Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: The Controversies Behind The Scenes

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David Land : That Patrick Stewart quote gives me MAJOR Mark Hamill vibes.

ColdCutz : The Star Trek Universe is now being written by Lawyers and Accountants.

Muzaffar Krylov : *"To boldly go where no fan wants to go.... EVER!"*

Daniel Alexandre : Star Trek is canon. Everything not canon isn't Star Trek. I love that Klingons all look the same on TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT and even if they didn't look the same on TOS, it was cleverly explained back then and since it was the oldest series and the one made with less money and means obviously, it made sense and everyone accepted it. But the new look of the Klingons on STD was outrageous, inexplainable and inexcusable. A Star Trek series must be positive, engaging and for the most part with a lighthearted atmosphere but STD was just dark and depressing. A Starfleet Captain must be someone, who, even with his or her flaws (nobody's perfect) you would want to follow around the world. Not only Burnham is kind of a traitor, but in many occasions she didn't act or sounded like a Starfleet Captain at all, just a rebel who always thinks she is right even when she was wrong : is that what you want your kids to be like today ? Since the end of "Star Trek Voyager" I wanted all new Star Trek series to go forward not backwords, so stop medling with the canon and the timeline. And let's finally go where no man (or woman) has gone before again (and in the future, not the past) please.

Rev Jonathan Wint : They need Q to Delete STD!

Scrotus Maximus : How is it possible for that Kurzman guy to fail so many times and STILL get important positions for a major franchise such as StarTrek? After seeing him mentioned in thise video I had a look at his history - failure after failure. If I owned ST I wouldn't want him anywhere near my property. What's going on here?

Sir Stiles of Mocksley JR. : they unironically made a show with the abbreviation STD. That's the beginning of the end

tobi foong : Let the current trek die.... The mantel has gone to The Orville.. maybe in a few years after The Orville has finished its run, they will hire Seth MacFarland to produce the Next Trek.

Yueh Tewb : Dathon and Picard, their eyes warm. Chenza at court, the court of silence. Sokath, his eyes uncovered/opened. Kiazi's children, their faces wet. Zinda, his face black, his eyes red.. Zima at Anzo, at Anzo, where the walls rose. Kailash when it rises.

samuel villarreal : They should just hire the people behind star trek axanar to make future star trek products

mariokarter13 : A real headline from a real news outlet: _New 'Star Trek' reboot starring Patrick Stewart is CBS' latest All Access offering. But who's the audience? The show is a dream come true for many Next Generation fans, but something of a retreat from the progressivism of Star Trek: Discovery_ And the media wonder why they're called out of touch.

SuTen : Star Trek Discovery is already a dead series, and they dont even know it. Enterprise was light years better than this freak of a series, and it will never soil the rest of the collection......

DashCamAndy : Great strategy: take someone that can't tell the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, and has a disdain for SciFi, and put him in charge of STD... 08:10 - Mr. Isaacs, yes, yes we do. Or at least us pathetic plebs that can't afford a personal chef do. Restricting viewership to CBS All-Access members only meant that many viewers found illegal places on the internet to watch the show. I certainly wasn't going to pay a monthly subscription fee to watch one freaking show. Bringing back Patrick Stewart's role as Jean-Luc Picard is a last-ditch effort to salvage the well-loved franchise they have been defecating on since JJ LensFlare tried to make Star Wars: Trekkie Edition. I can only watch STD if I keep reminding myself that the storyline SHOULD have portrayed the series as an alternate timeline - not a prequel to a prequel. And that's after trying so hard to ignore the statements that the "new" Klingons were deliberately modeled after Trump supporters. If I want politics in places where politics is irrelevant, I'll watch the NFL. At least CBS carries that for free.

christhestampeder : Well, Les is out of the picture now. Huzzah.

Fred Holt : Startrek Discovery is a joke, I stopped watching after getting 4 episodes in. If you want my views and money, create another series that follows the method of story-telling like Star Trek: Next Generation. Thanks.

ghola82 : I just dont care anymore. Used to be I was proud to call myself a trekkie, but SJW agendas, virtue signaling and Corporate greed have left me bitter and numb. Even when Sir Patrick teared up on stage at his return. All I could see was some Mary Sue debasing an old cpt. Picard and getting him killed. He'll get Luke Skywalkered and that will be it. Never again will I watch any star trek. I'll just #walkaway

gabriel51366 : And they wonder why Orville is kicking their ass. The Orville is far more Trek, than Discovery will ever be, so sad.

