) can and WILL stop your heart from beating. They slow your breathing down so much, that’s how people die. Coming off Xanax or any other benzo, can also be fatal. Coming off Xanax is actually a harder withdrawal than heroin. And you can also die from the withdrawal of Xanax. That’s why you can’t stop cold turkey. You have to be weened off the substance. I know a lot because I’ve been through it. I’ve never been a benzo user, but I do have a history with opiates. This stuff is no joke and I don’t and won’t ever understand why people play with it! There is so much information out there now on prescription medication abuse, you are warned before you ever do it nowadays. We have all had to experience someone we know or someone we are related to, struggle with this epidemic. I have been clean and sober for 11 years this month. Things were a bit different when I was into these things. There is a lot more awareness and help for those struggling now! If you are struggling with addiction, please, don’t hesitate to get help. It’s out there! Don’t be ashamed! Get your life back! Prescription medication almost made me lose it all. The pain I put my family through haunts me to this day. Rappers rapping about this crap doesn’t make it cool! Back in the days of good rap, they rapped about Hennessy and weed! Alcohol can become an issue of course, but for recreational use-just have a smoke and a drink. It’s not going to do to you what these big pharma drugs will do. But honestly, you don’t need ANY of it to enjoy your life! Period! Life is beautiful and too many people taking it for granted. Using drugs is playing Russian roulette every time you use! Sorry for this long dissertation, I’m not the only one. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Better yourself. When I was an addict, no one even knew. No one to this day would have ever guessed I had a problem. But, I was hanging out with heroin addicts that shot up every 5 minutes ( I was not an iv drug user, but many close to me were). I’ve lost many people due to this. My child’s father had a really bad addiction, worse than my own and I tried to help. Luckily a prison sentence got him straight and he has been sober ever since. I take my sobriety seriously. You can grow and learn and crawl up from the ashes and rebuild your life. There is always a way out. We have to stick together to end this epidemic and save lives! I live near one of the worst areas for opiate abuse. I carry narcan in my cars first aid kit, simply because of the area I live in. You never know who may need saving. Stay blessed. Stay knowledgeable!

vonwolfie : I'm 15 and I have mental illnesses/issues and I've taken prescribed medication for it, quit a couple of years back. I've taken Klonopin which is exactly like Xanax but you have to take a full pill in order for it to work like Xanax. I quit because I didn't want to become a drug addict and become addicted. Believe me, being high is only a sleepy sensation, there's nothing really special about it. Klonopin made my depression and anxiety worse. And the fact that these "rappers" are talking about drugs and the glorification of using them is disgusting and dangerous, knowing that a lot of young people listen to those lyrics. It's really sad, that's maybe one of the main reasons why kids take drugs: rap and pop music, advertising.

GlacierBoy : *70 NIGGEH*

henree simp : These young dudes dont understand the damage it does to your liver and your kidneys eventually it will kill you and when you go to the dr.and he tells you that you have about 3 months to live because you need a liver transplant and your gonna die because the waiting list is thousnds of people waiting thats when it reall hits you hard because you just had a baby that you love and your lady you love and now they will be out here in this word without you 😞

Wilky _ : Honestly the physical withdrawals and dangers of xanax are nothing compared to what it does to your mind. Death is a horrible thing, but the mental prison xanax withdrawal causes is worse than a physical death. After just a short period of addiction withdrawal can cause you to enter a mental hell of depression you have never known to exist. If heroin and meth are the best drug to ruin you physically, xanax is the one that takes the cake for mental destruction.

Hmair Simons : Me personally I'm not putting none of that crap in my body

challenge_me 101 : Drugs are bad don't do drugs

Natalie L : Lil Xan is an example of what happens when you get addicted.

Steven Van : People dissed Russ for wearing his shirt about lean smh

MPSecare : fucking losers

Chris J : I hope they keep taking them so they can OD and we can rid ourselves of this garbage Rap

Anthony Squadrito : The withdrawals suck N aren't worth the high...

Cameron Rodrigue : If you do drugs to be cool you already lame af

RipRoach : Xans dont make you... Xans gone take you... Xans gone fake you... Xans gone betray you...

