Toto - Africa (Sweet Potato & Squash Cover)

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The irony of playing "Africa" with food is incredible. To make up for it, please go help out some people after watching this video. BUY MY OCARINAS: MORE SWEET POTATO & SQUASH PLAYING: FOLLOW ME: Instagram - FOLLOW SAUNA OCARINA: Instagram -

Comments from Youtube

CaptainMoony3 : My first thought: Why was this recommended to me? My second thought: Why wasn't this recommended to me earlier?

Zebabaru : Now I can honestly say I've seen someone tune a sweet potato.

TheScientoonist : This guy learned the squash in a few minutes, I can't learn the guitar after 5 years

King22704 Gaming : It's a sweet *pa-Toto*

M0otie : “Oh you’re a musician what instrument do you play?” *THE SWEET POTATO*

Dingas : What a time to be alive.

Statistically Challenged : My band class never had this instrument god dammit.

11green11 : Such an organic sound, really feeds the soul. 🤣 Good work 👍

Krazykay : Is this is the generation I was born in This is great

Pedro Marques : Jesus himself has returned to deliver this onto us. Thank you.

Tyden Parker : And my parents told me not to play with my food

Baran Ozkan : Humanity has officially reached its peak

James Huang : “Whats your favourite instrument?” _Sweet Potatoes._ “I said Instrument, Not food..” _...I Know._

Daniel's Planet : Parents: *don’t* play with food! me as a kid:

lostinthelookingglas : Youtube has been killing it with these recommendations this week

*NCS* STEINER ger : This is why I pay my internet bill.

Mr. Snakeu : For a good 1 minute and 40 seconds I thought this was food asmr....until I actually took a good look at the title of the video

unicornz_of1ove : Welcome to music class, what instrument do you play? *the squash*

fox altman : I'm a straight male, but I find this strangely erotic.

kshamwhizzle : when your mum keeps throwing your instruments in the compost.

NucularOctopus : “Ugh, this video sounds like it was recorded with a potato” “Thank you”

brogamers777 : Very impressive.. but can you play every breath you take with your breath?

Meme Protector : Are we ignoring he also made flutes OUT OF SQUASH AND SWEET POTATOES

Nats : When I first clicked on this video, I thought it was just going to be you banging vegetables together lol

Ed Rodriguez : : So what instrument do you play? This guy: *yes*

Paige Evelyn : Idk why this is in my recommended but thank you

CrazyBoi Ye : You play the Squash? You play the Potato? *I PLAY MAYONAISE*

Leebron Chalimeg : Patrick: Squash is not an instrument.

Leia Shaunon : This cover is GOURDEOUS!!! 🥔

Raymond Mcschmit : I can't help but think this got a copyright claim.

Zach The Cat Man : mom: stop playing with your food pupsi: *makes this video"

TheDarkAngel : You SQUASHED that song Pun intended

NostalgiaKarl K.F. : This is the ONLY Africa by Toto meme video that I actually like.

Kat589 : I just wanted to tell you that you've created a masterpiece and this is undoubtedly the best thing I've evwr found on the internet

Anas Takiyudin : Can you please play with a mayonnaise?

Mecki Productions : People in 1919: They will have flying Cars People in 2019: Playing Africa with Potatos

Yvendous : *The irony of playing "Africa" with food is incredible.*

Kamryn Barnes : My level of anticipation in the first part of video was astounding I was not let down

Alyssa McCain : At first I though it him gutting the veggies was supposed to sound like Africa🤦

Sam Futch : Interviewer: Do you have any special skills? This Guy: WELL as a matter of fact!...

Ray Spartan : Friend: So, what music do you listen to? Me: It's complicated.

GoodGangsta 82 : 1950: i think in future we have flying cars 2019: ...

Sophie Sindelar : Omg thank you recommended section!

Mary Hanson : This came up in my suggestions and I'm not disappointed

Jesus Porfirio : Me: I should go to sleep now Also me: *watching this video at 2 a.m.*

DESTROYA THAT BUSSY : I told my band teacher that I want to play the potato and she laughed Some people don't know real music

Nicolas Garcia : *What did you do to Neville Longbottom?*

Matthew Sharp : This was very gourd!

Jenny The Phoenix : Potato Zelda: Squasharina of time.