Jeremy Renner - "Main Attraction"
Since when had Jeremy Renner been a singer

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Music Video for Main Attraction New Music out now! Heaven Don’t Have a Name: House of the Rising Sun: Main Attraction: Nomad: Sign: Watch more Original Content from Jeremy Renner ▶ Follow Jeremy Renner: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:


MarvelAvengers : petition for Jeremy Renner's music to be in a up coming marvel movie I I \/

Pradityo Arief : What about Thor? Off world. Doctor Strange? Unavailable. Captain Marvel? Dont invoke her name Hawkeye? You wouldnt believe me if I tell you.

Braron : 95% Comments: Avengers/Hawkeye 3% Comments: Spanish 2% Comments: Like the song

Kyra J : Ok so let me get this straight. He’s an actor? Singer and makeup artist. W-O-W

Nicoleyyy : Petition for this to play in the upcoming Black Widow movie 🙈

Pearlly M : You should do a song with scarlett Johansson in which chris evans will be doing tap dance

Mandy Wade : Jeremy Renner: plays amazing songs in an attempt to be well known in the music world comment section: look at hawkeye go

Sadie S : This may sound weird, but he just got soooooo much hotter.

Juan Carlos Avíla Martínez : Hay algo que este buen hombre no haga bien?.jpg Vengo por pelicomic :v

BlαckChαη 2F5L : *This song is in **_clint's_** playlist, called:* great vibes to defeat _Thanos_

Samuel Dzigba : Jeremy Renner ft. Imagine Dragons...anyone wanna see that? 👍🏾 If you agree Comment if you don't

Annabelle Abrenica : Nobody: Literally nobody: Jeremy: *NOW BABY LET'S RIIIIIIDE*

Diego rdz : -¿Que hicistes aparte de acabar con la mafia japonesa, Hawkeye? -Pues...

kevin sedano delgado : When haces un comentario en un video del dios hawkeye porque sabes que pelicomic lo verá - Mi divino poder

Cluv22 : His next single is called "Budapest" ft. Scarlett Johansson.

Claire _ the _ Great : I had absolutely no idea my favorite actor had the most amazing voice *SHOOK*

Matthew Ramos : I wish they kept Black Widow alive so her and Hawkeye can be the new leaders of the new Avengers. Kind of like Tony and Cap.

•Mãrvel• •Pøtãtø• : Producer: How much epicness do you want in this song? Jeremy: *yes*

iam inevitable : nobody: hawkeye in the last 5 years

Goat Fights : Hawkeye's retirement took him to a place we never expected

Isabel MC : First thought: He sings??? Second thought: He was filming DOWN THE STREET????

Meg Addams : Jeremy's ex: I don't want you posting pictures of our daughter on social media! Jeremy: Fine... * *puts in music video* * xD 💜

Deepak A : Ok I'm a fan of Avengers but listening to this song makes me crave for Hawkeye TV series. #FanofJeremytheNomad

Free Mcfly Bv : *Dios* *Vengador* *Cantante* -Hay algo que este joven no haga bien

moonchild : Ironman: Hey kid we need you for a distraction Spiderman: okay i’ll do i- Hawkeye: Hold my bow

Yeo Littlexes : Main Attraction - Jeremy Renner Every time I take a ride I feel alive with nowhere to go I'm a king of the road You're the queen of my throne Riding high day and night Satisfied wherever we roam You're the star of the show You shimmer like gold Now baby let's ride We got nothing but time You get all the reactions You're the main attraction It's no surprise God, I like your style You're the perfect distraction You're the main attraction Roaming through the city like the track of time The freedom is mine Riding the lines You know how I like it, yeah Pedal to the medal, I'm your soldier We can take it for miles And let it all wild Just how I like it Now baby let's ride We got nothing but time You get all the reactions You're the main attraction It's no surprise God, I like your style You're the perfect distraction You're the main attraction Now baby let's ride Now baby let's ride Ooh I like your style Yeah Now baby let's ride We've got nothing but time You get all the reactions You're the main attraction It's no surprise God, I like your style You're the perfect distraction You're the main attraction

Alex Capasso : Anyone else getting the urge to drive a Jeep right now? lol

William Florsac : Jeremy is the man to bring rock and roll.

Julian _ : this song is gonna be all over ESPN during college football season

Silviu Panainte : What about Thor? Off world. Captain Marvel? Unavailable. Hawkeye? On tour.

Weird Estonian : Так вот как Соколиный Глаз проводит свою пенсию.♥️

Keke King : Jeremy ex wife. Is truly crazy to let Jeremy go. He is so attractive. And talented.

Sylvir Giomanach : Yes. Yes my beautiful little bird of wonder. You go enjoy all of The Things

viknik1957 : Just a little something to fall back on in case the acting gig doesn’t work out?😁 Phenomenal voice!

zara : When you’re retired from being a hero and become a rockstar instead

Eros : Cuando ya te saludó Pelicomic y ahora quieres un saludo del dios hawkeye -No seas tan crédulo mcfly

wiinterflowers : Marvel may have screwed over Hawkeye but Jeremy Renner became the main attraction!

JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again : Who came here after the Jeep commercial to see if he's really a singer too lol what can't this man do he's all time in my book!

Mr Gauss : Expert marksman ✔️ Rockstar ✔️ Never been tagged ✔️ Jeremy Renner for president

Sir Willis IV : Dear journal, Today I learned Jeremy Renner makes music. It's not bad either.

ericcson perez : Si que tiene un divino poder Mcfly presente

Weird Estonian : Такс , Джереми , прекрати быть таким идеальным.♥️

xoxo dove : what a sick voice man! this is amazing i love this song

Wil Hovater : Hawkeyes wife: do you want to tell me what you did for the past 5 years? Hawkeye:

Sarah Larson : This is what Hawkeye did during those last five years

Wahib Art : WOW, this song can make my days spirited💪🔥🔥🔥

Dais_44 : Cuando quieres un saludo de pelicomic El hechicero Pero comentas en un video del dios hawkeye Con sus poderes Pero el mismo dios hawkeye te saluda SUS GRANDES PODEREEEES

El PAPU Sentinel Prime : *thanos: I am inevitable​* Hakweye: *I am god generous*

Jonni BelugaBat : Hawkeye: I have an album Avengers: We have a hulk. Me: Jeremy Renner sings WHaT/??