Star Trek Discovery and the Return of Picard: The Controversies Behind The Scenes

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David Land : That Patrick Stewart quote gives me MAJOR Mark Hamill vibes.

DarkLight523 : My roommate's in financing and he described Netflix footing the bill (and subsequent letdown) was like paying for a marriage prospect's ticket to a tropical resort, paying for the hotel room, paying for the meal, but instead of getting a platonic hug or socially acceptable peck on the cheek, you got groped by Les Moonves. The thought of that made me gag on my beer.

Conchita Mendez : I am a Patrick Stewart/Picard fan, so I am excited but I am sceptical. I would like to see a series that is consistent with TNG/DS9/VOY. I don't care too much about the movies. Most of them were crap anyway. As for Enterprise: nicely made but utterly boring characters. Discovery: Unlike most, I liked it but found myself turned off by too many deviations from the original. I think, you need a real fan to put Star Trek back on track but it won't happen.

Ian Treloar : The people in charge have proved countless times they are trying to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs when it come to Star Trek. Instead of allowing Trek to prosper by giving the fans what they want, they keep trying to reinvent the wheel, and then don't understand the fan backlash, and then compound their stupidity by insulting the fans for not marveling at their genius.

CoinOpTV : good stuff dude - gonna peeps more of your vids!

mariokarter13 : A real headline from a real news outlet: _New 'Star Trek' reboot starring Patrick Stewart is CBS' latest All Access offering. But who's the audience? The show is a dream come true for many Next Generation fans, but something of a retreat from the progressivism of Star Trek: Discovery_ And the media wonder why they're called out of touch.

Greenspud Trades : Wow 50 years of canon wiped out by stupid licensing agreements. The whole franchise is f***ed. The interchangeability of the different series - the cameos and subtle references - is what made the whole thing so fun for fans across generations. Star Trek is going to the dust bin of movie history. I personally lost interest in anything new when they attacked the fan productions, of which some are miles better than the Kelvin movies or STD.

MicoSelva : Thanks for all your hard work, but this must be the most depressing video I have seen in a long time.

chiffmonkey : Fuller's fingers look broken doing the vulcan gesture.

MeiYuki Suisei : What you presented really make sense of the madness and inconsistency fans see and feel. Thanks for your insight.

Alan Kelly : What an absolute garbled mess the Star Trek franchise is in with regards to licencing and all that jazz! No wonder it can't get itself together and crud like Discovery is being piped out. Its compared to Star Wars' most recent film but at least SW owns itself and belongs to a continuity laid out since 1977. Continuity is COMPLETELY out the window as far as Star Trek: Discovery is concerned and completely doing its own thing and barely recognisable as anything to do with the franchise that was on and off TV and movie theatres since 1966.

Tiberiusduck : Both Star Trek and Star Wars are dead franchises because the owners have no idea what fans want and nor do they care to find out. The writing is already on the wall.

kabukiwookie : Orville is so much better then Discovery....

Michael Szul : This is all speculative BS. CBS is ramping up Star Trek year round on All Access because it’s the only guaranteed money for that low end streaming service. If Discovery was a financial failure they wouldn’t be asking for more of anything.

xxxCrackerJack501xxx : I'm guessing Picard will probably be a sad old angry drunk on an isolated vineyard somewhere and be completely disinterested with whatever the Federation is doing until some plucky young recruit fresh out of the academy (who will be the *real* new star of the series) comes and finds him and convinces him to come back and then once he reluctantly joins he'll either die in battle or take a backseat position as a Starfleet teacher or something and make a few minor cameos throughout the new series.

Shiirow : Is Sir Patrick the cure for this STD? one can only hope.

Billyjoejimbob Bubbaray : This is what the headline should have read like. "CBS kills Star Trek with unwanted political SJW bullshit so in an effort to keep it from utter annihilation brings back Patrick Stewart."

