Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends

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Drew Gooden : thanks for watching guys, I know this video is different from my usual format but I'm really happy with it. Also don't forget to use my link so dollar shave club doesn't regret paying me :-) http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew

amipeachy : It’s weird when there’s one person that laughs way too loud in the laugh track

Pandasrawesome 88 : Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Mikaela : the CPR scene in The Office is hands down one of the funniest scenes in comedy history

RNWNK : Friends is one of those shows I wish didn't have a laugh track. It's probably one of the only shows that are actually funny that have it.

Khadija Elboushi : Drew you can’t compare Friends with the office, friends is good it’s the OG of sitcoms but the office is everything humanity ever needed

Justin Y. : My favorite Quote from the office: "It's called hentai. And it's art."

Rachel Maureen : I love both of these shows but I have so much respect for the cast of The Office, especially Steve Carell, as an actor. When you deliver a line as a comedian or comedic actor, if there is no laughter that follows it feels like a failure. For Carell to give such a talented performance every time with a fantastic character and no validation from a live audience is amazing. p.s. I also agree that David Schwimmer is hella talented as well

shak !! : i think the funniest episode of the dinner party episode at michael and jan’s house. i’ve watched it like 10 times and i still laugh at it

your nan : The Office and Parks & Rec are just perfection

Nicolas Charly : As much as I love The Office, I still have to admit that, apart from being iconic, Friends has a little special something. I mean, you can't just jump in, watch one of two episodes and judge it. You'd have to start from the beginning and watch it thoroughly. When the serie ends, you feel empty, abandoned almost. Over the more than 240 episodes, you really create a bond with these people (which never happened when I watched HIMYM or TBBT for instance). These guys are relatable. They're like 6 sides of every person. You will have your favourite one for sure. I don't know man, I love FRIENDS because it makes me feel like I'm the 7th member of their group. Surely, it's not comedic gold most of the time, but Chandler's sarcasm, Joey candidness, Pheobe aloof honesty, Rachel's attitude, Ross's stuckupness, Monica's frenzy, all of that, it's still something special. You laugh because you like them and you feel close to them, not because the jokes are always perfect (Though I love myself some Bing-a-ling). Also, the laughing track was something of the past. Honestly, you would take the (live audience, mind you) laughing track, most of the jokes would still work. It's not a question of not being secure about their own jokes and writting, it's just because it's a relic of the past, it was a convention most of the time back then. Yet, without it, it still works. I think FRIENDS is not just for you, which is totally OK. But I'm glad then that both The Office and FRIENDS are for me.

Alana Sitara : using a laugh track? yea i sure hope they don’t

Layziekat : There has been a lot of hate for laugh tracks and I just don't get it. The laugh track emulates a live stage play. Notice how there's little to no camera action, it's mostly always a still frame and little to no movement. that's because the creators want you to treat it like a live show, with live charachters and in turn, a live audience. It's not a simple throwaway trick, it's actually a well thought out method of filming that brings out the rawness of charachters.

lucky luckoy : I can't stop thinking about the 1 out the 6 that is a bad actor WHO IS IT

Matthew Smith : Wasn’t friends filmed in front of a live audience tho? So it’s not fake laughing.

w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑ : I've only watched a few episodes of the office when it was on TV, I've watched all of friends once. And I have laughed more watching fewer episodes of the office then all of friends. I still love friends the but office is an amazing show.

NakeyJakey : i want more of this mommy

Kam : this made me want to watch the office again

Andrea Pšeničková : When I started watching the office for the first time, I thought it'd be weird for the camera be all shaky and half-covered as it is on that show but it kind of makes 100% sense for what they're doing with the scenes and it's just perfect. One of my favorite shows of all time.

ruthsumbrellaa : I started watching Friends after finishing The Office and I'll admit that it was a step down in terms of the quality of the jokes and the film style. Friends has a more blatant style of humor which can seem pretty repetitive after just coming out off a show that thrives on spontaneity. What I think saves Friends is its characters. Though they are rather predictable, it's endearing. The actors are lovable and within a season, I found myself liking dumb Joey as much if not more than clumsy Kevin. I think the ability of the writers and actors to get so many people attached to the characters speaks volumes on its own-- there's some sly simplicity in Friends that has heart (regardless of a lack of "efficiency")

