[HD] All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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Juan Tomas Gauna : This is an ancient meme, for more civilazed times

Nit Picker : People will always remember Zero Wing for the memes but forget how great of a game it was.

James Edward S. : All my thanks is belong to you for this video.

Matthew Helm : This was really funny back when the internet was a lot less funny as a whole.

YAUUN : Watch in 240p for the real 2001 experience

Kevin Moore : *united airlines* all your seats are belong to us

pokemaster123ism : Holy hell. After just listening to the version uploaded in 2006, this sounds leagues better

Sex Daddy : I miss how shitty the old internet was

crossgatezombie : ahhh classic memes, before the normy invasion

Conlan Kroes : All your alkaline substance are belong to united states

The Scotsman : If you remember this then you're old


Comical : The most broken English. It's so beautiful.

TJ / Henry Yoshi : More like all your *Bass* are belong to use

Gleb Popkov : 00:18 This is what you came for.

Steven Tyler : HA HA HA

DarkHellSpartan : Geez this brings back memories...i was in elementary when i found that flash animation.

DedGhost : There are many memes, but this one.. is not dead yet... somehow.

Toadlover404 : They used Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike?!

Mark Koetsier : *IN A.D. 2001* *MEMES WAS BEGINNING*

ThatcherSnek : Me too thanks

Sarah Finn : I've always thought that the base captain sounds like Captain Murphy from Sealab 2021

Bernat : What did I just watch

Florahitman : All your privacy belongs to us

Aron H : *Us to belong are base your all*

Vitoko skullerx : Love this meme :3

Tonski : This was a meme before memes even existed.

Why am I Shalpp? : It's not the real thing without the final drop after the 3 second beat

Ricko Z : It's also the low quality of audio and video that made it a great vintage video

DIego Felipe : It's not just a meme. This tune actually rocks

Rick D. Sanchez III : brings back memories of the very beginning of my internet experiences with a 56k modem around 2001

decoy crow : implying robot CATS could ever beat Ziggy

dena81 : ah when memes were good

0IIIIII : Thank you for citing the original creator

Phlebiac Clown : Make your time

AoiKaze2000 : Ancient meme is ancient.

Asgar Ali : Yes me too thanks.

cole canilao : Back when Newgrounds was the best

Baseball Forever : All your base are belong to us

fadirocks : upscale not real HD :( I thought it was a remake

HybridLegix : When foreigners try to speak English(it's true)

Violet Pal : Ah, I see you had no trouble finding DeviantArt's theme song.

TottoGamer2016 : second meme of history {1999} "amigos"

Just Orion : For great justice!

Tim Thurman : Damn the Lagparty and Crackaddict days. #MissThems

Jake aka Remaggib : Never played zero wing, but remember this video and song from... Shoot, 20 years ago now?

Guess Whocifer : 2:17

Lanky macCrazyhair : Ya know, if all my base are belongs to you, it are not my base anymore, are it? If the base are belongs to you, then it are clearly your base. So, all YOUR base all belongs to you.

Stefan Specht : It took me 16 goddamn years to notice that the moon at 2:46 also has words on it.

R VB : move zig move zig move zig move zig take off every zig