Testing The Cheapest Survival Kit On AMAZON

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Wranglerstar : Buy Your Tuna Can Survival Kit Here * * * ONLY $12 * * * https://amzn.to/2OyP1MH (this will link you to my amazon store)

Selma Bette : This 12$ kit is probably more worth than 20$ kit.

jasono2l : You could put tverything in the kit into the sandwich bag after you open the kit.

menjavlafitta : "Is it loud?" *instant eardrum explosion*

Linda Kennedy : When I was a kid we would fish with a small branch, a piece of line from grandpa's pole and a safety pin. We would catch sun fish in a small lake down the street. Always tossed the fish back in. Good memories for an old lady.

Yam Candelario : Now put that all back in the can.

Joshua Smith : I can totally picture being stranded in an emergency situation, and reaching in my pocket to find a tin of sardines and that the kit is at home in the pantry.

Trelise' Avery-Moore : Hiking Boots - $175 Hunting Knife - $250 Tent - $300 Survival Kit that could see you live through a possible emergency/disaster - $12 -logic

Irving Brownstone : If anyone wants the kit that actually has the items seen in this video, get the "Apocalypse Survival Kit," because the product in the link Wranglerstar shared in the description and Top Comment is a totally different product with different items and is more than $12. Why he did this, I don't know? Advertising money would be my guess (isn't it convenient he took off the label prior to reviewing the product?). Anyhow, here's a link to the actual product you're seeing in this video, and it actual is about $12: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0083IZFDI/ref=psdcmw_376284011_t2_B001B10X72#featureBulletsAndDetailBullets_secondary_view_div_1536244689112

Funky : Imagine someone mistaking this as the actual sardine can

Kurigo : 12:50 The sundial is simple to use, place it on a flat floor point the pointer to the south. put the nail in the middle of it. where the shade of the nail/stick goes shows the time of the day. Nice video by the way really enjoyed it :D [ As Vincrand reminded me it has to be pointed to the equator ]

Hey I'm a Maker : I bet you can take the reflective tape ( looks like it's sticky ), apply it to the bottom of the can, use the nail to make a hole and end up with a better signalling mirror.

epSos.de : Looks like a sewing kit. Would be more fun, if the can was larger and for cooking of water at least.

Hello Kitty : I know how this works. Opening the Tuna can will attract Cats and they will show you the way out ... wherever you are trapped in!

Fullmoon Darkstar : D f that was a freaking bee that casually flew off?

Wolfgirl : your like acctually expecting it to pop out with a mini frickin gucci manson

Furno 52470 : "Is it loud?" *blows whistle and procedes to destroy my ears* "Kinda"

MrJreed1000 : U mean to tell me u couldnt just collect all these items urself for 98¢…

Daniel Harding : Talks about phones not being water proof, proceeds to put a water proof iPhone 10 in the sandwich bag👍👍

MLG TURTLE : 8:25 Turn down ur volume luckuly I don't keep my heaphones on high volumes anyways.

Typical Loli : 5:08 rip that nibba ded

TheGreenViper : the razorblade is for when you give up

Samantha Tarn : Who else was wearing earbuds when he blew the whistle?

Pigeons And Popcorn : *TURN UP YOUR VOLUME ALL THE WAY AT **8:21* unless you dislike earrape

Whittabe : I watch this like im actually gonna buy it

Irving Brownstone : They claim this kit contains 38 friggin' items, but I only count approximately 23 DIFFERENT items inside, and even when counting individually the duplicate items such as the nails, wood matches, twist ties, etc., there's still just 30 TOTAL items. For your convenience, below I listed an inventory of each item in the kit in the same order he introduces them: 1. 1 Strip of Duct tape 2. 1 Zip-lock bag 3. 1 Paper matchbook 4. 1 Razor blade 5. 1 Braided yellow cord 6. 2 Safety pins 7. 1 Tea light candle 8. 1 Snare wire 9. 1 Fire starter 10. 3 Wood Matches 11. 1 Red thread 12. 1 Nylon String 13. 2 Nails 14. 1 Tiny Whistle 15. 1 Sewing needle 16. 1 Spirit Compass 17. 2 Fish hookers 18. 1 Clever plastic pencil 19. 1 Strip of Paper 20. 1 Metal survival card 21. 3 Twist ties (which is being generous, as there were just 2, but I even counted the 1 wrapped around the nylon string) 22. 1 Sketchy signaling mirror 23. 1 Survival instructions. So, as you can see, even when counting individually the 2 safety pins, 3 wood matches, 2 nails, 2 fish hooks, and 3 twist ties, it's still just 30 items. With that said, I do think this is a neat, handy, inexpensive little kit, and I wouldn't mind having one of my own. However, as a customer and consumer, I don't appreciate false advertising, hyperbole, or being shorted in any manner.