Massimo Cusi : Frankly, I am a ST fan since TOS. I love the canon and think that the JJ Abrams alternate timeline is a disgrace and so totally not-ST that I refuse to watch any movie beyond Into Darkness. Not because into Darkness is any good, only because I made a mistake and saw it once never to watch it again. That is not Star Trek. Star Trek is about gently and elegantly presenting a future where human beings have grown up and they no longer simply tolerate differences but find pleasure in them. Star Trek is about diversity in infinite combinations. That is the point. This much said, I have seen Discovery and after all I was not so disappointed. It is very contemporary stuff, with all the gays and gender identity mantras that are present in anything TV makes now. But it works. I can live with some hi-tech and revised Klingon. As long as we don't go too far: Meaning that it is within the realm of the suspension of disbelief to accept a different technology compared to what one would expect. We all know that TOS is set three centuries in the future, and the technology could be very advanced if they build space vessels. So as long as a tricorder is a tricorder and it more or less does what a tricorder is supposed to do, we can cope with a visually more hi-tech one. Klingons have been changed already in the past: we can just pretend they look like this. They are still Klingons after all. Are the values of the Federation still in place? Yes they are, Commander Burnham's speech at the end of the series is adamant and inspiring. It is still Star Trek under a different visual vest. What is missing, if anything, is the character development. We keep seeing characters on the bridge but we don't know their names, their motives, their backgrounds. Now that is where STD falls short of expectations. Every character, in particular recurring ones, must be explored, presented to the public, with his connections to others made clear and cultivated on. What about that Android-looking woman aboard? Who's her, what is her species, what does make her different? She can't be an android because Data is the only android ever built and he hasn't been built yet. So what is her? Are those prosthetics? This is strictly necessary in Star Trek, we don't accept to see a recurring character we don't know anything about. Take Morn. That is my major complaint. As for Picard? Might still be good, no prejudices. Let's see.

Jack Oliver : Where is Jonathan frakes when you need him

Starbuck : The series was less ST and more SJW!

Shiirow : Is Sir Patrick the cure for this STD? one can only hope.

MatteoSixSeventyFour : Discovery sucked! To put it mildly. I'm so glad I didn't pay for CBS's worthless and pathetic streaming service just to catch that steaming pile. But I wondered how bad could they F up an iconic series? Answer? *A LOT!* Now a Picard reboot/continuation is going to appear? Gotta say I'm disappointed. Not for Picard's return, but for how much this is going to ruin Picard and Patrick Stewart's credibility. CBS needs to fire all of these @$$hats that want to re-imagine what has worked for the last 50 years. As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke don't fix it", is a mantra that rings true still. And to add insult to injury is to have these executive clowns, production staff and writers tell us this new imagining is great. That the response is not only positive but overwhelmingly so. When in reality its 5 alarm out of control dumpster fire. No amount of sprinkling in the cast reprising their former roles from previous Star Trek franchises is going to hide the stench of hot flaming garbage!

Benjiro Hida : Moonves is out!!! Now to get a fan in the driver seat!!!!

INCC74656I : only 3 minutes in and now it all makes sence. i was at home watching the discovery premier on comcast xfinity. i had to pause due to a phone call and came back to a blank screen. figured id just watch it ondemand later only to find NO RECORD of it on xfinity... i tried to find it on netflix, amazon, hulu and nothing. people told me i could get it on netflix but it told me not available in my country. so i never saw it. then i heard about season two and decided i needed to figure this out, i found it on cbs website but had to pay to see it and i was not willing to pay when i already was paying for netflix/amazon/xfinity services. so torrent it was. i didnt think it was a terrible series, i actualy rather liked the captian but i was pissed at how fucking hard it was just to watch the damn show, the barrier for entry should not be so convultuted. so now i understand they placed themselves OUTSIDE the market deliberatly and i just can not understand that. how the hell are we getting MORE diverging sources for tv/movies rather than less? i remember when i was a kid in high school the fcc was talking about regulations to allow one to just sign up for channels they wanted but now we have 10 different streaming services, plus dish, plus xifinity, plus what ever other sources they choose to lay individual shows and movies on... the more time goes on the more i lean towards torrents, its just so much simpler, easier, higher quality, better audio (untill recently with netflix adding atmos to their streams). why the hell cant we make this simplier, one or two services to be able to watch what ever is out there? and perhaps the ability to buy shows at a reasonable price? on xfinity they charge up to 24.00 per episode. hell you can go buy the bluerays for less than 1/3 that cost per episode and that has way more overhead than downloading bits over your cable box... gah sorry for the rant, i just hate how fucking hard these companies make it

