O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei (Ultra Music)

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Eric Lewis : I remember when this came out in 2004 man I feel so old now.

ThiMaxFR : 2018 ?

Lil 21 vert boat the slump god Tentacion : 2018??

DJ Piotrek PL : 2018 ???

Elena Maria : Este melodia mea preferată . Sunt obsedată de melodie.

Snakepham : best song ever


Haiduc Dracula : 240P

りゅうちゃん : 10年かぁ うごメモでしったから懐かしい

Antonio Pop : e careva in 2K18 care asculta melodia

Kowal IZI : 2018??!

Samü ツ : *_-2017 dia 1 de dezembro?-_*

The Invisible : I remember when I was Young,I was going with my little brother and when I was turning the radio in the car,we started to dance toghetter,but now im missing that times and now when i hear this song i remember my brother personality,and i try to pass the moment when he died.

遊天童 : まいあひー まいあふー

Akmal Plays : this song makes me happy

Anna Walker : Romanian

Vikrant Sunda : Better than despacito

AYO._.TONYY : *Legend has it they're still on the plane flying into another Galaxy*

YTGame Ro : 2018

Alex Yt : I'm from this country :)))

Jon W : This is better than despacito

Mirko Krstic : 2018. Someone?

The Owner : Hi I'm Jet from the future

Char Force : I am in love with a sweet Romanian boy and this song just excites me!! 😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Kasia Kaja : 2018 anyone ?

Michael White : finally found it!

Ryan 123 : 23 4 2018 numa numa

ProphecyDino : I found this song by typing "3 men dancing on plane music video"

Dany 24 ROmania70 : Romania 🇷🇴

Butumioana Ioana : Best song 2004 -3000

Paincake : Singurul lucru pentru care sunt mandra ca sunt din România =))

Jason Lee : i found this song by searching maya heee, maya hoo

Just David : It's been over 10 years, feeling old now?

Milo de Acuario : 10 years... oh, childhood

Tobiasz : 2018 ??? :D

POR. TOMASZEWSKI : Who watching this in 2018?

W2 REW : Is me again,Picasso

nerka : I sing this when I small.. with friends of course. :D

スフレ : My childhood dude I love this song !😎😎👍🏻👍🏻

Dragon Power : When I was 5 or 4 I listened to this song and I was trying to find this song on YouTube, now I finally found it!

# NeveRed : Those guys are some genius ... who tough a romanian song will be an international hit ... at that time was the most listened song

Marian Raducan : Sa i fut in gura paia care au dat dislike

Gabriel : Best song ever

Live Hopkins : United Kingdom Nov Dec 2017? Those 8k dislikes must come from rap fanboys...

Arty - TOP 5 : 2018??

ThiMaxFR : Ya des francais ici ?

Dave Master : E mai bun ca gucci gang

Manicu : 2018 here 💙💛❤

Alexandru Gabriel : Inca mi-l aduc aminte pe tata cum punea melodia in masina

PROGAMER 99 : 2018?