Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: The Controversies Behind The Scenes

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On August 4th, Patrick Stewart announced he would reprise his signature of Jean Luc Picard, to universal praise. The enthusiasm for the future Picard series if anything greater than the enthusiasm for the second season of “Star Trek Discovery”, despite the promise that it will feature both the Enterprise, Captain Pike and a young Spock. However, both Star Trek Discovery and the upcoming Picard series, as well as all future CBS All Access Star Strek incarnations planned under Alex Kurtzman’s watch, are heavily rumored to build towards a certain corporate goal for Star Trek, one which longtime fans will take issue with. In this video, we look back at the controversies and behind the scenes issues of Star Trek Discovery’s first season, and how these issues have continued and even escalated behind the scenes of season two. Then, we will look into the Picard revival series and which direction it might take, before exploring the corporate rights issues that are the underlying cause of all the problems – and why subverting established canon may be a deliberate corporate goal. Please share the video, and subscribe to Midnight’s Edge to stay up to date for more news and behind the scenes revelations from the world of Star Trek. Also, check out our sister channel Midnight’s Edge After Dark, as well as Overlord DVD, where the news revealed in Midnight’s Edge videos will be dissected and discussed with fans in live shows. If you like what we do, please consider supporting us on Patreon: Why CBS All Access is so important to Leslie Moonves and VPS: Selected earlier Star Trek Coverage: Special thanks to Zev Levi Rogan for old man Picard picture Please subscribe, and follow us on Facebook:

Comments from Youtube

Mario Stinger : Idiots. All they need to do is advance to 2700 or something. All new tech, all new people, new uniforms... and that's it. The rest is history and the fans (at least me) would like it a lot more. I'm tired of prequels...

Cristian Itsirc : Don't do it Patrick. It's a trap!

gothatway09 : I think Deep Space Nine showed the perfect template on how to a "different Star Trek show" but still be freakin' Star Trek at the same time and not go so wacko crazy off course. I don't understand why the powers at be don't follow that model.

William Morgan : Wow we grow up being called white and nerdy for liking Star Trek now we are labeled white supremist because We don’t like what these pigs are doing to it. These guys can F&!k off!! I’m done!

EbberDeeMills : Why does Kurtzman keep getting hired? Does he have incriminating pictures of various Hollywood bigwigs molesting small children?

AgentOrange859 : Discovery dead? Make it so.

Robert Hazlett : Bring back Gene's dream! Please.

sgtmyers88 : If this new series happens in the way they are currently planning, I am rooting for the Borg to come in and destroy/assimilate everything and everyone. lol

wraith1117 : IMHO The Orville is a better star trek than Discovery.

VictorKane115 : I don't want to see Picard return. Not because I don't love Picard, but because I don't want to see him ruined by modern Trek.

Mute Joe118 : Star Trek Discovery = Mass Effect Andromeda They both have the same problems: - Too many grey areas - Horrible writing - Hardly any if at all connection to its origins/lore - Trying to change too much in one sitting, not caring about its original Fan base losing its credibility and turning its fan base against it.

Charlie Denbigh : I wish there was a way to resurrect Roddenberry :(

therooster333 : Yes bring back a male captain FFS. Sick of watching beautiful woman turn into superman and beat up men 3 times her size.

jbombsmoker : In an attempt to draw in a new, younger, hipper crowd of viewers and show creators,  they produced utterly unwatchable movies and poor television without any original plot elements at all  - and the people most likely to watch Star Trek stayed away in droves. Star Trek was never "all flash an no substance". Star Trek viewers expect substance in story, and an actual plot that is more than a bunch of things exploding , and other freneticism, strung together in a haphazard mélange of reused plot fragments. Star Trek is always at its best when it delves into actual stories of import, and explores the ever evolving human condition. Without a script, there is no story. Without a story, there is no Star Trek. The craziest part is that the fans have spoken loudly, and with their own money. They funded the Star trek Axanar to get the kind of Star Trek they crave - but CBS sued them out of existence. I'll bet the big brains at Paramount/CBS wish that they had just licensed the Axanar endeavor. They wouldn't not have lost the GIGANTIC pile of MONEY they have lost - all by deciding that CBS/Paramount knows BEST what the viewers want to watch. Wake up! The people have spoken loudly enough for a dead guy to understand. Give us what we want, and we will watch for the rest of time. Keep producing CRAP like the Kelvan timeline, and we will keep our wallets in our purses and pockets, and you can lose all the money your dumb enough to lose.

