Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

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Wranglerstar : Buy Your Tuna Can Survival Kit Here * * * ONLY $12 * * * https://amzn.to/2OyP1MH (this will link you to my amazon store)

Joshua Smith : I can totally picture being stranded in an emergency situation, and reaching in my pocket to find a tin of sardines and that the kit is at home in the pantry.

Amber Napoleon : Once you've opened the can you can put it in the ziplock bag.

Solar Bludmage : .... I’ve been using paper matches wrong my whole life

Whittabe : I watch this like im actually gonna buy it

ristestankovski : The pencil and the paper is for your last will just before you decide to slit your wrist with the razor blade

Selma Bette : This 12$ kit is probably more worth than 20$ kit.

Epicer : is it loud? 8:20 PROCEEDS TO BLOW OUT MY EARS... I mean not really

onlywanted youtubeaccount : My cats were sleeping when i he blew the whistle and they shoot like rockets out of the room scared me half to death

Chris Welcome : The Irony here is that someone puts the value on their life at 12 bucks... Actually... I would too :'(

Richard Farrer : They could have silvered the inside of the tin as a signalling mirror. Much more efficient.

TheGreenViper : the razorblade is for when you give up

Smurphenstein : MacGyver Could build a ten bedroom log cabin and a rescue helicopter with that!

Epic Rhodent : open can, get a cut, cut gets infected, infection causes blood poisoning... dead! ;D

I Laser : TLDW: So basically it's good for surviving a camp out in your backyard.

Daniele Venanzi : No band-aids, no alchool pads, no water purification tablets, nothing to use as a lure for fish. Yet plenty of chord LOL

Hey I'm a Maker : I bet you can take the reflective tape ( looks like it's sticky ), apply it to the bottom of the can, use the nail to make a hole and end up with a better signalling mirror.

epSos.de : Looks like a sewing kit. Would be more fun, if the can was larger and for cooking of water at least.

BDORR93 : Glad you tested the damn whistle.... nearly blew my ears out. Thanks

hai people : Sadly, this kit can't help one survive school 😔

Aaron Farmer : I like my own comments:( I'll add a 🔪 for every like I get: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪

Furno 52470 : "Is it loud?" *blows whistle and procedes to destroy my ears* "Kinda"

Tri Optimum : Unfortunately you making a video about this caused a surge in sales for the can and the price is now $18 so in a sense, you making the video ruined buying it for others because it will never sell for 12 again. This happens a lot when people make review videos about stuff and it becomes popular. =\

billsbasementworkshop : Hi, from England, I also take a few means of getting a signal to someone for help. I'm a radio ham so I take a fully charged radio with me. Also I take a fully charged mobile phone One of them will usually pick up a signal. I also take with me a gps indicator so that if anything bad should happen I can radio or call in the correct co-ordinates. I also take a lot of ways things to start a fire. But my most trusted, in damp weather is a small bottle of antifreeze and some potassium permanganate, which you can buy from any pharmacy. The chemical reaction between the two is good in damp or dry weather. Also fishing thread and hooks. And a tarp and several lengths of paracord. But I know that survival in your country is a lot different to England. Etc, I'm not likely to be attacked by a bear. Thanks for the video. regards, bill.

19thHour : I want to hear the full story of your friend Charlie who got lost in a cave for five days!

Sue Collins : Says he who plunks the compass right down next to 2 metal nails...

Doctor WarpSpeed : "Is the whistle loud?" My ears blow out. "Not Very"

Robert B : Signalling with anything reflective is easy, even this cheap mylar mirror. Make a V with two fingers at arms length, and use that as your "crosshairs" to bracket the aircraft you are signalling, or area you want the flash to go. Adjust your mirror so you see the reflected light on your fingers, then you know it's going in exactly the right direction.

Batuhan Ege ŞEN : 2:11 when u get busted by parents while doin' the thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Random Argument : You broke my ears with whistle. I had headphones. RIP my ears

Josh Henley : bag will keep kit sealed after opening

Dave Pawson : Add hearing aids to the list.

Neon Kitty : The frog tape is a small plus. Not as big as silver tape. But still. Same as the tea candle and sardine can. Catch water, hold food, something. Surviving is surviving

Dutch Prepper : @2:09 Did you there just almost duct-taped a wasp to the carpet ?!!?!?

Cory Moulton : I'm assuming the sun dial on that multitool you would lay the tool on the ground in an open area put a nail in the center of it in the ground and read it according to the shadow the nail casts on those hash marks. Cheers great video. Subd and thumbs up

jmtnvalley : Things I would put in a "keep me safe and find me quick" kit: space blanket, rain poncho (skinny type), matches, fire starter, water, chem light, flare, smoke marker, flash light, knife, signal mirror. The idea it to be protected from the elements, stay hydrated and GET FOUND.

Andrew_the_ plvg : This guy is literally complaining about how bad the quality of these products like my guy no hate or nun but what do u expect from 12$? A supreme lighter with a Gucci compass?

Ivan Mozgovyy : $12 for that? You can buy all those items for like $5 at a dollar store. And once you open it, the can is useless. Oh, did he say "my amazon store"? Ok, makes sense now

Shadow Gamer Girl : First- "twelve dollar tuna can" Ending- "twelve dollar sardine can" Comment- "twelve dollar tuna Can" Dude srsly, Is it a sardine can or a Tuna can? xD

Karyzma Moreno : he accidentally duct taped a bee.

Caroline Maynard : My dogs just shot up after you used the whistle

mark laurenz : Sandwich bag could be used to keep everything together once you opened the can, just a thought

Prank Network : Cody, this is your mother. Did you get back to Terry yet? 7:39 TERRY williams Re: thoughts Cody, So here are my thoughts. We can a small run of straps (50) in 20mm and 22mm and see how it goes. We can get the buckle etch...

Chris G : He doesn't recognise the bottle opener haha

scienz chic : use striker match on your zipper. works like a charm. Plus you can boil water in the can.

Ronald Stephenonson : Ever think the bag could carry stuff🤔

Fat Stacks of Cash : Imagine being stranded on an island, you haven't eaten for days, about to collapse from starvation... Then you see a tin can washed up on the beach, you scurry to the can and open it with what little energy you have left. You salivate with anticipation, the thought of a delicious snack that he may have to live on, finally popping the lid off... Only to reveal it was this kit, as you lay down, dropping the can, slowly closing your eyes as you perish from lack of nourishment.

Dylan is a big boy : 'is the whistle loud' BURSTS MY EARDRUMS 'no not really'

Brian Sparks : What would be nice would be a Fresnel lense that could be used as a magnifier if you lost your glasses plus you could use it to focus sunlight to start a fire.

Stephen Patts : the nails could be used to secure food supplies to a tree with the rope