Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: The Controversies Behind The Scenes

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Scrotus Maximus : How is it possible for that Kurzman guy to fail so many times and STILL get important positions for a major franchise such as StarTrek? After seeing him mentioned in thise video I had a look at his history - failure after failure. If I owned ST I wouldn't want him anywhere near my property. What's going on here?

D2K Prime : Why do the Klingons in *Star Trek: Discovery* look like the _Jem'Hadar?_

Kevin Fox : Wipeout the prime Timeline and I'm no longer a Star Trek fan - and I highly doubt I'm alone.

Michael Reikes : At this rate I would rather have another 7 seasons of Voyager than what CBS has planned.

Marco Robbesom : Ther are four lights!!!

redfox435cat : Hollywood is dying and blaming the fans is always the nail in the coffin.

John Jones : Star Trek Continues did a much better job at giving us more of what we fans wanted. STD really is an STD.

Scott Mantooth : Paramount forgets that without the fans they have nothing...treating them with disrespect or contempt does not bring them the love and revenue they so desire.

Arya Berglund : "Merge the time lines." "Vulcan dissapears, Romulus dissapears" "The purpose of doing so is to wipe out the prime time line once and for all" - No just noo!!! I've been a Star Trek fan since childhood, and I firmly believe that STD is a mockery of Gene Roddenberry's legacy, and a big slap in the face to the fans. I really hope that the new show featuring Jean-Luc Picard will be good, but with the merge of time lines? And all the issues which was addressed in this video? I can only hope.

Harvey Joanning : The series needs to return to Gene Roddenberry's original vision.

David Land : That Patrick Stewart quote gives me MAJOR Mark Hamill vibes.

nunyobiznez : I "was" a long time, devoted Star Trek fan for decades. But Sadly Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek died in 2009. Discovery is NOT Star Trek, and it never will be. It's nothing more than a cheap garbage knock-off, with a Star Trek label slapped on the side. The only way they could "fix" that mess, is to cancel it and FIRE everyone involved. I would have loved to see Picard again, but they are already starting out with a faulty premise and a rotten foundation. Patrick Stewart is a great actor. But Picard alone, without the rest of the real Star Trek universe and bad writing, still won't make it Star Trek, especially not without writers that even understand what made Star Trek, what it was. They are only continuing to further damage and destroy the franchise. I wished for years for another Star Trek series to be made, but after the damage Abrams did with those trash movies, I feared that another series would only cause even further damage to the Star Trek franchise, by trying to imitate the mess Abrams made. I never imagined though, that they could ever produce anything even close to as bad as Discovery. At this point, it would really be better if they just left it alone, and let Star Trek rest in peace, while there is still anything special left, to remember it by. None of the fools they have working on anything labeled "Star Trek", seems to have even the slightest clue about what Gene Roddenberry created, or what his vision of Star Trek was, and anything they do with Star Trek at this point, will likely only further damage the franchise, and make it even worse than it has already become. It really makes no sense, to take a well established, highly beloved, profitable franchise, only to turn around, shred it to pieces, and shit all over it and the fans. But that's exactly what they have done. Name recognition means nothing at all, if you have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the established fan base, or the already established cannon, that made up the name of that franchise.

jamon2112 : This is what I want. Admiral Picard in command of a Star Base in the Gamma Quadrant. Then we can bring back Odo as well.

K D : Star Trek Deconstruction, more like it. Let's tear down so many of the good and decent people and aspects of the Federation, and let's make it series of self righteous PC lectures, which like the recent Dr Who, will not age well, be deliberately forgotten by the devoted and probably kill the franchise for at least a generation if not permanently.

Kamrul 82 : Spock's black sister???? What a pathetic daft storyline ... 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Shiirow : Is Sir Patrick the cure for this STD? one can only hope.

Dave D. : Star Trek's dead. We had a good run. F

ArgentPure : Just kill Discovery ASAP and put everyone out of their misery!