GerikDT : I think younger generations being less and less exposed to shows that were either shot in front of live audiences (such as Friends) or paired with canned laughter, just find the concept strange and annoying. I was raised on shows like that, and not only do I find it a norm, but I'd compare it to how differently you'd react to a joke if you heard it by yourself, and if being surrounded by friends who are all cracking up at it. Is background laughter a very intentional tactic to make you more susceptible to laugh? Of course. Is it immoral and cheap? That may be your valid opinion, sure, but as long as it actually works (which it does for the vast majority of people), what harm is there? I'd agree that some shows employ it relatively poorly, for sure, but Friends is not one of them.

lemonjuice : the office is the best comedy show ever made

Potatis 1337 : It's pretty obvious this is a rant on friends and celebration of the office. It's not unbiased at all, and it would make more sense to declare it sooner than 3 minutes in. It's a children's game.

Jessica C. : You guys I swear the office is the best comedy show ever. Change my mind

Popcorn kernels : I named my cat bandit after the office

L X : I used to think the BBT was actually good. But then one of my friends told me how sexist and racist and PROBLEMATIC it was. So I figured I'd go watch it again. So I did and I wanted to PUKE.

Gabe Johansson : In this case, your opinion is fact.

chloé : I love laugh tracks because they break fourth wall. I am extremely empathetic and shows like the office are so awkward for me too watch because I feel as if I’m there and the secondhand embarrassment is too much for me.

dania : if you want real humour, watch brooklyn nine nine

Ciara : I'd rather have to pause it to laugh hysterically than have a laugh track

Malcolm Clarkson : It's almost like the two shows have different styles due to one beginning production over a decade before the other. Now let me go on about that for almost twenty minutes.

NMDGRPHR-Too : Great analysis. Why don't you do a comparison video of Single Camera shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine Nine ?

Anne Kautzi : Unpopular opinion: I prefer parks and rec to the office.

GAT : Something I don't like about this video is that it perpetuates the concept that comedy is subjective. No. The OUTCOME of comedy, is subjective. The symptom of comedy, what makes you laugh, is subjective. The art of comedy, however, is not. There is a clear, objective way to create comedy. Watch any number of comedians talk about the process, and its pretty clear that comedy has objective rules and limitations. There is a predictability and a structure to it; That wouldn't be the case if it were purely subjective. Just because an audience can react to a joke a myriad of ways does not mean the facilitation of the reaction is ALSO subjective. That's ridiculous. If that were the case, nobody would ever be able to gain experience or get better at it because it would be completely random as to what works.


KRAPPINWITTM EE : My favorite tv show is the office by the way

Sunflower Bae : Me after like 12 years of school, law medical and undergraduates school... “does it really matter?”

Mike Marks : The office wasnt funny to me

Ezekiel Bartlem : We all talking about the office but what about community?

Syoish : As someone who never watch friends growing up, I can promise you that it isn't as funny when the nostalgia factor is taken out of it. Also my room mate is the one person on earth who legitimately likes Big Bang Theory and she always tells me how good it is

kaliforniaklasswho : The Office is also my absolute favorite show of all time. Can you please do more videos about it? Like a Michael Scott explanation video. He’s a very complicated yet simple man which makes him so fascinating. I would love an in-depth video about Michael. He’s probably one of the most iconic and legendary characters TV has ever had.

Gus Johnson : top tier content parks and rekt

Pelpington : And with this video, my good sir, you earned yourself another sub

Collin Noles : The office vs friends Like for friends Comment for the office

Lindsey Kreamer : I could listen to you do content analysis on shows for hours Drew. Honestly! This is really cool data and I'm so tempted to watch both and compare my findings

spooky graci : for duo day at my school my friend and i are dressing up as dwight and jim

Quinn Reynolds : I love shows without laugh tracks like arrested development or the office because a lot of the time you can’t even tell when all the jokes. This gives it more replayability and it also rewards you for paying attention to the little things.

JoshGraham : lmao wait do people hate friends everyone i know loves friends

1 subs with no videos : The Office is better.

jom p : Over Here in Germany WE allll Love the big Bang theory.