Toto - Africa (Sweet Potato & Squash Cover)

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Pupsi : I should have called it a squash xD. In Finnish all squash are just "pumpkins". Hope you had a nice 2018. Let's make 2019 better shall we? Happy new year! :D

Ray Spartan : Friend: So, what music do you listen to? Me: It's complicated.

Perko Holic : Me at 3 am: I should go to sleep Also me at 3 am: Toto - Africa (Sweet Potato & Squash Cover)

Dingas : What a time to be alive.

Xantron : musta been extremly high to come up with this idea 🤦🏻‍♂️

Natalie Ngonela : When you've been on a vegan diet for 3 minutes

Potato Chips Bleach Flavored : What instrument do you play? Me : A Potato, literally.

Just Plain Weird : Only one video then I go to sleep Me: * watches this at 3 in the morning *

haveasliceofmypie : When I clicked on this video I thought for a second that Sweet Potato and Squash was the name of an indie band, and then I realized you meant literal vegetables.

PTD Vlogs : MysteryGuitarMan 2.0 - I like it! Feels like golden era YouTube!

Oompa Loompa : The perfect potato doesn't exi-

MiskaMH : Toto made a cover of your song but it can never be as good as this!!

Clark Jamar : I bless the yams down in Africa

Zarahnator : i guess it just easier to tell my parents i was watching porn than this video...

Ava . Marie : I was so confused cuz I thought it started at the beginning😂😂😂

Jonathan Duran : 0:29 reported for sexual content

Finoose : imagine if this video went undiscovered

Michaela Logan : You have no idea how unbelievably happy I am that this ended up in my recommended

John Cena : Just a quick reminder that your name means "fart" in german :D

Sejla Hadzic : Me when someone says “don’t play with your food”

Eli Guresh : Interveiew Manager: got any special talents? Me: glad you asked

Cyrekt : now make it with mayonnaise

Filip Tulinski : Pls do dragonforce through the fire and flames cover with a potato :)

Fizix : Ok that’s enough internet for today I should probably sleep...

Scolioliolioliolisis boy : And rappers are using computers smh

Jules games : My friend: the perfect video doesn’t exist Me: Toto-Africa (Sweet Potato & Squash Cover)

Konradkh : Person: What do you play on? Me: I play on potatoes and Squash Person: ...

Nikki Harris : In Finland they dont just eat their 5 a day, they play them too.

Ford Fan01 : From a sweet potato farmer, thank you for this.

BabiYagi : Do Smash Mouth - All Star next please. I beg you.

Sub 2 me and I sub back : Teacher:can anyone here play an instrument Me:

Spilled Milk : *hits blunt * I’ve got an idea how about we hollow out some potatoes and squashes and play “Africa” Brain - ÿëš

Benc e : I'm alone in my flat... It's quater to 12... I'm 25 years old... I'm watching a man playing Africa on pumkins and pozatoes.... BUT IT IS INCREDIBLY GOOOD!!!

Esasinat : His hair was short when he started this video That’s how long it should have taken to make this

krysta cook : weird flex butttt okay

Madi ._.23 : Person: “so what do you do for a living?” *shows video* Person: ...*slowly walks away*

Judah B : This is art in its purest form

HeyItsCole.S : This is the quality content I’ve been looking for


Pine Trees : This kept popping up on my feed and now I wish I wasn’t born

Jeff MacInnis : This is why I pay for the internet

Jason Ruka : What are the gourds to this song??

Babu : How do u not get light headed in some parts

no u : That's how it plays in Africa.

Mochikva MochiHope : This caught me off Gourd

Crimsic TV : Which instrument do you play? OH I play pumpkin.

MasterJoJ : Very tuberular. You really squashed this one!

Saucyツ : torilla tavataan

Meowkins : Potato quality

TudBoatTed : 0:29 take it easy!