David Bracey : I'm passionate about Trek, so forgive this long rant. I grew up with Star Trek, and in many ways, grew up BECAUSE of Star Trek. Without it, I could've ended up like many of my prejudiced, small-minded, small-town contemporaries, living the life of a cynical Roman who thrills to the deviousness of all the new, scandalous shows, and all the new, scandalous realities. And there's nothing wrong with variety in art, or new ideas in government, I'm just saying, the quality of writing in the first two Star Trek series is exceedingly rare, and I miss the times when people were willing to suffer in order to protest for positive and necessary change. The post-Roddenberry Treks have been, minus a few momentary exceptions, traveling along a path that I simply haven't been able to follow. The Next Generation defied all expectations and created something new, that wasn't slavishly devoted to repeating the past, but was also astonishingly respectful to the core concept, and the overall continuity of what came before. It was different than Kirk-Spock-McCoy, in some ways less exciting, but it also exceeded the original in some ways as well. The writing was equal if not better, the fx improved, and it was an increasingly important filler between Kirk-Spock feature films, which were known for having every other one be less-than-perfect. DS9 was like a writer's revolt against Gene's Utopian restrictions, and a kind of jealous reaction to Babylon 5, as if to say, "Wow - if only we could do that show and CALL it Star Trek..." which they did, and it has been proven that this is the case. I don't hate DS9, and I like fleet battles and such but... Kirk and Picard could've stopped those wars before they happened. Voyager, despite returning to a ship-and-crew exploring the unknown format, didn't work that well for me until Seven of Nine came on and created that Kirk-Spock flavor that was missing, but like DS9, four seasons is a long time to wait for a show to find its footing, and it wouldn't have worked without the Borg, who were unique to Next Gen. Thus, Enterprise. Another head-scratcher. Great premise (at first), but the powers that be mandated that it look and feel more like Voyager than the Original Series, and I'm sorry, but Rod Stewart was not the finest replacement for Jerry Goldsmith or Alexander Courage when it came to opening theme songs. It was dull until Manny Cotto came onboard as show runner, and when it looked like it had finally found its stride... Moonves killed it. Thanks for producing this video, because it explains so many things that I didn't know were happening behind the scenes, but which now make perfect sense. Greed killed Star Trek. There could be no deeper irony considering the original intentions of the show. I reluctantly admit that J.J.'s reboot was nothing short of BRILLIANT in that it somehow managed to please the people (mostly executives and pre-teens) pining for something less cerebral and dull, AND the long-time fans, who could at least acknowledge that the Prime Universe was still out there somehow, and hadn't been pissed on. Post Enterprise, I let my pure Star Trek addiction thrive through the passion of people like James Cawley and Mike Mignona, who masterfully created what amounts to a fourth (and even fifth) season of the original show. Many thanks to them and their crews for reviving the best qualities of the original vision... if you haven't checked out Star Trek: Phase II and Star Trek Continues, give them both a try. It may feel bittersweet at times, but you won't be let down. I also have to give thanks to Cryptic Studios for releasing Star Trek Online, which masterfully connected all series and films from the Prime Universe to the Mirror Universe to the Kelvin Timeline, and made me yearn for a series or film series set in THAT particular future. It would be expensive, but it would also rock. Then Moonves and the powers that be brought the hammer down on fan-made productions, because frankly, fans were doing it better, and somebody somewhere up on high simply appeared to have it in for Star Trek and its fandom. Perhaps the fans were becoming too cult like, and the FBI took steps