Bill Gebhart : Several years ago, I taught adult education computer classes. I had a co-worker who had been a legal secretary and administrative assistant at a law firm before she retired. As a teacher, one of her duties was teaching "typing." Over and over again I would hear her tell her students as they needed to hear it: "Type for ACCURACY FIRST and speed will automatically come." It works every time. With that in mind, I'm reminded that for years now, the writers, producers and such for Star Trek have ignored this basic principal when making new Star Trek movies. They are under the false assumption that "ANYTHING" they release that has a Star Trek name is going to be good, entertaining, profitable and a success because the base of fans will automatically like it because they need their "Star Trek Fix", and they'll also get many new viewers too by adding as much CGI and blow-em up as possible. So, they go for the "supposed quick buck" and release poorly written movies with REGURGITATED ideas from former good shows and movies and jumble them all up and swap the same lines from one character to another (Such as "Into Darkness") and pat themselves on the back and cash their huge paychecks as they think "They're all that." Seems to me that writing and producing for accuracy and quality will keep your base very happy and bring in new viewers and discussions of this kind between fans writing here would not be needed. The Star Trek franchise needs writers, producers and financial backers who don't wear "Red Shirts."

VictorKane115 : I don't want to see Picard return. Not because I don't love Picard, but because I don't want to see him ruined by modern Trek.

chefatron : it's sad to see these people fighting over a franchise they hate and don't really care about and are not genuine fans of. they don't really like star trek, they don't fully understand it, they're not fans of it, and yet they don't want to give it up to someone or an entity that could do wonders with it. they think it's a gold mine, but they don't know the first thing about it about how to mine it for gold. i want to say to cbs and paramount to just sell everything, the rights, all the copyrights to someone like Disney, but then again, disney would just erase everything and recreate Star Trek in their own image. Gene is probably rolling in his grave right now... what a shame and what a tragedy for star wars fans...

Stu Mountjoy : I've seen Discovery and The Orville, love them both, I love that Orville is a parody, and just from that point, love it - Discovery is more serious which is fair enough and I love it for that

fyrestorme123 : What would I like to see happen? Moonves and Kurzman both strung up by their own intestines and hung for what they've both done to a beloved universe.

Moonii Vicky : I hope Sir Patrick realises what he's signed up for. I'm heart sorry about the totally mess that's been made of Star Trek. Can't these absolute idiots in power, stop destroying beloved sci-fi series.

Alan Kelly : What an absolute garbled mess the Star Trek franchise is in with regards to licencing and all that jazz! No wonder it can't get itself together and crud like Discovery is being piped out. Its compared to Star Wars' most recent film but at least SW owns itself and belongs to a continuity laid out since 1977. Continuity is COMPLETELY out the window as far as Star Trek: Discovery is concerned and completely doing its own thing and barely recognisable as anything to do with the franchise that was on and off TV and movie theatres since 1966.

K D : Star Trek Deconstruction, more like it. Let's tear down so many of the good and decent people and aspects of the Federation, and let's make it series of self righteous PC lectures, which like the recent Dr Who, will not age well, be deliberately forgotten by the devoted and probably kill the franchise for at least a generation if not permanently.

Mind Mind : One more reason not to watch anything kurtzman touches

stéphane Legrand : Who said than Discovery is out of line on first timeline ? I never talk about my sister but i have one... what's the problem with that ? in the original serie Spock doesn't say he has a step brother either and still everyone loved the movie (The final frontier) when his step brother is apearing... I'm a great fan of star trek. But the licenses pisses off everyone. i just want to see more star trek franchise. everything can have an explaination (invented or realistic). Discovery might be in a third timeline where Spock has a step sister and where they already know the Gorns... there can be several explainations. they are making series for us, for our pleasure, what ever the story is, even if there are some strange things in it, it's still Star Trek for god sake... use a bit of imagination if something is ticking you ! There are so many differences between one serie to another. One more example : in TNG the Trill can not be teleported else the symbiote may die and in Deep Space Nine, Jadzia Dax is often teleported even when she fells in love with a guy who has a planet that diseaper all the time and re-appears every 60 years. So Trekkies, please, stop critisizing what is made, else, we will never see anymore any new star trek series and the franchise will die for good. Live long and prosper to Star Trek Franchise !!!

