Chalupa Squirrel

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Arthur Rothrock : In awe of the size of that lad.

Jim Goldstein : Long live Fat Squirrel. ...he will probably not live too long tho ;(

BennyBobGaming : Absolute UNIT

usernamenotinvaild : this is the greats day of my life!! you know what im not even ganna fight it this is your house now fat squirrel

elwhyify : thicc

Anthony Cress : dude you should have shared the youtube link not posted it on facebook. either way great video and you are blowing up on fb

Brian Keefe : this was the best shit i have ever seen

Leslie S : Follow up? He come back for more? He bring friends? He take over the house?

LegoJack 324 : *the chunk*

IsaiahR94783 : r/absoluteunits

TheBombayMasterTony : That's his house...

Ian Keeler : My favorite thing of all time right here

Cactus Boi animation : This is possibly the best video on the entire internet

Justin Simmons : NOT A CHALUPA

Jeffery Johnson : Omg 😂that squirrel running shit!!!

Sigurd : if that is your best day in your life, given that voice and the tone of it, probably american, than im wondering how mentally retarded you have to be