Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

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Wranglerstar : Buy Your Tuna Can Survival Kit Here * * * ONLY $12 * * * https://amzn.to/2OyP1MH (this will link you to my amazon store)

Hey I'm a Maker : I bet you can take the reflective tape ( looks like it's sticky ), apply it to the bottom of the can, use the nail to make a hole and end up with a better signalling mirror.

Toasty Engineer : "is the whistle loud?" *My ears explode, my cat combusts, a magnitude 13 earthquake starts, Mars' rust falls off, and the milky way Galaxy implodes* "Eh, kinda"

Tom Morris Jr. : *Pulls AK-47 from tuna can*

ristestankovski : The pencil and the paper is for your last will just before you decide to slit your wrist with the razor blade

Danger1451 : Its 3am where im at idk why im watching this video

Selma Bette : This 12$ kit is probably more worth than 20$ kit.

Runner Five : theres more in there than i got for christmas

Ryan Gantt : The last thing I will ever hear is this guy saying "is it loud" Instantly deaf.

nuclearping : "Is the whistle loud?" *My dog came running up 2 stories from the bottom floor of the house and the neightbours dogs started barking.* "Eh, kinda."

Brony of Shadows : "Is the whistle loud?" *Proceeds to wake up my room mate, the people above me, their dog, the creatures outside and the dead.* "Eh, kinda."

Joshua Smith : I can totally picture being stranded in an emergency situation, and reaching in my pocket to find a tin of sardines and that the kit is at home in the pantry.

WombatHide : These whistle comments have me in tears

Richard Farrer : They could have silvered the inside of the tin as a signalling mirror. Much more efficient.

Skillamaroo : If you turn up your sound all the way at 8:21 you can hear a weird sound in the background.

Smurphenstein : MacGyver Could build a ten bedroom log cabin and a rescue helicopter with that!

Furno 52470 : "Is it loud?" *blows whistle and procedes to destroy my ears* "Kinda"

Matt P. : "Its not the highest quality whistle around... is it loud?" *eardrums shatter, pets run for the hills* "Eh, medium loud."

RifesGood : Razor blades are good to have. Gutted a bigfoot with one once.

Dean Mires : The lid of the can! You forgot that! Wrap it around the candle for a windshield. Use it to cut things. Apply the signaling material to that (even if it isn't self adhesive, just take a piece of the duct tape & fold it on itself to make it double sided. You can then take the pop-top ring, with a piece of the thread & hang it on a branch, let the wind do it's job. Heck, you can take the ring & use it to hang several things off of a single mount point. You can use the lid folded and turn it into a funnel. And you can even put it back on the can to contain contents with the duct tape.

David Evans : Before opening it, did it float?

TheGreenViper : the razorblade is for when you give up

Robert Baptie : I got lost one time & cooked a moose with a tea candle lol

sonya griffy : That kit is like the magician's hat that he just keep pulling things out of it like it doesn't have a bottom. Maybe the 2 nails are to secure a clothes line? Could always put everything in the ziplock bag aftet opening up the can. As long as the wooden match has a white tip you should be able to strike it on anything dry and rough. It's a nice kit, thank you for sharing.

More Butt Jokes : The tea light, in combination with the mirror, helped me blind and trip a bear once. I gutted it and skinned it with the razor. Shared some of the meat with a different bear, and we looked-out for each other. Bears are great for things.

Joshthekiwi 1 : HEADPHONE WARNING 8:20 😂😂😂

Dave Pawson : Add hearing aids to the list.

ace boogie : This survival kit is limited to your imagination case and point

Naught Pewds : "Is the whistle loud?" *ReeeEerEeeRrEeEeEEREEEE* *Atomic Bomb ignites, Magnitude 7 earthquake in Anchorage, tsunamis across the world, my whole family wakes up at 1 volume...* "NOT REALLY" 8:20

20Pho7 : Next time you blow a whistle... a little bit of warning. 8:22

turbodharma : Here's an idea: Take the 12 dollars, and make 5 of these packs.

Doctor WarpSpeed : "Is the whistle loud?" My ears blow out. "Not Very"

JasonIsBoss7 : Turn your headphones all the way up and listen closely he says sub to pewdiepie 8:20

W. P. : Nails in a potato help cook them. The bag is for the stuff. Tea light can heat the bottom of the can if you have to boil water. The reflective tape might stick to the tin? That would be the signaling mirror. And on it goes...think outside the tin. They make more expensive kits in altoid type tins - this was not that. Wasn’t meant to be.

King Gemini : But does it have the power of flex tape?

Eric M : Usually Coghlan products are rather gimmicky, aimed primarily at "car campers." But for the price, I think this a decent starter kit. I would upgrade some of the gear- get some small water purification tablets, folding razor blade knife, "stormproof" matches, a real (mini) signal mirror, small flashlight. And carry the contents in a waterproof pouch.

Troy Davis : we made fish hook out of safety pin one summer in Alaska when I was a child. we bent them in more of a hook shape. They worked. we did have some fish get off. However, we landed 4 for everyone that came off the hook. When your live 500 miles from a large town and 150 miles from any store you improvise a lot.

vonkäuen Theforbidden : Nails are good for chipping away at things. Prisoners have chiseled their way out of prison with a single nail. You can also put it on the end of something and use it as a weapon or arrow head.

Caroline Maynard : My dogs just shot up after you used the whistle

Batuhan Ege ŞEN : 2:11 when u get busted by parents while doin' the thing ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

DanielUntGaming : Is the bee part of the Survival Kit or is it a bonus?

dylan.is.chillin 69 : Razors are good to have, gutted a deer in alaska with one.

vahsharo1980 : i guess if that all u can afford is a cheap survival kit. then by all means get it. but me personally i would rather build my own.

Hard Work : 2:00 Idk man there's only about 100 billion plastic bottles laying around the earth. Something tells me i'd find one instead of cupping water in my hands!!

mark laurenz : Sandwich bag could be used to keep everything together once you opened the can, just a thought

I D : My GOSH That whistle woke me up I was falling asleep

Jim : Nice if your going to go hiking with a just a large hip pack.

Aaron Hysom : After the world ends and just a few of us survived, starving and close to the end; rummaging through a camping store looking for supplies you spot a can of sardines or tuna or something. You get excited, your going to survive the night.. you run over to the can to frantically open it to find ... string.. paper clips and sewing thread!

Cache Crab : Okay i go fishing a lot. Would this be something i should toss into my bag just in case something happens?

Fat Stacks of Cash : Imagine being stranded on an island, you haven't eaten for days, about to collapse from starvation... Then you see a tin can washed up on the beach, you scurry to the can and open it with what little energy you have left. You salivate with anticipation, the thought of a delicious snack that he may have to live on, finally popping the lid off... Only to reveal it was this kit, as you lay down, dropping the can, slowly closing your eyes as you perish from lack of nourishment.