Jeremy Renner - "Main Attraction"
Jeremy Renner Main Attraction

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Music Video for Main Attraction New Music out now! Heaven Don’t Have a Name: House of the Rising Sun: Main Attraction: Nomad: Sign: Watch more Original Content from Jeremy Renner ▶ Follow Jeremy Renner: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:


Pradityo Arief : What about Thor? Off world. Doctor Strange? Unavailable. Captain Marvel? Dont invoke her name Hawkeye? You wouldnt believe me if I tell you.

Thanos : 2:39 Renner: I let you be in my video you let my song be in thor 4 Taika Waititi: a small price for salvation. Wow thanks for the likes

Kyra J : Ok so let me get this straight. He’s an actor? Singer and makeup artist. W-O-W

Păpuși și animații : What if Jeremy's song is the soundtrack to the new Hawkeye movie which will come 😆

Natasha Ramesh : Petition for a Hawkeye movie with Jeremy Renner's music as the soundtrack

Braron : 95% Comments: Avengers/Hawkeye 3% Comments: Spanish 2% Comments: Like the song

Samuel Dzigba : Jeremy Renner ft. Imagine Dragons...anyone wanna see that? 👍🏾 If you agree Comment if you don't

Pearlly M : You should do a song with scarlett Johansson in which chris evans will be doing tap dance

Juan Carlos Avíla Martínez : Hay algo que este buen hombre no haga bien?.jpg Vengo por pelicomic :v

Sarah Larson : This is what Hawkeye did during those last five years

MarvelAvengers : petition for Jeremy Renner's music to be in a up coming marvel movie I I \/

Giovanny Tolosa : ¿Que estoy escuchando? ¿Es el Dios Hawkeye… cantando?

Sadie S : This may sound weird, but he just got soooooo much hotter.

Annabelle Abrenica : Nobody: Literally nobody: Jeremy: *NOW BABY LET'S RIIIIIIDE*

Rachel Gargan : Thor: off world Dr. Strange: unavailable Hawkeye: singing his heart out

Free Mcfly Bv : *Dios* *Vengador* *Cantante* -Hay algo que este joven no haga bien

iam inevitable : nobody: hawkeye in the last 5 years

Mandy Wade : Jeremy Renner: plays amazing songs in an attempt to be well known in the music world comment section: look at hawkeye go

kevin sedano delgado : When haces un comentario en un video del dios hawkeye porque sabes que pelicomic lo verá - Mi divino poder

Silviu Panainte : What about Thor? Off world. Captain Marvel? Unavailable. Hawkeye? On tour.

Diego rdz : -¿Que hicistes aparte de acabar con la mafia japonesa, Hawkeye? -Pues...

Isabel MC : First thought: He sings??? Second thought: He was filming DOWN THE STREET????

Claire _ the _ Great : I had absolutely no idea my favorite actor had the most amazing voice *SHOOK*

•Mãrvel• •Pøtãtø• : Producer: How much epicness do you want in this song? Jeremy: *yes*

zara : When you’re retired from being a hero and become a rockstar instead

Deepak A : Ok I'm a fan of Avengers but listening to this song makes me crave for Hawkeye TV series. #FanofJeremytheNomad

Matthew Ramos : I wish they kept Black Widow alive so her and Hawkeye can be the new leaders of the new Avengers. Kind of like Tony and Cap.

viknik1957 : Just a little something to fall back on in case the acting gig doesn’t work out?😁 Phenomenal voice!

Johanna Wolf : I knew there was more to Jeremy, Awesome vid /song and love his voice!! 👍😎❤👊

Goat Fights : Hawkeye's retirement took him to a place we never expected

William Florsac : Jeremy is the man to bring rock and roll.

Wahib Art : WOW, this song can make my days spirited💪🔥🔥🔥

Keke King : Jeremy ex wife. Is truly crazy to let Jeremy go. He is so attractive. And talented.

brian just brian : Ok, his voice is good enough to accompany a decent producer's pop rock cookie-cutter BS, but he's also earned the right to do a metal tune with the grit & rasp he's got. Go!

Andre Perez : Great, so Hawkeye can sing, Ant Man can dance and SpiderMan can turn into Rihanna

Weird Estonian : Такс , Джереми , прекрати быть таким идеальным.♥️

Weird Estonian : Так вот как Соколиный Глаз проводит свою пенсию.♥️

Knut The Great : Slightly underrated actor, in my opinion. I don't understand why he's not an even bigger star. He was great in Bourne Legacy, and I also don't understand why the film got "mixed reviews from critics". Boo! :-)

wiinterflowers : Marvel may have screwed over Hawkeye but Jeremy Renner became the main attraction!

Sasha 233 : Probably the only Marvel actor whose real life person is more badass than his character.

Edgar gamma X : Acaso hay algo que El dios Hawkeye no haga bien? Su divino poder. jpg

Evangeline McDowell : I saw that on my Youtube feed, and was like : probably another Jeremy Renner. Well, nop. Your voice is SO GOOD.

Eros : Cuando ya te saludó Pelicomic y ahora quieres un saludo del dios hawkeye -No seas tan crédulo mcfly

Alex Capasso : Anyone else getting the urge to drive a Jeep right now? lol

vivian varun : The real reason why Black widow didn't let Hawkeye die

Азамат Асфандияров : Джереми Реннер и музыка - теперь я действительно видел всё.

Artemis Star : Came because of Hawkeye Stayed because this song is FRICKIN AWESOME I've listened to it more than 50 times now 0_0 because it's that good

HomemadeBeautyBelgium : YESSS Hawkeye 😍 also, was that Taika Waititi? 😍

JaeKiDd 1k subs I will restart channel up again : Who came here after the Jeep commercial to see if he's really a singer too lol what can't this man do he's all time in my book!