GORF : Mooonves: Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya! GTFO!

StevenErnest : It's interesting how the licensee's foresaw the fan backlash, which the execs were blind to.

William H. Baird : ALL FANS DID NOT REJECT STD! You may not have liked it and yes some STOS fans did not like it. However I for one enjoy Star Trek Discovery! Most haters have not even watched the series more than the trailers. Let those who like it ... enjoy it! The fact there is a season 2 at all Proves you statement is wrong! Give the Picard return a frakkin' Chance too! I love Star Trek Continues too! STAR TREK is great with (or without) the Prime time line!

heydavewhite : Michael was not an adopted 'half' sister. She was just adopted. Half siblings have one parent in common. Spock and Michael had no parent in common.

What choo Lookinat : Basically the same mistake they made with the new Starwars movies. Alienated old fans and new fans failed to appear, because everyone who was going to be a fan WAS ALREADY A FAN!

ArgentPure : Just kill Discovery ASAP and put everyone out of their misery!

Richard Smack : Calling it now they will do to Picard what star wars did to Luke.

PERIL COMICS : too bad no one lets a REAL FAN make the shows. Now its all a bunch of talentless liberal snowflakes as the writers.

GermanTrekkie : They should have accepted Seth MacFarlane

M Oczakow : Discovery blows chunks. One episode of NG was better than all of Discovery's seasons combined. We don't know any direction of p>Stewarts new ST is going. And no amount of amazing acting ability from Patric will save new ST if the writing is garbage & disrespectful to previous series/movies in any way. Fans have shown studios of various franchises that they are tired of idiot execs bastardizing they're beloved characters.

The Darkrunner : Here is my question, why do all these tv and movie producers think attack the fan base is going to work? Do they really think that is going to get eyeballs on the screen and butts in the seats? It's getting out of hand but then again hollywood and TV have been slowly been dying ever since the writers strike. This is why I don't bother with TV or movies anymore. I'm sick of being attacked for refusing to blindly go along with a tv show or movie. Clapping like a trained seal begging for a fish. If these producers refuse to show the fans some respect and gratitude, then as far as I am concerned they get what they what is coming to them.

redfox435cat : Hollywood is dying and blaming the fans is always the nail in the coffin.

Daniel Wolf : Patrick and his crew was the most of ST

Arya Berglund : "Merge the time lines." "Vulcan dissapears, Romulus dissapears" "The purpose of doing so is to wipe out the prime time line once and for all" - No just noo!!! I've been a Star Trek fan since childhood, and I firmly believe that STD is a mockery of Gene Roddenberry's legacy, and a big slap in the face to the fans. I really hope that the new show featuring Jean-Luc Picard will be good, but with the merge of time lines? And all the issues which was addressed in this video? I can only hope.

Ufo Alien Austrian News Wahrheit und Dokumente : Discovery is a great new star trek possibility.And it makes a new sight to star trek . I loved the show.Even the new or old look of the klingons.Like said in germany...translated..into..." KLINGON COMMANDER...haha..In our early translated german tos series we became the most worst translation ever.Bones was now Pille. What is a german word for medicine aka pills.Bones is better.German...Knochen.But many translations do not fit like it was shown in its origin.Anyway...i loved all star trek shows.Even enterprise.But before kirk and to make kirk just to the second or third explorer was not so great.The first one was pike.Anyway...A new season two and the opportunity to meet with spock under pike on the enterprise is it worth to watch.Right? And a old jean luc too.Whats the title for the new show? Jean luc in paradies? Maybe he goes back to this ring planet? Where he could be much younger ? Seen in the ninth part of the cinema movies.Or will it be that jean luc is now admiral? Sitting on a.huge wooden desk reminding himself that those positions are more than grap? Nevermind...I am very pleased to watch all of them.Soon.Cause new trek series and movies are much better than no movies or series.Right? So....Live long and prosper😊The enterprise will fly again.And the alphabet do ve many letters.Haha..

Ghouse666 : Don't come back Picard, it's a trap.