Captain Marvel - Sweded Trailer

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Made by the members of SVP in Fall 2018.


elliepuckalo : beautiful, 10/10, a masterpiece.

tagtag66 : how many stunt doubles does the main character need???

Henta : You should definately make more of these. Great moves, keep it up, proud of you!

Zhaylin Black : Nicely done. Sent here by Defranco's secret link of the day :)

lisapy1132 : Secret link of the day Philip defranco you find the gems! Thanks!

Hratch Mk : I was laughing so much, bless you Phil !! and great jab humans !

MDawg19 : I want a shot-for-shot remake of Shrek in this style.

Snapshot Flo : Hahaha this is brilliant! Cheers Philly D ;)

Heath Northam : Thank you, Phil, you beautiful bastard for taking me here.

Dalmy Dalux : Lmao I'm so happy Phil linked to this. Great job!

CommentCop Badge#666 : Really? No comments yet? No "First"? No "Philly D sent me"? No "Secret Link"?

surbris : First! and hell yes nice and keep making them this was GREAT!

Iam Niam : This Is A Masterpiece, I just Subcribe

Brian Espinoza : We are benevolent gods.

Abel Abadi : Secret link of the day!

Ria P : i love it! good job! (thank u philly d)

riteu : I have Phillip Defranco to thank for bringing me here! Awesome job guys!

7thTreasure : Philip DeFranco sent me here. I really needed this today. Hilarious video xD

rocknrobin123143 : Pretty sweet, loved the smart phone flash light eyes at the end

WarfullSwan : Secret link lads!

Benjamin Blodgett : 5/7 would watch

Sammikins : lol Bravo!!!!

LetsTerriblyPlay : Good work! Love it! The hand driven cars were a real treat. Better than that CGI stuff they had going on. AmIRight? :P

Aadin Heals : haha this is fantastic!

tr3mayn : today's secret link of the day!

Fey Peels : bless y'all

Jonathan Longford : The less time used to make this the more I love it.

Pramienjager : How has no one seen this yet? Are my comments bugged and missing?

Jonah Bodnovits : Phil. How do you find these videos

gbiagomba : this is great

Edward Kelly : This is gold.

John Atta : looks so cool! i hope you guys are proud!

Alex Stephens : This is amazing

Jarl Lillebø : Wtf PhillyD.. How'd I end up on a video with no traffic on it? :P

Jeremy Evans : Thanks Phil

GuliblGuy : Thanks Phil

Sabrina : I appreciate this

cory cooper : aaaaaand subbed. moar plz <3

Toa Onua : Defranco Squad!

jamil whitehurst : buwhahhaha that was beautiful. *slow claps*

Viet Nguyen : This is art

Teddy Knighty : Marvelous, just Marvelous.

Rainefaelyn : Brilliant

Zechairah McKenzie : I guess I'm first.. Oh! and yeah.. THAT WAS FLIPPIN AWESOME! I busted a gut with the freakin iphone light for eyes. xDD Please never stop doing these

Graham Johnson : this is ripping off homemade trailers

Julian Amrine : perfect

The Popcast : Good job lads ;)

Kroneru : Neat.

water5000 : Neat.