Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs. Friends

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Drew Gooden : thanks for watching guys, I know this video is different from my usual format but I'm really happy with it. Also don't forget to use my link so dollar shave club doesn't regret paying me :-) http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew

amipeachy : It’s weird when there’s one person that laughs way too loud in the laugh track

Jessica C. : You guys I swear the office is the best comedy show ever. Change my mind

Grete : My philosophy is basically this, and this is something that I live by, and I always have, and I always will. Don't ever, for any reason, do anything, to anyone, for any reason, ever, no matter what, no matter where, or who, or who you are with, or where you are going, or where you've been, ever, for any reason whatsoever.

OKAYlee : The laugh track just works with freinds in the same way those shaky cameras work with the office.

Mr. Suhaib : Friends is the whitest show ever made.

Justin Y. : My favorite Quote from the office: "It's called hentai. And it's art."

Isaac Spangler : The office = realistic human interaction

Cedric Diggory : My fav episode it the one where micheal burns his foot while making bacon and acts disabled


Labi Hax : Dude stop it. Friends is hilarious

Nicolas Charly : As much as I love The Office, I still have to admit that, apart from being iconic, Friends has a little special something. I mean, you can't just jump in, watch one of two episodes and judge it. You'd have to start from the beginning and watch it thoroughly. When the serie ends, you feel empty, abandoned almost. Over the more than 240 episodes, you really create a bond with these people (which never happened when I watched HIMYM or TBBT for instance). These guys are relatable. They're like 6 sides of every person. You will have your favourite one for sure. I don't know man, I love FRIENDS because it makes me feel like I'm the 7th member of their group. Surely, it's not comedic gold most of the time, but Chandler's sarcasm, Joey candidness, Pheobe aloof honesty, Rachel's attitude, Ross's stuckupness, Monica's frenzy, all of that, it's still something special. You laugh because you like them and you feel close to them, not because the jokes are always perfect (Though I love myself some Bing-a-ling). Also, the laughing track was something of the past. Honestly, you would take the (live audience, mind you) laughing track, most of the jokes would still work. It's not a question of not being secure about their own jokes and writting, it's just because it's a relic of the past, it was a convention most of the time back then. Yet, without it, it still works. I think FRIENDS is not just for you, which is totally OK. But I'm glad then that both The Office and FRIENDS are for me.

Stellar Skies : The office > friends You can’t disagree with facts

e : but i swear the friends had an actual audience like if you watch the bloopers??

kaliforniaklasswho : The Office is also my absolute favorite show of all time. Can you please do more videos about it? Like a Michael Scott explanation video. He’s a very complicated yet simple man which makes him so fascinating. I would love an in-depth video about Michael. He’s probably one of the most iconic and legendary characters TV has ever had.

lemonjuice : the office is the best comedy show ever made

Collin Noles : The office vs friends Like for friends Comment for the office

Zach Haas : Ok but Friends isn’t a laugh track, it’s actually live response from the audience. They edit the laughter to make it shorter sometimes because it’s so long. That’s because the writing for Friends was so sharp. Don’t get me wrong I love The Office, and I get that this is a subjective video about preference, but they are two different types of sitcoms. Both very well written shows, I would say Friends is better in my opinion just because I prefer smaller casts, that’s why I like Parks and Rec over The Office. Very interesting video either way, I really don’t know why I commented, probably because I wanted to say the first part about it not being fake canned laughter. Either way, great video, even though I like Friends a bit better.

Vroni Rom : I started watching the office a few days ago and just remembered this video. Had to re-watch it with my newly gained experience^^ Dear God I watch lots of TV shows but not even one of them has even come close to making me laugh as hard and frequently as The Office has. I've been missing out

Syoish : As someone who never watch friends growing up, I can promise you that it isn't as funny when the nostalgia factor is taken out of it. Also my room mate is the one person on earth who legitimately likes Big Bang Theory and she always tells me how good it is

Alana Sitara : using a laugh track? yea i sure hope they don’t

Professional Discord Servers : wait this is the guy who said 'road work ahead?'

Regina Phalange : Lol you said “I’m trying to be as unbiased as possible” but this was one of the most biased things I’ve seen😂😂😂😂😂 No hate, I just found it funny

women are property : You had me at "I hate laugh tracks" I subbed, liked, shared amd commented

our lord and saviour Taemin : Unpopular opinion, but i don't really actually like any of the characters in friends *_except Ross_*

Gus Johnson : top tier content parks and rekt

someamorplease : I really wanna know who he meant can't act, it's killing me.

Rubeus Hagrid : "The office is my favorite show of all time" This video is definitely gonna have bias

Ryan C : Not telling anyone which show they should have watch, but The Office is better.

ben destroyer : Bears beets battle star galactica

NakeyJakey : i want more of this mommy

Nibba 6972 : RYAN STARTED THE FIRE !!!!

GAT : Something I don't like about this video is that it perpetuates the concept that comedy is subjective. No. The OUTCOME of comedy, is subjective. The symptom of comedy, what makes you laugh, is subjective. The art of comedy, however, is not. There is a clear, objective way to create comedy. Watch any number of comedians talk about the process, and its pretty clear that comedy has objective rules and limitations. There is a predictability and a structure to it; That wouldn't be the case if it were purely subjective. Just because an audience can react to a joke a myriad of ways does not mean the facilitation of the reaction is ALSO subjective. That's ridiculous. If that were the case, nobody would ever be able to gain experience or get better at it because it would be completely random as to what works.

Will Freeark : who is the bad actor of the 6

Ezekiel Bartlem : We all talking about the office but what about community?

Wow I Agree : Jim looking straight to the camera is the laugh track of The Office.