to bring the fervor down a peg, I don't know, but... I'm not a socialist. I just love the idea of a positive, inclusive future, and enjoy good sci-fi writing. Into Darkness is well-made, but... meh... they desperately need to get over Wrath of Khan and the "villain of the week" mentality. The Voyage Home was just as awesome as Khan, and it had no snarling Bond villain to make it that way. Even The Motion Picture works without a "typical" bad guy. THAT is the beauty of Star Trek, and one that they NEED to explore more often to keep the long-time fans... if only they cared about the long-time fans anymore. I got worried when I saw the "Sabotage" trailer of the third film, whose title cards technically read, "BEYOND Star Trek," but even though the film suffered all the Kelvin drawbacks - it's Trek reduced to a dumb (but admittedly attractive) blonde - it was still better than Into Darkness, and what can I say? I enjoy watching that cast, and I can't give up on Kirk-Spock-McCoy. Like James Bond, they have proven to have a life that exists beyond Sean Connery, or Nimoy and Shatner. Its just sad that the rights got all screwed up, and in the mean time, the franchise itself got watered down or tried new things that weren't always as successful. I watched the pilot for Discovery and pronounced it DOA. Its one thing to call it Kelvin Trek, which I could've handled, and another to call it "Prime". I love the cast, love the production values that they poured into it, but... damn, that's just NOT Star Trek, even IF they pay lip service at SOME point in the future. Like Last Jedi, I WANT to like it, and CAN enjoy the fact that it's got ships and space battles and all the trappings of sci-fi, but... Maybe someday I'll watch the rest and be pleasantly surprised. Until then, those are NOT Prime Klingons, and like a child being told that spinach tastes like candy and I just have to eat it because its good for me... nuh-uh Daddy Moonves, I'm not biting, and screw you and your internet trolls for attacking any and all who are critical. So for now, with great sadness, I'm wishing all the corporate employees well, and saying goodbye to my Star Trek hopes and fandom. I've literally been boycotting Discovery, and while I love Sir Patrick Stewart, the only part of his announcement that I believed was that they had nothing but ideas so far, and that it was going to be "VERY different". I quote James T. Kirk in Court Martial. "Given the same circumstances, I would do the same thing without hesitation. Because the steps I took, in the order I took them, were absolutely necessary, if I were to save my ship... and nothing is more important than my ship." As a human being, I respect those involved for TRYING to create something new, to please existing fans, to generate new ones, and to promote business. I therefore sincerely regret any negative feelings my comments might generate. As a pure, die hard Trek fan though, I feel like I'm watching a friend or relative languish away on life support, with doctors who SHOULD be able to save them, only they can't, don't, or won't, because some legal loophole is preventing them from using an OBVIOUS and effective cure. On the one hand, I'm THRILLED that they're still alive, because there's always hope, right? On the other, they've been a brainless vegetable for years, and I'm starting to feel like Jud from Pet Sematary… "Sometimes... death is better." There are always possibilities, Spock said, and if Star Trek can indeed come back after death, then I must return to this place again. And its really NOT dead, as long as we remember it... for everything it was, and could be again. Greed sucks when it hurts people, that's all I can say. I'm all for creative talents making a buck, cutting costs, raising revenues, but... at some point you're just selling pet rocks to idiots, and a female Russian secret agent named Sherlocka Holmes... it just ISN'T Sherlock Holmes anymore damn it! I'm not buying it. Sorry. I've been too faithful a fan, even through foul weather, but enough is enough. Maybe I'll come back for Captain Picard. But if its needlessly dark, dramatic, swirly-cam nonsense... newp, not my money.