StevenErnest : It's interesting how the licensee's foresaw the fan backlash, which the execs were blind to.

Lee Vincent : Star Trek: Lawyers

Cato Sicarius : I really wish seth macfarlane could have been in charge of a new star trek series i think he is the guy to carry on rodenberrys legacy

john doe : STD= Star Trek Dumpsterfire

mdredheadguy1979 : I was very excited at the prospect of a new Star Trek show coming out, then I heard that they were modeling the Klingons after this imagined stereotype of "Trump voters", i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic and so on. That reminded me so much of the Ghostbusters re-make that I decided to skip it. Then the back lash came against the fans and I saw it as being proved correct. This video only serves to further prove that I made the right decision to just avoid ST: D entirely back then, as well as to continue to do so! So long Star Trek that I grew up with, may you rest in peace.

SMUPony : There hasn't been any new Star Trek since 2005. I don't expect there ever will be again.

Harry Mathew : Star Trek was the first minority empowering series ever. They had the first on-screen interracial kiss. The first to show a black actress as an important member of the cast. Plenty of minority roles throughout the franchise including starring ones. Its almost as if Star Trek has nothing left socially to prove, even in this day and age. What I see here is not a pushing of boundaries, its a breaking of tradition and a deconstruction of a proven formula. There is no crew cohesion. There are no interesting characters (even by Enterprise standards). The engineer is basically the warp drive. Every first officer has the nickname "number one" which is just lazy and pathetic. There are zero original staples worth noting. An Asian captain that barely speaks English in the 23rd century? How far we've come from Sulu and Harry Kim. C'mon! We've waiting so long for a new series that STD comes off as little more than a cruel joke. And my goodness the BUDGET they put on it. The action should be supporting the story not the other way around. "Shaka. When the walls fell"

Frank Castle : R.I.P. STAR TREK/WARS

KnightLord77 : I have absolutely ZERO interest in the new Picard series if it takes place in ANY type of alternate timeline!!! NONE!!! We fans are excited about the return of Picard because it would mean (or at least it SHOULD mean) a return to characters & storylines & time periods that we enjoyed in the past and want to enjoy again. Patrick Stewart is a fantastic actor, and he will play any part that is given to him very well. However, an alternate universe Picard is NOT something that I am interested in seeing at all. Remember those TNG, Voyager, and DS9 episodes where the characters are stuck in an alternate universe, and how happy & relieved you were when they finally returned to their "normal" universe? Well, with these new train-wreck Star Trek movies & series', there will be no returning to what you enjoyed. It will be a constant train-wreck, perpetuating itself over and over again, just like the "Kelvin timeline" Star Trek movies were. I enjoyed them to a point, but was ALWAYS bothered by their deviation from the original timelines. CBS has done with Star Trek exactly what Disney has done with the Star Wars franchise: they have destroyed it. They have twisted it into poorly written mockeries and garbage-ridden echos of what the series used to be. The only hope for it now would be to scrap EVERYTHING that they've been doing for the past several years, and start this new Picard series in the original timeline. If they don't, this new Picard series will be remembered as an abysmal failure that not even Patrick Stewart could safe from the fire.

z y : OMG! Star-Wars: butchered, Star-Trek: butchered, even games Fallout:butchered. This stinks. I'm off to watch Star Trek Continues.

Morality124 : You have to wonder if Seth MacFarlane got wind of this dismal Trek situation early on (insider knowledge and not just face value), and that part of the reason of him making the Orville in retrospect was to keep the idea of a Prime Trek-like show alive in some form (a sort of proof-of-concept) during the on-going vandalism back at CBS HQ.

hafiz norhashim : as a normal fan i really couldnt connect with the first season, but the 2nd season managed to reel me in .... the plot is more smooth and the red angel plot is easier for me to relate and enjoy the 'old' tech as well

Whackamark : Oh man I hope they change there minds and look to continue post nemesis I would love to see how the galaxy is impacted by the dominion surrender as well as the near eradication of the borg due to janeway and species 8472. What would become of the cardassions after the dominion war What would become of the Romulus's after the destruction of Romulus Forgive me I haven't seen much enterprise but I would like to see a return of the xindi and Tholians or explore the mysterious breen confederacy or even the mirror universe a little but not overusing it. You explore more delta and gamma quadrant seeing more borg and dominion interaction with the federation or perhaps learning of interactions between them in the past. So many possibilities they could use here cmon DO IT JUST DO IT WHOS WITH ME SAVE STAR TREK

Astro Jonny : Killing the prime universe is just plan bad strategy.

