If Pizza Was Video Games - Mega64

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WaLter .NO : I cant wait to post this video in 5 years and have it be relevant.

caffeineadvocate : A lot of hard 'P's in here.. I think it might be pizza racist...

Cyranek : I want to eat a video game now.

deathtrips : I appreciate the homestar runner reference

Trent McAteer : 2:25 "Nooooooo."

MrZurata : Pre-order the Collectors Edition Pizza and you get 1500 free Pizza Points and a statue of the chef.

The8347135 : Can I buy the Deluxe Gold Edition (pizza not included) and get the Pepperoni figurine, artbook and soundtrack?

Springday Autumnmoon : Funny how the premise is so similar to Reggie Fils-Aime, but in reverse. He was the marketing director for Pizza Hut until he eventually started working for Nintendo and then worked up the chain to become president of Nintendo of America.

SUPER RAD : Forever relevant

Korey : You don't get to pick the topping those are random.

Brunt FCA : Breaks my heart to see Kevin making all those pizzas just to drop them all in Rocco's video

F. : This is truely the Dark Souls of Pizza

Joe Callaghan : eric for performance of the year

Wolfy McGee : But the toppings are just cosmetic, so it's okay.

Michael Barendregt : “Pizza as a service” Genius 🍻 Btw, was the demo part a reference to Yakuza 6?

PrimeReviews : So I guess thats why Kevin had all those pizza boxes.

Pancho Review : *RAW MEAT CONFIRMED*

Cooldude 125 : Peperonnnnniii

Fatality Shift : Here from Philip defranco

ZLGNF : Man I missed Eric

Nlogax : Mysterious hacker 4chan figured out how to open the pizza box without using pizza coins

Cesar The Salad : Hi can I have the Early Access pizza please, yes I know it's shitty pizza with bugs on it right now, but I trust it will become a great pizza a few years down the line hopefully maybe thanks.

A E S T H E T I C R A T : Copyright Rooster Teeth LLC

ODdm3 : I wanna take a moment to truly say how much I appreciate every random n exaggerated Derrick's hop and twirl in the video. 🙏😂

Andrew Divjak : Got em

Andrew Briguglio : I WANT PEPPERONI

Thumbs 0f Destiny : I'm now commenting as a service. For just $200 a month you can read this comment anytime you want on any device you want. (YouTube and internet service not included)

Neuroticmancer : is the demo a tribute?

PastoKage : Ah, the days when Pizza was offline!

revbertbetbn : Derrick is all about quality vs quantity. This is a great video and it's message with be relevant for decades to come. Congrats guys. I loved it.

alahos : "Unfortunately, our servers are down, so..."

AngryBananas : Love the video, but I'm wondering how they got all those pizza boxes LOL

Jimmy Rodas : I'll be back in 2020 and or 2021 for that pIzza

maresgoez : I'll just wait for the pizza goty edition.

Rithan Husky : this new studio really opens up the creative capabilities never explored before in mega64

Ricco : Cute boy Eric back again!

Zane Tipton : P E P P E R O N I

McKenzie Kwak : Now we know what all those pizza boxes were for.

Kruelwanderer911 : Is eric talking with a nokia?

Jet Portal Radio : Lmao Eric sounded so broken

zombiefriend : I hope this gets played at GDC.

Kevin Shane : Eric!!!

NickRage : I remember when there used to be ethics in pizza making #pizzagate

Dan K : Eric killed it in this!

Gabriel S : Kevin looks startlingly good in a chef's hat.

Cleveland Brown : I feel like there's some kind of message in this...

Noja8787 : This industry needs another crash.

Cee : Bring back "return fire"... you apple Cucks never listen.

SmoothSoulBrotha : Are they going to patch the way the pizza looks? To me, it's looking like last gen pizzas. The textures are so basic.

thorbahn3 : No iJustine pizza DLC?