Adeeba Deterville : this was an excellent video - thank you!

The Man : SJW'S Ruin Everything

JustAMan : CBS and Paramount need to get their shit together. They could make so much more money if they work together. And, forget this new timeline - they need to get back to the TNG era of production and storytelling. The Orville is much better than Discovery.

circeannumber6 : I really appreciate the dedication to making your videos with mature passion and not just yelling into the mic which just becomes grist for the mill to paint fandom as negativly as possible to cover up their failures. Thank you & keep up the good work!

VodkaSour : Well done Video for bringing outsiders up to speed with all the nonsense, , I on the other hand new all this myself even the tardigrade game thing , Kudos for leaving nothing out

zorglub667 : its incredible. how can they all ignore the elephant in the room: the fanbase wants the prime timeline to continue. enough with all the prequels, reimaginations and all that fuckery. all of that involves so much plot-tinkering and compromises, its insane. just continue the prime timeline so that the writers can go back to introducing *new* events where the audience doesnt know where it ends, and new events that we do care about because they happen in the star trek universe we value because we watched hundreds of episodes that established it. such detailed universe building used to be a weakness in the days where TV needed to be little 50 minute stories for the casual viewer. but in the age of netflix binge watching and game of thrones, this detailed universe that is at the producers disposal is *the* biggest strenght of star trek. just think how much time shows like GOT or westworld spend on universe building to get the viewer emotionally attached. now think about that, you have a giant universe, arguably the biggest fictional universe ever created, completely spelled out for you already, with a guaranteed fanbase of millions that would like to watch it. and then you fuck around with this jewel in this way? pathetic. just pathetic. are these people really still stuck in yesterdays TV makers mentality like that? how can you not see the potential and the shifting importance of such an established universe and how that works with todays series viewing habits? this is not about oldschool trekkies wanting their old universe back. this is about understanding how you best play to a modern streaming audience and the value of established universes to use as a canvas without having to waste precious screen time because you first have to paint that canvas. marvel movies play to this strengh 100%. a movie like infinity war with its expectation of an audience that knows all you need to know about the universe this plays in would have been an 80s or 90s TV show producers worst nightmare (looking at you, berman) - but these days, these are the most successful franchises by far. will the makers of trek please finally understand this and act accordingly. jesus christ.

Random Gameuser42 : I am so happy that you're doing what you can to bring this information to us. I had a thought that maybe the Picard series will be in the mirrored discovery universe.

Adega Outlaw : Star Trek and Star Wars both lost my interest when they went SJW. I find that I’m more interested in my own work, which is a shame since “the more, the merrier “ is a good thing in and for sci-fi.

Mike Nonya : Discovery is garbage. I watched 2 episodes and wish I hadn't. Star wars stinks just as bad these days. The Orville is more star trek like...but I don't want my scifi to be a comedy. Fortunately I have 704 episodes and 10 Trek films to watch for the rest of my life. I hate sjw's.

thomjames66 : STD Soy Trek, Don't make it so and no one wants to see Picard the washed up years alternate universe or Prime,CBS are you really so stupid you think we will just accept this , ninja Please!

koyuki4848 : First they killed Luke now they’re gonna kill Jean Luc 🙈

jsm666 : 18:19 This says it all. We have just enough time, while all of the Captains are still alive, to make one more unifying film - Star Trek: The Unstoppable Clusterfuck.

BuzWeaver : Great outline and incredibly informative.

Nerd Flu : When lens flare mcgee first presented the new trek timeline/vision, I had a bad feeling about it. First Transformers, then Star Trek movies, then Star Wars, and then Star Trek TV... At least Seth's Orville is a good "Star Trek" show.

St4rstriker : Sometimes i feel like there are no decision made, it is all a product of Culture. The SWJ are made and destroyed bye their incarnations. Same happend in WW2 with Nazi germany. I wonder if this is just some Formation of Human adaptation. A Loop, that is repeated and only stopped by Counter-culture. TIME IS A FLAT CIRCLE

James F : If Discovery had been set, say, a minimum of 20 years after Nemesis, with the same aesthetic, the same changes to the Klingons, the same Spore Drive tech, the same war, the same Mirror Universe plot, a significant amount of the hard-core fan disappointment wouldn't have happened. With a few comparitively minor tweaks, it could have worked just as well, if not better, as a sequel series. Change Mudd and Sarek to new characters inspired by them and you've got a successful story. What excites me most about the new Picard series isn't even the return of Picard himself, despite him being one of my favourite post-TOS characters, but the idea that the series could be a launchpad for new stories and new series set in the 25th Century and beyond. In the same way as TNG set the stage for two more series set in the same timeline, this new series could see spin-offs taking Star Trek where it arguably needs to go - forward into the future. I'm also excited about the potential return of characters from those 24th Century series. Did Ben Sisko ever return from the realm of the Prophets? What about Odo and the Changelings? What happened to the Voyager crew after they returned? We know Janeway became an Admiral but did Harry get his own command? He could be a great character to bring in. Heck, if Discovery had made those minor changes, we could've had some 24th Century cameos!

