Lotto Powerball "Imagine" - Armoured Truck

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BlaiidDrwg : airport is the other way idiot

Pauli C : I dot goose bumps ... what an advert!! LOVE IT .... just missing one bit ..... the value .... as we would say in NZ - GOLD!!!

Gus Tamer : Why do New Zealand make the best ads? I don't get it.

Bluray Piracy : So glad I didn’t skip this ad! I rarely say it but what a masterpiece!

Crainyboi18 : If only this happened too me What a great Ad

Pauli C : I watch it again and get goose bumps ... Gold~~ How good ...

Mahone : How much did he win?

Sharks In the dark : I’ve gotta say this is probably the most high quality ad for new Zealand that it deseves some kind of reward

Charles Ormsby : made me smile at the end and made me want to buy a ticket. What a Cool ad...thanks lotto.. p.s, it doesn't really matter which way the airport is, it was all a prank on Satish, the armour guard truck wasn't even a armour guard truck in real life, the bank wasn't actually a bank they're just part of the complete story, the prank set up was to helping ray let Satish know he finally won and was going to split it 50/50 . He drove away making Satish think they were gonna go rogue, once he (Satish) knew it was a prank they probably would've turned around and went back over the bridge, or they could both live in the shore heading home to pack there bags to go away, we don't know, the whole point was to let Satish know eat had won and did it in a clever way making him believe they were stealing all the money.

viliami tupoumalohi : Love this ad❤️👌

Bart Couprie : Apparently it's loosely based on a guy who always told his workmate he'd split it 50/50, and when he won the big one, that's exactly what he did!

Idiot Rudnik : This genuinely put a smile of my face

Zuyash : Great ad :)

Cab Cat : One of the best lotto ads I've seen, makes the Australian ones look less than average.

Garrin Jones : Gps man is not doing a good job 😂 lead them up north not the airport 🤦🏽‍♂️

Sha Private : love this ad

ImJoosh : Its a good ad and all but its still just advertising gambling

Jacob Raji : Amazing!👏

75 Hawks : Such a awesome lotto ad

Pacific_ Rifle : Anyone know the song in this

Saipax HD : Bruh, is this an Ad or a Movie? Lmaoo

Melanie Masters : Great ad!

Funnyrandomboy : I cant believe this was a real story!


Skyepie xx : Who's the passenger I've seen him on something or somewhere

Erica V : legit got the chills!

Luke Kelly : Very well done!