Robert Holmes : Stick with Canon, Canon is everything it is Star Trek

Ouroboros Null : Wow. Excellent reporting. All sides. Forward leaning. Just the facts. Wish our train-wreck msm still held to that standard. Well done Midnight's Edge.

Taka Etono : I disliked the first few episodes of it, then there were a few I could go with and by now ... I dont really know... I watch the episode every week but I really cant say that I am hooked... I wouldnt mind if suddenly it was gone. that raises the question about what this show is missing compared to all the other Trek Series we had, which I watched up and down. I myself cant say that I would have a single character on the show I would care about... surely not the protagonist, caus shes simply weird (raised to be a vulcanian, starting as a try to be vulcanian and suddenly exploding from emotions non stop... wtf). also the side characters are in no way interesting or relateable (to me). there is little beneath the surface here. its a shame...

pokey70291 : I wish just one company could end up with all rights. Of course then I would be pissed because it would probably be Disney and they ruin everything too.

airforcemax : ¡so much information, and so little time to research to examine if it [the information] is factual!

Kia044 : Oh my god. They are going to give Pickard the Skywalker treatment! NOOOO!!!

wotaj : Kurtzman is a hack and they still keep giving him more and more control of franchises to run into the ground.

mice& rabbits : Not interested in SJW Picard. And if they quit the prime forever, I will permanently ban all CBS shows.

Nathaniel Brown : They need to bring Star Trek back to it's roots . That's what Gene Roddenberry would do . Need to get all that copyright bs in one basket and let someone who really has a grip on the original vision to do a series , and or movies . There are some people out there that can make this happen . Funny how the Orville dose story telling and exploring the human condition better than the Enterprise series did. Seth MacFarlane really has a grip in many ways . Rick Berman and Micheal Pillar would also be good choices

Zebert Brown : I can accept an alternative universe for Star Trek. After all, each new ST series has gone in a somewhat different direction than ST:TOS. Moreover, all have used time travel to some degree to shake up the Star Trek universe. For example, ST:TNG went as far as to introduce the Borg into their universe to which ST:Vouyager and the Star Trek:First Contact movie both benefited. I've always wondered why the newest incarnations of Star Trek movies looked so much more technically advanced over any of the old series or movies. Now, I know why. The licensing dispute between CBS and Paramount/Viacom pictures explains alot! So, with that knowledge, I can handle the alternate universe plot lines and technical upgrades of ST:Discovery alot better. To a degree, it makes the Star Trek universe more exciting. My only beef is don't make the plot twist so difficult to follow. Otherwise, you risk going the way of the NBC series HEROS where subplots got burried and so much of the plotline was left unanswered. Nothing loses fans more than not being able to relate to the main characters or follow the plot with any degree of rationale.

frogy420 : Dont fix whats not broke i like the Orville its like star trek 100% very original and tasteful

Tiberiusduck : Both Star Trek and Star Wars are dead franchises because the owners have no idea what fans want and nor do they care to find out. The writing is already on the wall.

Wenzel Massag : Summary of this video: Lawyers ruined Star Trek.

john ward : Anxiously awaiting Star Trek Axanar. They seem to get it.

David Hernandez : In season 2 will the new Nebula class by any class?

Dave Henning : Personally, I like the new STD. Yeah, they jacked with the storyline. I get that... But the show is good, IMHO.

Bert Visscher : I would love to see Star Trek continuing to honor the spirit in which Gene Roddenberry created it in the first place.

MD SS : I’m thinking Les Moonves is no longer a factor.

Dave D. : Star Trek's dead. We had a good run. F

Herbert West : So TL:DW of this is basically that The Orville is Star Trek now. RIP Star Trek.

Batfox Babe : Discovery stinks! It ranks below Enterprise.