[HD] All Your Base Are Belong To Us

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Juan Tomas Gauna : This is an ancient meme, for more civilazed times

Matthew Helm : This was really funny back when the internet was a lot less funny as a whole.

Nit Picker : People will always remember Zero Wing for the memes but forget how great of a game it was.

James Edward S. : All my thanks is belong to you for this video.

YAUUN : Watch in 240p for the real 2001 experience

TJ / Henry Yoshi : More like all your *Bass* are belong to use

Kevin Moore : *united airlines* all your seats are belong to us

B.J. Blazkowicz : Holy hell. After just listening to the version uploaded in 2006, this sounds leagues better

crossgatezombie : ahhh classic memes, before the normy invasion

Sex Daddy : I miss how shitty the old internet was

Conlan Kroes : All your alkaline substance are belong to united states

The Scotsman : If you remember this then you're old

Mark Koetsier : *IN A.D. 2001* *MEMES WAS BEGINNING*

Comical : The most broken English. It's so beautiful.


Gleb Popkov : 00:18 This is what you came for.

DedGhost : There are many memes, but this one.. is not dead yet... somehow.

Steven Tyler : HA HA HA

DarkHellSpartan : Geez this brings back memories...i was in elementary when i found that flash animation.

Toadlover404 : They used Microsoft Sam and Microsoft Mike?!

DIego Felipe : It's not just a meme. This tune actually rocks

Aron H : *Us to belong are base your all*

cole canilao : Back when Newgrounds was the best

Tonski : This was a meme before memes even existed.

Arjan : All your privacy belongs to us

ThatcherSnek : Me too thanks

Sarah Finn : I've always thought that the base captain sounds like Captain Murphy from Sealab 2021

Vitoko skullerx : Love this meme :3

Bernat : What did I just watch

0IIIIII : Thank you for citing the original creator

AoiKaze2000 : Ancient meme is ancient.

Why am I Shalpp? : It's not the real thing without the final drop after the 3 second beat

decoy crow : implying robot CATS could ever beat Ziggy

Ricko Z : It's also the low quality of audio and video that made it a great vintage video

Rick D. Sanchez III : brings back memories of the very beginning of my internet experiences with a 56k modem around 2001

dena81 : ah when memes were good

Phlebiac Clown : Make your time

HybridLegix : When foreigners try to speak English(it's true)

Asgar Ali : Yes me too thanks.

fadirocks : upscale not real HD :( I thought it was a remake

CozyMoeru : Ah, I see you had no trouble finding DeviantArt's theme song.

Baseball Forever : All your base are belong to us

TottoGamer2016 : second meme of history {1999} "amigos"

Populous3 Tutorials : all your base are belong to div

Just Orion : For great justice!

Tim Thurman : Damn the Lagparty and Crackaddict days. #MissThems

Jake aka Remaggib : Never played zero wing, but remember this video and song from... Shoot, 20 years ago now?

VaatiOfDarkness : At least he asked how they were

Yelloweyeball : 1:50 I'm more concerned about Lexington middleschool's Anal exams.

Guess Whocifer : 2:17