[HD] All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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Juan Tomas Gauna : This is an ancient meme, for more civilazed times

Matthew Helm : This was really funny back when the internet was a lot less funny as a whole.

Mark Koetsier : *IN A.D. 2001* *MEMES WAS BEGINNING*

Comical : The most broken English. It's so beautiful.

BOW Nemesis : It's not just a meme. This tune actually rocks

crossgatezombie : ahhh classic memes, before the normy invasion

TJ / Henry Yoshi : More like all your *Bass* are belong to use

Kevin Moore : *united airlines* all your seats are belong to us

Nit Picker : People will always remember Zero Wing for the memes but forget how great of a game it was.

cole canilao : Back when Newgrounds was the best

Dead-Trend : anyone notice how the villain's name is "cats"

James Edward S. : All my thanks is belong to you for this video.

YAUUN : Watch in 240p for the real 2001 experience

Tonski : This was a meme before memes even existed.

Smooth Mclube : If you remember this then you're old

Vladimir Kool-Aid : An elegant meme, from a more...civilized age.

DedGhost : There are many memes, but this one.. is not dead yet... somehow.

Michael Bradley : one of the most memorable things about this song was how wide spread it became, something so simple was blown up to huge proportions, how people actually thought that all over the world, signs were being intentionally changed to saying this, and there was a fucking alien invasion going to happen or something lol All because photoshop wasn't as easy to do back then, it was a rather strong skill set to have but very expensive, and how they made the pictures look real - though that was because pictures was generally low quality, its easier to photoshop a 140p picture than a 4k one xD hahaha



B.J. Blazkowicz : Holy hell. After just listening to the version uploaded in 2006, this sounds leagues better

Conlan Kroes : All your alkaline substance are belong to united states

Rick D. Sanchez III : brings back memories of the very beginning of my internet experiences with a 56k modem around 2001

Toadlover404 : They used Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike?!

DarkHellSpartan : Geez this brings back memories...i was in elementary when i found that flash animation.

AoiKaze2000 : Ancient meme is ancient.

Arjan : All your privacy belongs to us

VaatiOfDarkness : At least he asked how they were

Gleb Popkov : 00:18 This is what you came for.

Darker kazE : *Us to belong are base your all*

0IIIIII : Thank you for citing the original creator

Insurrective : My dude...Let's go back to 2006 with the memes, 'Dank Memes' are shit now. Lol.


dena81 : ah when memes were good

Shinji-kun : ah, the early days of the internet how I miss you

Stefan Specht : It took me 16 goddamn years to notice that the moon at 2:46 also has words on it.

Yung Venuz : Captain: What happen ? Mechanic: Somebody set up us the bomb. Operator: We get signal. Captain: What ! Operator: Main screen turn on. Captain: It's you !! CATS: How are you gentlemen !! CATS: All your base are belong to us. CATS: You are on the way to destruction. Captain: What you say !! CATS: You have no chance to survive make your time. CATS: Ha ha ha ha … Operator: Captain !! Captain: Take off every 'ZIG'!! Captain: You know what you doing. Captain: Move 'ZIG'. Captain: For great justice.

Steven Tyler : HA HA HA

OGRE : Still the greatest meme ever imo.

Ricko Z : It's also the low quality of audio and video that made it a great vintage video

M4sked : 0:18 Are your base are belong to us There you go.

HybridLegix : When foreigners try to speak English(it's true)

Rusty Shackleford : move zig move zig move zig move zig take off every zig

Jonathan Pineda : This meme is old as the adults today 0.0; We are getting older. Let's make our time!

EasyFolkDude : what are you talking about, my base isn't created yet, more funds required.

Vitoko skullerx : Love this meme :3

Pepe University : Man, I think this was my first meme. I found it because of the age of empires cheat code, then randomly looked it up on google and found the old version of this video. That had to be almost 10 years ago... its been a very good 10 years.

Yelloweyeball : 1:50 I'm more concerned about Lexington middleschool's Anal exams.

decoy crow : implying robot CATS could ever beat Ziggy

giantgoab : nostalgia ... there's still "launch all zigs" comments in the project I'm coding right now