Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs Friends

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Drew Gooden : thanks for watching guys, I know this video is different from my usual format but I'm really happy with it. Also don't forget to use my link so dollar shave club doesn't regret paying me :-) http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew

amipeachy : It’s weird when there’s one person that laughs way too loud in the laugh track

Hanan Balushi : And ..RYAN STARTED THE FIRE 🔥

sadee delaney : you have a lot of time on your hands, and I love it

Vegard Nielsen : I thought you'd hate friends, but you didn't hate it and I think the same. Some episodes are pretty good, but the office is a lot more entertaining and consistent in my opinion.

Showtime_Kick123 : This video was a masterpiece

NakeyJakey : i want more of this mommy

Pandasrawesome 88 : Bears eat beets. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

Ron Bautista : In my opinion The Office and Friends can’t really be compared. A more accurate comparison would be Friends vs How I Met Your Mother. And The Office vs Parks and Recreation. The Office was my favorite show and probably the funniest show I’ve ever watched.

WhalesRock 54 : In the defense of Friends, they did have an actual live audience it wasn’t just a track. I mean I know it doesn’t change anything really but ya

iris grey : fun fact that no one cares about or wants to hear: i fucking LOVE the office and i’ve watched the entire series 30+ times (ive lost count). i listen to it to fall asleep. i can recite the entire pilot episode. it’s been 2 years my family has shunned me someone help

John Wolfe : Completely agreed on your David Schwimmer hot take at the end. Great video, too.

RNWNK : Friends is one of those shows I wish didn't have a laugh track. It's probably one of the only shows that are actually funny that have it.

Andrew Paden : You really remind me of Dwight

lucky luckoy : I can't stop thinking about the 1 out the 6 that is a bad actor WHO IS IT

Reina Jackson : Friends uses an actual live audience. They have to pause for such a long time because they are waiting for the laughter to stop. There have been some instances where a scene was reshot because the audience was laughing for too long

NMDGRPHR-Too : Great analysis. Why don't you do a comparison video of Single Camera shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine Nine ?

Anthony Mendoza : But the Office is not a sitcom. Canned laughter is an integral part of sitcoms like Friends, at least in my opinion

sophia maleh : Ok just starting this video but needed to say one thing- the office will always, ALWAYS be funnier than friends.

Saturn Productions : The Big Bang theory is a great show but it needs to use the laughing with more quality control.

Layziekat : There has been a lot of hate for laugh tracks and I just don't get it. The laugh track emulates a live stage play. Notice how there's little to no camera action, it's mostly always a still frame and little to no movement. that's because the creators want you to treat it like a live show, with live charachters and in turn, a live audience. It's not a simple throwaway trick, it's actually a well thought out method of filming that brings out the rawness of charachters.

Noah Gregory : You count jokes that didn't make you laugh in the office, and then changed combined the amount of laugh track with something you hadn't previously mentioned. Not very scientific.

Rhodes Oakley : Them: The title isn’t “why I like the office” Me: yeah about that, why not?

Niclas Lundberg : It's pretty obvious this is a rant on friends and celebration of the office. It's not unbiased at all, and it would make more sense to declare it sooner than 3 minutes in. It's a children's game.

Cole 2187 : I don’t think Friends is funny. I think the Office is very funny. And comedy is subjective to a certain extent. If you hear a fart joke you can acknowledge it makes you laugh but you can’t call it a clever joke. And when a comedian makes a joke that has lots of thought and effort put into it you can say it doesn’t make you laugh but you have to acknowledge it’s clever

Nick C : Daddy Drew made a video essay? Better order myself some new underwear from drewgoodenstore.gov

Reality Check : Laugh tracks are relics from the past sitcom genre. There are plenty of GOOD shows that have laugh tracks in them. Removing the laugh track from Big Bang Theory still leaves it a terrible show. Adding a laugh track to the Office won't be enough devalue the many layers of goodness that makes it great. I can't imagine being such an anal narrowminded gatekeeper like Drew Gooden, that it keeps me away from the many great shows with laugh tracks such as Happy Days, Seinfeld, Friends, etc. Don't be like this overrated shithead.


Lord Aizen : Sunny beats them both.

Derek Spiller : The Office is better.

Matthew Yikes : *i only watch camp rock 2*

Chloé Rohr : I love laugh tracks because they break fourth wall. I am extremely empathetic and shows like the office are so awkward for me too watch because I feel as if I’m there and the secondhand embarrassment is too much for me.

Morbidbunny3 : I can't get through a full episode of Friends...

Anna Te : Ok who's the bad actor on friends I gotta know

Sam Worrall : I went back and watched that opening scene from that episode of the office and there are not 41 jokes in that scene, you are just lying.

CZsWorld : If you take away the laugh tracks though, does Friends have more jokes per minute (as opposed to per episode?) Also I believe credit goes to Malcolm in the Middle for starting the trend of not having laugh tracks!

i dont know : whos the bad one


fzn_0 : Idk man I like the big bang theory

Elkin Shiner : Laugh tracks need to be banned from existence. The most pointless entity to ever exist in TV history.

Emma Buchanan : Took me 10 years to realize this was Drew and not a normal video essayist

D D : I used to think the BBT was actually good. But then one of my friends told me how sexist and racist and PROBLEMATIC it was. So I figured I'd go watch it again. So I did and I wanted to PUKE.

lemonjuice : the office is the best comedy show ever made

CarpenterDudePL : I LOVE FRIENDS. I think that by the one bad actor you meant Lisa Kudrow, because she's not that great of an actress and her every role is practicaly Phoebe. I don't want to offend anybody, of course, I love Phoebe, but I do think it was more about the good writing of her character than Lisa's acting.

Mustache 577 : Whatever Seinfeld is better than both of them

Quinn Reynolds : I love shows without laugh tracks like arrested development or the office because a lot of the time you can’t even tell when all the jokes. This gives it more replayability and it also rewards you for paying attention to the little things.

lina : I rewatched friends millions of times and I STILL laugh at the jokes even if they’re somewhat stupid. As for the office, sure it’s funny, but I don’t think I would watch it a second time.

LTrainEighty : If you actually truly believe that friends is funnier then the the office then either you haven’t watched the office or you don’t have a sense of humor

Chachi Marie : 11 eggs

Krusario : 3:05