Jacksfilms wins Best Youtuber at the Shorty Awards

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Milmiskew : Sounded like a stand up show in there. Empty.

Christian's Reviews : We did it, Reddit!

TheWwecrazyfans : Wait i thought it was a joke how did he win wtf

Hobo1337 : Damn what a boring audience

Caroline Groat : Oh my god he did it

reddingBobulus : It's a shame that he had to show off a suit underneath Furvius.

Sarah : funny but the crowd was dead?

FrenchToast : “Finally, they will take me seriously” Indeed John, indeed

iHeart 2499 : Ah yes, good job furvius. Oh and I guess john too.

Allan Biala : Should've made Alexander Hamilton 3 on stage tbh

AwkwardPhangirl : The crowd most be so confused.

markislazy : _what a legend_

Tin : It was awesome seeing the chat spamming Furvius

Anita V. : Let’s play ‘Why is the crowd so quiet?’ A) Barely anyone there B) No one actually cares C) Everyone in attendance fears Furvius

Caleb Lim : Damn it John. If you're not going to order an actual fur suit at least put it on straight first

Lord-Commander Savage : The winner is Jack Douglas! ..woooooo

Amber Busse : So proud of you Furvius

Steven Tonche : Yes.

Some Kid 64 : WE DID IT REDDIT

Parzival : Oh my lord yes


Liam Rayder : Oh my gosh he did it

Aufinator : It should have been a real fursuit. #neverforget the lies.


emily : he DID that

I Love Furvius. : Daddy won, he did it.

Chloey Jarrell : Why didn't he call Jake Paul out??? It was his chance to finally ask why he blocked him!!

moesgymmom : Shouldn't have gotten it, not until he makes Alexander Hamilton 3

Nuc : 6 DAYS?????!

ZachTGD : Nobody has a sense of humor in that crowd, WOW!

Thrasher Boi101 : He can't win because he is not a real YouTube.(In order to a real YouTuber you must have 5 million subscribers

Pyromanic Ninja : The madman actually did it

RealMetalGaming : Disappointed he didn't thank all the furries who watch him.

aztecr7 : It's so funny because the suit

TakeThisification : him him biiiiiiiiiiiiig boy

A. B. : voted for this man every day. glad he won, he deserved it

Poofsheen : Of course.

AvenRave : YES

Reilly Witte : God is real

Damien Tucci : _legend_


mookooy : Didn't ask Jake Paul 'what if the haters dab back?' why!?

ICE-wallo Cam : Finally he Will be taking seriously

_badbillie_ · : Wait there getting married on my birthday who allowed this

AgentPKC : Sucks that the crowd was dead af

Leah Jaffe : Someone’s iconic

Trevor Kobe : Wow that crowd sucks.

OrangeSliced : Things jacksfilms should’ve said: “WE DID IT REDDIT” “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE HATERS DAB BAck”

Branon M : proud of this big boy

Ashington06 : When your custom character enters a cutscene