Seeing my father for the first time in 15 years

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MTRecords : When I was 10 I was forced to move to Michigan and wasn’t allowed to really ever have a connection with my father. After years of waiting and finally finding him I was able to plan a way to see him for the first time in 15 years. He had no idea. This was filmed two weeks before thanksgiving. After a mile and a half walk in the snow this is his reaction.

A M : Here before it goes viral

Moto Madness : Good stuff man!

Pepperonie Kayie : Blessed to see this!!

Fixedguitar : 15 years? I would be unable to let go if that was my kid. I can barley go 15 hours.

D. FRESH. 750 : Ahh man...that's awesome dude! Here's to many more visits with your pops! 🍻😎👌🏼

JIGGYMOTO : awesome dude.

Keith Wong : Awesome ❤️❤️

jack Moyer : Awesome man

Liam Archer : Amazing 👍👍👍

neubrain11 : He didn't seem happy to see you.. stereotype i know so sue me

M3RK GLU3ST1CK : Been while man. This was awesome.

Collin Hayes : Motivated me to text my dad, haven’t seen or talked to him once in 10 years n seeing this and reading your story got to me🙏🏼

SammyOnAYammi : Cool as hell man! A couple shades lighter comment made me laugh

Alston 350z : What happened to your bike

GoProChicken : Awesome Dude ❤️💪

Richard Raymond : Awesome man!