GraviticFTL : Star Trek Discovery was an SJW poisoned train wreck. The writing was an absolute dumpster fire. I was into the first few episodes, but as the series progressed I basically stopped caring. About half way thru I dropped the series, not completing it until months after it had finished airing. If they dare to piss away the old canon in some sort of "alternative-universe twist", I am done with Star Trek. Just like Star Wars, these f#@%ing executives can't seem to kill off and dismiss the original heroes of these franchises fast enough. It makes me so mad! Canon of such established and beloved series cannot be f&#@ed with so easily! I can only hope the Picard series set in the future will not be garbage, but after watching this video I am quite worried. Edit: and holy shit on the Tardigrade Steam game rip off! How did they even think they would get away with such blatant plagiarism. Ripping off both characters and key game plot points like that. The writing "dumpster fire" has upgraded to "raging chemical dumpster fire" now. The creators of the Tardigrade game must have received a hell of a payoff.

JoeJitsu : Corporate America ruins everything

Rich Mond : It's very sad that today, films and TV shows aren't made for entertainment, only profit.

Mario Stinger : Idiots. All they need to do is advance to 2700 or something. All new tech, all new people, new uniforms... and that's it. The rest is history and the fans (at least me) would like it a lot more. I'm tired of prequels...

Jila Tana : I miss T'Pol nuff said

Stevie Andersen : As requested and as very old fan of Star Trek, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT I very much want to see a return to cannon these TV series established. Star Trek is not Star Wars, Dr Who or what ever you might try to mix in. The creator Gene Roddenberry created a hopeful future where humans got beyond what we saw in the turmoil of the 1960's. It was not endless battles or hate of aliens. It was tolerance and a desire to explore the unknown universe. The beloved characters and alien races are now a part of its golden past. And as a devoted fan that cannon of stories, and the actors that made each character come alive, are cherished. To ignore them or say they never existed wipes away the Star Trek I know and love. Even each ship and the technology of it's time are loved and cherished. So please respect them and the fans who love them. Going forward... don't play an old character again with a new actor. Go forward with a new crew and ship in the Star Trek universe already established by the cannon of stories, ships, technology and Star Fleet Command and the United Federation of planets. Give us that hour of escapism and belief we could have a hopeful future someday.

heydavewhite : Michael was not an adopted 'half' sister. She was just adopted. Half siblings have one parent in common. Spock and Michael had no parent in common.

ghola82 : I just dont care anymore. Used to be I was proud to call myself a trekkie, but SJW agendas, virtue signaling and Corporate greed have left me bitter and numb. Even when Sir Patrick teared up on stage at his return. All I could see was some Mary Sue debasing an old cpt. Picard and getting him killed. He'll get Luke Skywalkered and that will be it. Never again will I watch any star trek. I'll just #walkaway

André : Man I don’t care about politics! Just give me the 24th century back or I won’t watch it. That’s final!

Sharon MçGregor : Oh God, Please save the Star Trek we all love and probably grew up watching...

Tom Ridley : If they actually go with that moronic plan of wiping out the prime timeline, they will annihilate _Star Trek_ for good. Fans will desert it in droves.

Scott Hill : Moonves is a mronic shit who thought Reality tv was Great...

StevenErnest : It's interesting how the licensee's foresaw the fan backlash, which the execs were blind to.

Trollificus : At least CBS's destruction of Star Trek has simple, easily-understood causes: greed, stupidity, incompetence, arrogance and corporate legal battles. Disney/LucasFilms' destruction of Star Wars was a deliberate act of contempt. In both cases companies had properties with a simple path to guaranteed, near-unlimited money printing. In both cases they CHOSE to reject the source of the free money, the lifelong fans. In doing so, Moonves and Kathleen Kennedy clanked the slam dunk, lipped out the 6-inch putt and struck out...playing T-ball. It would be funny if Star Trek and Star Wars weren't things I've cared about for most of my life.

lachlanmoir79 : Firstly as a Doctor Who fan, as well as a life long Trek fan, I see the ruin of Trek that occurred to DW. Fans thrown under the bus in pursuit of pointless change for changes sake.

Aaron Walker : All we really want is a continuation series after Voyager. Not these remakes and prequels. Granted, Star Trek Enterprise was actually pretty awesome. I personally don’t like prequels except for STE. Could of added 3 more seasons though.

Rajano Gray : I hope STD is cleared up with a powerful antibiotic.