Dandelion Down : Subscribed. Thanks for this priceless information.

honor harrington : Someone should buy CBS and turn it into a 24hr shopping channel. 'What do you mean your a television channel with a long history? No, no we are taking it in a new and exciting direction to provide facemasks and throat lozenges for the Proud SJWs.'

The Man : Warg will freak out if he sees the new Clingons.

Redwald Cuthberting : Moonves has creepy eyes.

Jeff Stamper : The new "Star Trek: Picard" will probably be about retired Admiral Picard and his husband (definitely a not-white guy) of 10 years or so living on some foofy French winery/grape farm. No sci-fi, no FX, just a couple of old gay dudes arguing with each other over whatever it is gay guys fight about (what color the walls should be?). It was great news that this will be in some third timeline that has nothing to do with real Trek. The SJWs can destroy this crappy timeline all they want, it makes no difference to me. Someday, all this copyright crap will be over, and we can get back to real Trek. In the meantime, there's "The Orville" (which I guess IS real Trek, just without the names) and whatever comes after. Thanks, Seth! : Excellent presentation. This ought be played in the next script writer's meeting as they figure out crazy fantasy plots of how to put the show into mothballs. In other news, Dr Phlox is smiling big time having learned that Enterprise is no longer the worst one. For the love of Kelly, tweet Sir Patrick and warn him not to get involved with Kurtzman, the fandom don't want Alex anywhere near Picard. Walk away Sir Patrick.

XthegreatwhyX : Discovery isn't a bad show, it's just not a Start Trek show. Seriously, if you strip it out of the Star Trek timeline, most narrative issues disappear.

RA : Corparate america ruining things yet again :( Lets enjoy THE ORVILLE season 2 instead :)

Psycrow11 : Sigh.....Don't like Kalvin Time line, don't like, Discovery don't like the Transformers Movies and I F*%#ing hate the new Starwars. I have no faith the new Picard series will be any good and Im not subbing to CBS to see it or any of their other shit Netflix has my dollar... they are doing some good things with thier origional content. Bright was more miss than hit with me but at least they are taking some risks instead of lazy rehashes and reboots of our beloved franchises. JJ Abrams and Bad Robot along with these creatively bankrupt producers and the greedy execs that back all this shit can go rot in hell!.....end of line....

PoeSwageron : What would the libertarian, SJW-criticizing, Mary Sue-dropping internet dudes do if they encountered real marginalization and loss of privilege? Jeebus.

StevenErnest : It's interesting how the licensee's foresaw the fan backlash, which the execs were blind to.

SalMasRac : Meanwhile, Michael Dorn digs a grave to roll over in...

Tech10K : 'Picard may not be the same as we remember him' ... ( SEE LUKE SKYWALKER CIRCA 'THE LAST JEDI') Gasp with delight TNG fans, as your childhood hero Jean Luc Picard returns as a sad old misogynist that gets routinely humiliated by teenage minority Ensign Di Versity, whom uses her SJW-powered super-genius intelligence and kick-ass fighting ability to directly or indirectly overcome every single problem, every week as her LGBTQ crew-mates look on adoringly. All culminating in episode-ending messages expounding the evils of capitalism, the patriarchy, and the white race... Also, who the hell asked for a series about; 1) Khan Noonien Singh... Whom was fully explored in both 'Space Seed' (TOS), and Star Trek 2,... and obviously wouldn't feature the inimitable Ricardo Montalban. 2) Starfleet Academy... Which will undoubtedly be a very generic 'Stupid yet stunningly beautiful teenagers get into predicaments diversity-fest' show where left-wing politics are the ideals of the future. 3) Animated Series... why?

Denny Bennett : Haven't seen an episode of STD... thankfully.

Aleister Severus Grey : Just google "patrick stewart donald trump" and you will see what the new picard will be about.

FlareKnight : Yep. Just going to treat Star Trek as a classic series that ended years ago and only exists for rewatching. If they intend to destroy the Prime Timeline I'm just gone. I don't need this kind of nightmarish mess from my entertainment. I don't need to watch classic shows die. Will let someone else do that.