Jeremy Renner - "Main Attraction"
Since when had Jeremy Renner been a singer

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Music Video for Main Attraction New Music out now! Heaven Don’t Have a Name: House of the Rising Sun: Main Attraction: Nomad: Sign: Watch more Original Content from Jeremy Renner ▶ Follow Jeremy Renner: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:


Jangcyś : Me: "What is going to happen to Hawkeye?" Doctor Strange: "If I tell you what happens, it won't happen"

Juan David Sanchez : Reportense aquellos que vienen luego de ver el vídeo de "Pelicomic" Al ver que en uno de los saludos un comentario nos aviso sobre esta joya de música "Dios Hawkeye"

Adonis G : What happened in Budapest? Oh, and collab with The Score please!

AYUSH MISHRA : Evacuate the city Engage all defences And give this man more likes

Sarah Larson : This is what Hawkeye did during those last five years

marine : thor : son of odin ironman : guy with super suit black widow : agent capitan marvel: girl with super hands black panther : guy with vibranium suit capitan america : first avenger hawkeye : Main Attraction

LordThanos : 1:26 *Taika Waititi walks in* Hey man, the names Korg we’re gonna get outta here wanna come? *opens door*

CleverIosito : Aparte de Dios omnipotente, Vengador mas fuerte, Salvador del multiverso cantante Hay algo que este hombre no haga?

Anthony Berryman : Now baby lets hide While The Avengers fight I've the fastest reactions My hair's a distraction Because I'm Hawkeye No I don't fly Got great archery action My hair's a distraction

Andre Perez : Great, so Hawkeye can sing, Ant Man can dance and SpiderMan can turn into Rihanna

jonathan Flores : Alguién habla español O alguien más vino por pelicomic XD

BTaeK : This song is actually pretty good though, I never knew Jeremy had it in him

Ravus Nox Fleuret : This is??? Incredible?? And his voice is golden??? It’s it’s my new jam now bless

Blooperer : 3:28 is that thor ragnorock director wearing sandwitch costume?

Sasha 233 : Probably the only Marvel actor whose real life person is more badass than his character.

FK BLACK : Vote for Jeremy Renner to do classic rock covers. Bless this man and give him beer for life. I like your style, Jeremy.

Roxann Poor : So that's why Hawkeye was twirling a drumstick in Avengers Age of Ultron.

Yash Kute : The "Main Attraction" of this video was Taika Waititi!!!! Way to go Hawkeye

Me Me : I didn’t know he could sing man Jeremy you have impressed😶

Cluv22 : His next single is called "Budapest" ft. Scarlett Johansson.

Felipe Colina : Soy el comentario en español que buscas . Like si vienes por pelicomic !

Filthy Franku : My love for this man is infinite and it has multiplied.

Yara Lugtenberg : Tbh, I think Jeremy Is very underrated and deserves more attention. I mean look at that man. He can do literally everything.

The Wise Fan Of Everything : Hawkeye: starts singing like a beast Quicksilver: you didn’t see that coming

Natasha Ramesh : Petition for a Hawkeye movie with Jeremy Renner's music as the soundtrack

Chris Castle : ¿Hay algo que este joven no haga bien? Bv

Lucio Victor S. : Además de lanzar flechas como un dios Cantas como un dios Te admiro ☺☺☺

Yaowei Chen : When shield don’t pay you enough to support your 3 kids and wife

The Republic Of Ireland : One of my favourite actors is actually a singer? NICE!

Kira Ward : If they don’t use this in the Black Widow movie I will consider it a personal attack

Andrew Albertony : Estoy aquí por Pelicomic (Comenten en español, me siento muy solito :"v)

Nikita jha : HOW can one person have so much talent??! Unfair. So unfair. What are the rest of us out here supposed to do Jeremy??

Rubén Montoya : Hay algo que este joven no haga bien?.jpg Like si amas al dios hawkeye 🤟

Wilma Bennett Johnson : 1st, Im impressed that Jeremy can sing this kind of music. 2nd, Luke Holland on the drums 👍😆

moonchild : Ironman: Hey kid we need you for a distraction Spiderman: okay i’ll do i- Hawkeye: Hold my bow

SrNabo :v : Hay algo que este chico no haga bien . jpg Like si vienes de Pelicomic :u

Melaine Killian : I'm surprised, but positively surprised. I love this song!!! It's amazing!!!

Chava Channel : Thor, Captain Marvel, Hulk: I’m the strongest Avenger Lord Renner: Hold my beer

Adayr 7u7 : Hay algo que este hombre no haga bien?.jpg Vine por pelicomic xd

Asia Gray : One simple question.. why isn't this trending?

ⱲilliAaⱮ Ƒermin : Pinche dios Hawkeye es chingón - hay algo que este muchacho no haga bien? JPG. :]

Jacob Alred : Taika Waititi out here being the boss, and Renner, the King.

Vlados 7 : When You Are No More Avenger Ahaha But in general, Jeremy, this is cool, your song on our domestic services would be, would listen 24/7 You are cool) P.S. I supplement We have your song on our services and it’s great Very cool song

BubbaBadoo : This gives me the fray, one republic and imagine dragons vibes. Bet he would be awesome at festivals!

Stinklab : Thanos: *turn to dust* Hawkeye: time to pursue my singing career before anyone else try to destroy the earth

Christian Trigoso : *_Pelicomic?_* *_What an awesome song man!_*

Jeyzon Joz : Temon! Acaso no la viste venir? - quien vio a Taika Waititi?

Luis Aguilar Gutierrez : Hay algo que este hombre no haga bien?

Wolf Alpha 900 : Brie Larson: "Is this a personal attack?"