Conchita Mendez : I am a Patrick Stewart/Picard fan, so I am excited but I am sceptical. I would like to see a series that is consistent with TNG/DS9/VOY. I don't care too much about the movies. Most of them were crap anyway. As for Enterprise: nicely made but utterly boring characters. Discovery: Unlike most, I liked it but found myself turned off by too many deviations from the original. I think, you need a real fan to put Star Trek back on track but it won't happen.

Mike Muratori : What is the logic of giving a series over to someone who doesn't have any respect for a franchise? CBS is ruining something special with their choices. Total garbage. . . .

Christopher Greenwood : STD Is a social engineering vehicle

Laura Nolastnamegiven : first, kill all the lawyers

LB B : StarTrek Fans should know that this is nothing less than the systematic destruction of Gene Roddenberry's StarTrek. Fans, if you love StarTrek at all, you cannot let this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mariokarter13 : A real headline from a real news outlet: _New 'Star Trek' reboot starring Patrick Stewart is CBS' latest All Access offering. But who's the audience? The show is a dream come true for many Next Generation fans, but something of a retreat from the progressivism of Star Trek: Discovery_ And the media wonder why they're called out of touch.

Zebert Brown : I can accept an alternative universe for Star Trek. After all, each new ST series has gone in a somewhat different direction than ST:TOS. Moreover, all have used time travel to some degree to shake up the Star Trek universe. For example, ST:TNG went as far as to introduce the Borg into their universe to which ST:Vouyager and the Star Trek:First Contact movie both benefited. I've always wondered why the newest incarnations of Star Trek movies looked so much more technically advanced over any of the old series or movies. Now, I know why. The licensing dispute between CBS and Paramount/Viacom pictures explains alot! So, with that knowledge, I can handle the alternate universe plot lines and technical upgrades of ST:Discovery alot better. To a degree, it makes the Star Trek universe more exciting. My only beef is don't make the plot twist so difficult to follow. Otherwise, you risk going the way of the NBC series HEROS where subplots got burried and so much of the plotline was left unanswered. Nothing loses fans more than not being able to relate to the main characters or follow the plot with any degree of rationale.

Christopher Bisinay : Maybe Kathleen Kennedy can fix star trek (sarcasm)

Michael R : Somehow they managed to both over feminize star trek yet made it less sexy at the same time

jbombsmoker : In an attempt to draw in a new, younger, hipper crowd of viewers and show creators,  they produced utterly unwatchable movies and poor television without any original plot elements at all  - and the people most likely to watch Star Trek stayed away in droves. Star Trek was never "all flash an no substance". Star Trek viewers expect substance in story, and an actual plot that is more than a bunch of things exploding , and other freneticism, strung together in a haphazard mélange of reused plot fragments. Star Trek is always at its best when it delves into actual stories of import, and explores the ever evolving human condition. Without a script, there is no story. Without a story, there is no Star Trek. The craziest part is that the fans have spoken loudly, and with their own money. They funded the Star trek Axanar to get the kind of Star Trek they crave - but CBS sued them out of existence. I'll bet the big brains at Paramount/CBS wish that they had just licensed the Axanar endeavor. They wouldn't not have lost the GIGANTIC pile of MONEY they have lost - all by deciding that CBS/Paramount knows BEST what the viewers want to watch. Wake up! The people have spoken loudly enough for a dead guy to understand. Give us what we want, and we will watch for the rest of time. Keep producing CRAP like the Kelvan timeline, and we will keep our wallets in our purses and pockets, and you can lose all the money your dumb enough to lose.

Michael Pitcavage : Why do people trust Alex Kurtzman with anything? From what I've seen, he has almost nothing but bombs and terrible products behind him.

Lee Vincent : Star Trek: Lawyers

Anderson Nettleship : Kill the Kelvin Timeline KILL IT WITH FIRE

Brian Quinn : I gave up on Discovery early as I am only interested in the original time line. I have not watched the Kelvin time line movies since the first one, where the destruction of Vulcan left me shaking my head. If the new Picard series goes down the same route, I will give that a miss as well. Patrick Stewart, cut yourself loose from this project.

MLIOGJXNUYAT : Time for an update, no? Moonves is indeed out. What else has changed in the past 2 months? Is Kurzman gone? And if the plan is to "kill off" both canon and Kelvin timelines, why even bother calling it Star Trek?