Doctor WarpSpeed : "Is the whistle loud?" My ears blow out. "Not Very"

G F# B E D G C B D G D : 2:09 THERES A BEE

Derpylink Thedoggy : му ∂σg яєα¢тє∂ тσ тнє ωнιѕтℓє ℓσℓ

evan Cruz has : Do a expenisive survival kit

Dante Musarella : Who else read the gmail text on his phone?, like if u did

mark laurenz : Sandwich bag could be used to keep everything together once you opened the can, just a thought

ZEJS : .... I’ve been using paper matches wrong my whole life

Bone Apple Tea : The problem you’re having here is that you’re judging other people’s abilities by using your own as a reference. Always a bad move. For example, if someone else has used their ingenuity to catch a fish with a safety pin, don’t doubt things just because you can’t fathom how to do it yourself. Remember one key point; stupid people don’t know that they’re stupid, as they’ve no frame of reference.

Woodland_Phantom : Nails are good for stake. Like if you have a tarp for shelter & need to...stake it into the ground in case of wind.

Trelise' Avery-Moore : Reminds me of Mary poppins bag of tricks

Dave Pawson : Add hearing aids to the list.

Neon Kitty : The frog tape is a small plus. Not as big as silver tape. But still. Same as the tea candle and sardine can. Catch water, hold food, something. Surviving is surviving

Deathstroke OG : Legit pocket size kit. I'm getting a few. BTW You can nail the reflective square to your note on a tree inside the plastic back. The reflector is so you can see the note at night if your'e walking around with a flashlight.

Alex Oper : You could make a spear from the 2 nails

hornetluca : With that, I now _can_ survive

Andrew_the_ plvg : This guy is literally complaining about how bad the quality of these products like my guy no hate or nun but what do u expect from 12$? A supreme lighter with a Gucci compass?

Hurtfully Helped : It's a golf pencil. One of the ads for this video was polysporan. Something that sould be in the kits with band aids. The bottom of the can holds the tea light. I think the bag and tape keep the kit dry.

Hockeyman88 : You can then light the candle and but the tuna can over it but have the tuna can elevated so oxygen comes thru then the. Candle will heat the tuna can so you can cook some things on that

Robert B : Signalling with anything reflective is easy, even this cheap mylar mirror. Make a V with two fingers at arms length, and use that as your "crosshairs" to bracket the aircraft you are signalling, or area you want the flash to go. Adjust your mirror so you see the reflected light on your fingers, then you know it's going in exactly the right direction.

ChunkyThund3r : "We got 2 zip ties.. well, not zip ties but the little bread bag zippy ties" lol

Fat Stacks of Cash : Imagine being stranded on an island, you haven't eaten for days, about to collapse from starvation... Then you see a tin can washed up on the beach, you scurry to the can and open it with what little energy you have left. You salivate with anticipation, the thought of a delicious snack that he may have to live on, finally popping the lid off... Only to reveal it was this kit, as you lay down, dropping the can, slowly closing your eyes as you perish from lack of nourishment.

Ellsworth M. Toohey : You are in the bush, hungry, you open this can thinking about the yummy sardines you will eat and then ?

Chris Welcome : The Irony here is that someone puts the value on their life at 12 bucks... Actually... I would too :'(

Epicer : is it loud? 8:20 PROCEEDS TO BLOW OUT MY EARS... I mean not really