John B : “Controversial opinion. I-“ *ad break*

Brandon Kaldy : Courtney Cox is a queen

No One : Ooh come on!! The office was a normal romcom full of cringe humour. Laugh tracks are irritating. Friends is funny despite if it. You bracketing friends episode in Ross' whining, Gunther, How You doing etc is actually dumb. I can do the same with The office, 40% is Michael being either cringey or negligent, 20% is Dwight being cringey, rest is Pam and Jim's stretched out love story and act of love for employees. You starting to show depth in office is last thing I need to understand. Almost every romcom has that element of emotion. The basic line is -You like office more hence you are romanticising it. I can do the same with friends, forcing depth into each and every character but it is just my favoritism that I am scooping characters out to prove that my choice is better.

Matthew Yikes : *i only watch camp rock 2*

Emma Sperber : Drew hating on friends for 17 minutes

electronicfox : Ok. So I deleted my last comment that was just me complaining because I thought your were gonna just say “oh office is better because I don’t like laugh tracks.” Then I watched the whole video heard what you thought about both episodes and started this new comment. Now I haven’t watched The Office yet but I have watch Friends... seven times over. If you couldn’t tell I very obviously have a bias. Now I’m gonna try and be a big boy here and say that yes I agree there is A LOT of filler in friends and yes sometimes the comedy isn’t great. I don’t have anything to say about The Office yet but once I watch it and trust me I will watch it eventually I will come back and edit this post to oust my thought on that side. Back to the point, I don’t watch Friends for the comedy. Now the next thing I’m gonna say got my friends to give me crap about this for the entire school year. I watch it for the plot. If someone ever starts a conversation about Friends with me I can tell them my favorite story arch’s and why. Coincidentally my favorite arch was the Monica and Chandler arch that you talked about in this one. I don’t mind that there are points in the show that bring you back to reality. I just enjoy watching these people and how they grow off each other’s personality’s so my point is if you don’t like something for it’s comedy try not to focus on it because I find it really fun to just focus on there actions and enjoy the show through that. I’m sorry for rambling, thank you so much to anyone who actually reads all this. This was intended to be a lot shorter but I guess I’m really passionate about this show. :) Have a great day everyone

Crystal Wiley : can you PLEASE just make a series of you talking about the office i would watch it in a heartbeat

KRAPPINWITTM EE : My favorite tv show is the office by the way

Shabba : One note “canned laughter” is different than a live audience laughing

laurenseltzer : Unpopular opinion: I really really dislike The Office & I've always LOVED Friends and have seen every season at least twice. The entire season 5 is awesome, epsidoe 14 The One Where Everyone Finds Out is better if you've at least seen the whole season leading up to it. Friends did call backs and inside jokes a lot that make parts of the show much funnier. Once you've watched long enough you don't notice the laugh track as much of at all. And of course, they had a real live audience. Watch bloopers, they're amazing. 😂 (Side note: everyone should listen to the podcast about laugh tracks which is featured on 99% Invisible, forgot what the podcast is called that made the episode but everything 99% makes is good & so is this. Also the many videos on YouTube that show the history of the laugh track. I used to believe the same things he said in this video but I've changed my mind since these things. It's definitely jarring when you haven't watched in a while but you get used to it. I watch actual plays and musicals and the laughter of the audience around me doesn't take me out of the immersion & neither do laugh tracks if the show is actually funny.) I hate cringey and slapstick humor. I get second-hand embarrassement from The Office, I literally laugh out loud while watching Friends to this day. Chandler's my favorite. Ross is my least favorite. He goes too far in a way I never thought was funny, not just cuz he's a "little bitch". Almost all the reasons you cited as strengths are things I dislike about his performance. Not because he's too emotional but because he's annoying. I LOVE Chandler's delivery. The way he says something is as funny and usually more funny then what he said. It's he same reason I usually hate Will Ferrel, Adam Sandler, & that guy from Zoolander you mentioned lol. They're over the top stuff is what I don't like. They overreact in a non-funny way to me. Steve Carrell is funny though but like in Crazy, Stupid, Love for instance I thought Ryan Gosling was hilarious. Emma Stone is great in that Scarlet Letter movie which I can no longer remember the name of all the sudden 😂 I would say that I like Brooklyn 99, which is somewhat similar to The Office but I've only seen clips. Other comedies I like? The Good Place, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Shaun of the Dead, honestly I don't watch a lot of comedy that sticks with me because I usually enjoy subtle humor that's inside a drama or some other genre. I like witty humor, dark humor, conversational, and spoken comedy, although of course Quentin Tarantino & Edgar Wright do funny comedy moments. I liked that newer movie Game Night with that actor... Jason Bateman? from that and Ozark among others, I think he's funny, I like dry humor. Fav comedian is George Carlin & I've always enjoyed Louis C.K.s stand up, um John Mulaney. Can't name the others by name. My fav show of all time: Pushing Daisies has a lot of laugh out loud moments thanks mostly to Chi McBride 💕 I just don't understand the love for The Office...

Skyy : I actually prefer the friends format; the chuck lorre format. the office and modern family just make me feel disconnected from the caracters on the contrary of what you said in the beginning of the video. the swaying camera effect also makes me feel uncomfortable watching the office although it's really funny and I know that changing the office's format would ruin the show. after all it's preference for everybody. (p.s I hate mike and molly, the big bang theory, rules of engagement etc. I hate mediocre corny shows.)

Molly Sullivan : Do Brooklyn 99 vs. another show!

The Dingwall : That's why I hate Nickelodeon sitcoms.....they overuse laugh tracks

Xavia M : Thank you, Drew. More people need to know how awkward and terrible the Big Bang theory is... a show for sheep