Efficiency in Comedy: The Office vs Friends

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Drew Gooden : thanks for watching guys, I know this video is different from my usual format but I'm really happy with it. Also don't forget to use my link so dollar shave club doesn't regret paying me :-) http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew

amipeachy : It’s weird when there’s one person that laughs way too loud in the laugh track

Næp Sæck : I agree, but I love Friends so I’m irrationally offended.

Crystal M. : I actually have skipped parts of Friends because I couldn’t actually stand to watch the awkward back and forth. I literally couldn’t do it.

Amanda the Jedi : It's Ross.

m b : Dislike for not telling us the bad actor

NakeyJakey : i want more of this mommy

JC GG : I don't mind the laugh track in the Golden Girls because it's more real. There ARE bigger laughs on the better jokes: See - Isn't it Romantic, the scene where Blanche says (about the lesbian character) "I don't believe it! To think Jean would prefer Rose over ME" - biggest laugh of the episode, funniest line.

Jack Berczi : If you're someone out there who watches the big bang theory can you please respond the this comment. I've literally never met one person who watches that show..but I know you're out there.

Adam Farnsworth : I'm fairly sure Friends was filmed in front of a live audience. It would be better to compare it to a comedic play than a show like The Office.

Morgan Connor : Monica is literally psychotic and has so many mental issues & once u realize that the show is just sad lol

Nick C : Daddy Drew made a video essay? Better order myself some new underwear from drewgoodenstore.gov

chadnisha : As a fellow Office fanatic I despise the Stress Relief episodes because it represents the turning point from characters to caricatures. Suddenly Dwight is no longer a real person but a marionette performing over the top antics. Humanity gets stripped away and we're left with these empty vessels acting out unrealistically, like it's not The Office anymore but a fever dream of The Office. I still love Season 5, particularly the Michael Scott Paper Company story arc, but the Stress Relief and Lecture Circuit episodes are canaries in the coal mine for what would become a degradation of quality.

Adrian Valenzuela : But friends didn't have laugh tracks. It was a live audience. You should watch the behind the scenes.

Jojo Shaggins : Please you gotta tell me who the bad actor is because the opinions of strangers on the Internet is the only thing I value in life.

Benj Smith Productions : Meh, laugh tracks and live audience noise are meant to emulate the live theater environment, heck, the Internet has a whole genre of "reaction" videos to trailers, season finales, keynotes, plot twists, funny videos etc.

John Wolfe : Completely agreed on your David Schwimmer hot take at the end. Great video, too.

JohnThomas Griffy : The only part of Friends I like is Chandler

R W : Just to clarify, there is a difference between a "laugh track" and an actual audience watching, who is laughing. A laugh track is typically repetitive and just a taping of laughter added in post-production, often being the same laughter repeated across scenes and shows (e.g. How I Met Your Mother). Friends uses an actual audience, recorded during the taping of the episode, akin to a televised play. It's important to the argument to distinguish those two.


montmn : You made up your mind about the format before you created the video. Waste of time.

Alana Sitara : using a laugh track? yea i sure hope they don’t

ZeruskoO : Which actor is the bad one? Is it Monica right? :D

Niggabite : The office is more intelligent, but I prefer Friends

Ved d : Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

alessia lilis : unpopular opinion: i dont like the office

milk : god i thought i would hate this but i frikin loved it is parks and recs decent compared to the office ?

James Enter : You are comparing is different eras in television and different types of shows. Friends is a traditional sitcom. The office is more comedy drama than straight comedy. I think its boring. The camera work is distracting. The characters are cringy and not very interesting. The talking head bits take me out of watching the show way more than the friends laugh track. That doesn't feel organic at all.

e phelon : The office is 100% better then friends. I honestly hate the show friends

TastyMemes : The English episode with the fire drill is so much funnier tho, with David Brent attempting to show how caring he is of the disabled by taking the woman on a wheelchair down the stairs whilst looking to the camera every few seconds before eventually abandoning her out of boredom and laziness anyway.

Semi Geil : omg my friends always said i was crazy cause i thought David Schwimmer was the best actor in friends. in my opinion J Aniston was actually the worst actor in the show

CZsWorld : If you take away the laugh tracks though, does Friends have more jokes per minute (as opposed to per episode?) Also I believe credit goes to Malcolm in the Middle for starting the trend of not having laugh tracks!

RealUSChamp : its not controversial to like friends

RJKT : Seinfeld is better than the office.

Averybindups : Now i really wanna know which actor you think is the bad one

Idk / Zach : its me... MICHAEL SCARN

Emma Buchanan : Took me 10 years to realize this was Drew and not a normal video essayist

Camila Cepeda : I actually fucking love The Big Bang Theory😭

Kinoski : love it when someone tries to critique comedy like it's objective

Trin M : this video has inspired me to watch the offfice. see you in a few months

Bryn Jackson : Wait, 5 of the 6 Friends are good? I like Friends, but they're all just... Absolutely awful people. Seriously, every one of those characters would be a terrible, shitty person, hahaha.

Matthew Yikes : *i only watch camp rock 2*

JustNormallyWeird : Efficiency in comedy: Just watch British comedians

hannibal jr : So... establishing shots are a waste of time??? thats... thats... a headache indusing opinion.

Jay : Malcolm In The Middle is better than both these shows combined..

Leonard K. : The Big Bang theory is the worst show ever??! How dare you say that! The show isn't only well-crafted and original, but the science mentioned in it is always on point (and don't try to dispute this I'm an engineer). Friends, however, is just a bunch of good-looking lascivious people with the same constant psychological issues they always seem to have. I think your critique of the show is extremely biased and not at all well analyzed. Also, don't go saying something like the Big Bang theory is trash, I'd like to see you create something half as good.

Gus Johnson : top tier content parks and rekt

Carmen Cecilia Bolívar Ibarra : This video contains my feelings exactly. I never liked Friends even though I occasionally watched it when there was nothing else on tv and laughed to it. I never tried to patronize anyone for liking this show but I felt like it was really basic and it underestimated the audience

Ryan Monty : Friends was actually filmed in front of a live audience tho...

Whitney Slifka : PIVOT