Kevin Foley : Wait....I thought Xanax was for people who couldn't sleep pretty well, basically sleeping disorders.

Oxyrisen : Have fun w the withdrawals ppl

E-Money : My new rap name: Lil Hydracodone

XyntrK : I have anxiety & depression.. but to the people that take them I see them ass wierd old people.

Alex Dominguez : Xans are not cool but makes you feel good

ProDminer : To addicts please listen, my brother and his friend matt popped 10-20 bars at a time yes I witnessed this. Anyways one at my brother matt and bro where poppin bars. Bro and my brother went to the store they came back to find matt dead on his bed he had a aneurism and my brother tried to give him mouth to mouth and when he pushed on his chest blood sprayed everywhere. He had a aneurism in his lungs that cause his death from xan. My brother went sober for awhile started back at it again when to heroine and meth then went to jail for a 16 months which 10 of those months he spent at a psych ward. This is because he was so far gone from drugs when he went in he couldn’t stand trail and had to grip reality before being sentenced. He is now back and already back to fuckin drugs again and in some place where it’s like a half way house for the next year and probation for 8 years. There is a lot in this I did not mention that’s why the years and time did not add up. But all I can say is please sober up come back to reality and there is people who will always be there you need to choose the right people to be around. Do this before it’s to late I have almost 10 friends I know dead cause of drugs now don’t let that be you or a loved one.

leonardo zika : I just wanna know where i can buy some Xanax pls

Marlen Moreno : Popping xanaxs while watching this...... And im only 12

Huey _ 420 : 70nigguh

Shrubchucker : Lil Advil

TomatoCasket : So many xanniex in my pockets

wornoutshoes11 : What future said is a complete bs lol... U only rapping about it? Lol yeah right...

Walter Luhm : I love hip hop but I'm pretty sure the real reason these little cross dressing fairys don't rap anything else besides drugs (much less being able to rap period) is because there not smart enough too. And most of there fans to young to know any better. In 5 years nobody will remember them.

Presence : Thank you.

☠MrHairyNutz☠ : Let them use it - their just gonna end up with crippling depression and eventually lead to suicide. It's unfortunate it will take a long while before that happens.

xXGIMpL0rdXx : We can't even understand them mumbeling

Jaime Alvirena : Percs n xanx ..I've ended in the hospital 3-4 2mg Xanax was my ideal dose xanax alone never put me in the hospital just wake up lazy the next morning lol

Joe : its not the rappers wanting to promote this as much as it is shady record execs telling them to promote it and talk about violence more and drug use. look it up for yourself. lyor cohen and other record label execs want their artists to make a negative impact on society!

Rollin1k : Damn , 2 days later lil peep dies

TheDom1s : There's a rapper eho goes by name lil overdose... You weren't lying

Jack O'Jack : I've been taking benzodiazepines (xanax, valium, temesta, embian etc...) for years, it's horrible, it's very hard to stop, I think heroin is a less dangerous drug than Xanax, whatever anxiety problems you had are ten times worse when you use Xanax, you start losing your memory, you lose interest in everything and you quickly become addicted, and like any other drug, it doesn't cure anxiety at all, it works only when you're under the influence, your body builds a tolerance and you need more, it's the equivalent of being dirty and spraying on some perfume instead of taking a shower, that being said, unless you mix it with other drugs, you can't OD on xanax, nobody OD's on xanax, unless you have heart problems or you're taking other drugs, it's neurotoxic, but you would have to eat boat loads of that shit to OD on it, there's no way you can die by taking 6 xanax for example, even an toddler wouldn't OD on xanax, but those guys are so young, I hope they're not abusing that shit, because when you take mind altering drugs while your brain is still developing, you're gonna be toast at 30.

Ayy Lmao : All my friends are dead push me to the edge

Jupiter : This video is gay.

omgurheadsgone : Lil xan is actually against Xanax as he battled a bad Xanax addiction a few years ago. His song betrayed is about how xanax will fool you and then ruin your life. Rip lil peep, even though it was the fentanyl laced in the pill that likely killed him.