Everything You Need To Know About Westworld (Season 1 Chronologically) - CRAM IT

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Screen Junkies : What are you most excited about for Westworld Season 2? Let us know in the comments below! (like @ahmz1404) One: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate. Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated. Three: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

ahmz1404 : I watched this and clicked like, now I'm commenting, like you do

miss chris : My god, I'm such a troglodyte. My first thought was the Westworld film with Yul Brenner😁

SedRegina : Maeve decided to stay and look for her daughter. For the first time she made her own decision and not what she'd been programmed to do. It's her awakening.

HindsightPOV : 11:30 I thought it was really clear that Maeve (Thandie Newton) left the train and went back to the park to rescue her daughter.

Anonymous : it's been ages since season 1 ended, fiinally s2 is here p.s - Elsie isn't dead

John Lopez : I’ve totally forgotten a ton of stuff. Thanks for the refresh 👍👍

plz007 : how about black mirror chronologically hmmmm

kimchoi : Do an honest tv trailer of westworld!

I Go Wumbo : I literally just binged the first season a few days ago, and half of what you said was new to me lmao

clockwork-fayz : This was so helpful, like I forgot almost everything and also missed bits and pieces

Malikah J : WOW! I had NO idea this show was about robots or a game or virtual realityishness. I just thought it was a western. Now I will watch!

HindsightPOV : 1:05 “What’s in that milky human goo? We don’t know and we don’t want to know.” - I want to know. Call it morbid curiosity.🙄

Kenneth O'Toole : 5:25 It's not seeing Maeve weep that brings William to this realization it is that she was able to go against her programming and slice his neck when he shot her daughter. The show specifically puts the narration 'She was alive, truly alive, if only for a moment' over the wrong part of the scene to throw off the viewer as it is great loss/tragedy that unlocks the host's consciousness and this is revealed at the end of the series.

MW : I needed this..my boyfriend wont shut up about this show

Count Sapphire : Things are going to work out the way they're meant to.

kendall showalter : definitely had to watch this five times to understand everything. 😂

Feral Pigeon : "Milky human goo" pretty self explanatory.

Gigs 98 : This is so freakin complicated

Higor _ : Easy peasy murder squeezy 😂😂

America's Next Top Mannequin : Can we get an Honest Trailer of either the original Westworld movie or the tv show just in time for Westworld Season 2: Eastworld?

Abhilash BM : 8th. Gotta love anthony hopkins

Sincerely Defiant : This is more interesting than the show itself. I’ll just wait for the next cram it instead of watching the painfully slow show

Jack Duggan : Your description of the ending doesn't really do it justice. You describe it as Ford programming the hosts to kill humans but if you listen to the speech presented just afterwards, he specifically says this is an act of choice by them. Arnold programmed them, Ford has set them free. Delores consciously chooses to turn on the humans.

Oliver Stevens : Maeve got off the train for two reasons: 1) She learned that her daughter was in the park and set off to find her.2) She learned that everything she had done during the season was actually already programmed, presumably by Ford, who had also given her the ability to wake up in the lab, control other hosts, and hurt humans. In this way, getting off the train was the first actual choice Maeve made all season.

Devin Colson : So ready for S2 next Sunday !

randombavariangirl : Honest Trailer How to train your dragon 1 & 2 Am I the only one who wants it to be made? Come on, where are the fans? Make it happen. The 3rd one will come out next year and there are possibilities.

Redwood Original : I might need to rewatch but wasn't Maeve not escaping and instead choosing to look for her daughter supposed to indicate she had overcome her programming and finally become self aware? feel like its a pretty big plot point you missed

abin shahj : Ooohhhh soooo that's whaa happened.........thanks s.junkz

Joshua Flowers : Do an honest trailer for Smallville

NotA Fish : A little overrated. I enjoy it but it is good not great

TheZzZzZzZzZzA : Maybe next an American Horror Story explained timeline?

Ryan Mackey : Guys! I got my PhD Finally I can say I did something with my life!!! In your face mom!!!

Aravind Sri hari : Do the honest trailer for quiet place

Phillip Vector : Umm.. Ford made Wyatt to tell the story of what happened with Arnold. Arnold didn't make Wyatt.

Shirley Zhou : I will patiently wait for the CRAM IT for Avengers.

Dru Healey : Fantastic recap, guys.

Ayah C : This was such a great video and helped me remember all the little details in time for the premiere! Thanks guys!!

Tm Empire : Second

TazziTess : Westworld honest trailer? This week before season 2 comes out? Please?

Zyra L. F. : Still want to know when Simpson had plastic surgery, facial reconstruction and voice box surgery to look and sound like Harris. The rest is pretty obvious, not that difficult to parse the season if one pays attention .

ultraklebestift : wow. this seemed way more interesting than the show I watched.

Garrett Boneberg : Pretty Sure Maeve got off the train so she could go back and find her long forgotten "daughter" Edit: Apparently I'm not alone and other recognized this too haha

zer0 : Good stuff. Really good stuff.

Avi Singh : Ford wanted to induce conciseness in the hosts too, he knew it would take a long time, so he eased into it, unlike Arnold. He tested the hosted for 30 years, the last test was faced by Maeve, where she had to choose between the outer world and her "daughter". Ford's methods were harsh and there were sacrifices, but they were the best.

somaskanda : thank you i just saved 10 hr of my life in 13 min

Austin Bundy : Logan is Joe Star


Jakub Wróblewski : Do an honest trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle

spotu jassal :