Carson Robison - We're Gonna Have to Slap the Dirty Little Jap

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the arsonist : when you see that weeb kid bring his anime pillow to school

Mel the darcsen umbreon : I'd like to see a version for when we go to war with North Korea.

Alessandro Pagetti : How to trigger anime fan from every country

Wildburn : *Top Ten Anime Intros*

Some One : My grandpa owned a jap skull he got it when he killed one in Saipan

Daily Dose Of Nick Kurs : When you see that one Jap who's trying to flex with his grade's

WonkyLonky : Also very patriotic

Teeser : Tomorrow marks 73 years since the fist a bomb on Japan, imagine the stress of Harry S Truman when he gave that order

James Scott : We're gonna slap the dirty little weeb

Максим Андреев : That's the real America! xD

Higgs666 : I came here to punch Nazis, but I think I'd prefer this.

overmostheads : When you keep getting Hanzo'd

Phillip Beer : My Grandma was a Rosie the Riveter in Akron Ohio and built Corsair fighters that the Japanese pilots called Screaming Death because they would dive from higher altitudes making a screaming noise as they decended and came up behind them and blew them to pieces. My Uncle Carlos was in the invation fleet head for Japan for the first wave of the invasion on their mainland. Japanese soldiers did not surrender but prefered to die. We learned quickly at Guadalcanal that if you tried to help their wounded they would pull a handgernade and kill themself and you along with them. So we did not take many prisoners. If we would have landed an invasion force on their main land we'd have won but at a cost of perhaps a million men and their casualties would have even much higher than ours. We fire bombed Tokyo with 300 B-29s and it killed more people than the atomic bombs did weeks later. When we dropped the A-bombs the Emporer decided to lay down their arms. The bombs saved many more lives than they took. Grandma did not care because my uncle very likely would have died in the invasion but he returned home and lived a long happy life and he still lives yet. I do not hate the Japanese people today but I would never apologize for dropping the bomb. After all they started it when they attacked Pearl Harbor.

Boomer Lizard : Only one here from for honor?

Scharn Horst : My fav version :)

jappie jappo : come slap me!

i eat minorities : Here from Hacksaw Ridge

BarryBiceps aka Freddy Flapjack : My 7th grade social studies teacher would play this in class

Paul Masters : Bro, I am a hardcore anime fan, but this is still my favorite song

Vito Scaletta : Anti Weeb Theme

Dalton Chew : When the anime con is around.

thebigs : Back in the Day...

Michinomiya Hirohito : Please don't drop anymore nukes America, my people just started making this weird cartoon porn called hentai.

Michinomiya Hirohito : When r/animemes goes to war against r/historymemes

Las Vegas : I love this song

mike anderson : Just meet a fellow 2/2 Marine that fought on Tarawa. 93 years old. I should have played this song for him. OORAH, GET SOME, KILL EM ALL!!!

BigNoseGod : I'm not complaining, but how is this "advertiser friendly."

Bepis Schultz : lyrics are wrong

rebel son : SEMPER - FI

James Cooper : Man, this song is so racist lol! Is this real?

ヤムチャYouTube CHANNEL : I'm Japanese. I feel sorry to see Neat's stupid American who is watching this video. Japan is a great country. Both SONY and Nintendo produced by Japan. Japan is not the only animation produced. Japan has made a history of video games.

アニキーアート : I am a jap. Do you discriminate Japanese people? If you discriminate us, please press👎 or you don't discriminate us, please press👍 This is just my personal trial.

Phillip Beer : It was my Grandma's record. We were at war with you when the song was written. We no long feel ill toward your people. You are a great people and you are right it would be a boring world without the Japanese people and all you have added to the world. I might add that no one can say the Japamnese soldier lacked courage. They were a fierce enemy.

Marty Man : now do Classical Gas the Germans and Japanese own the USA factories now... So we'll march day and night: By the big cooling tower. they got the get the dead flowers.. haha


John Doe : Vintage military propaganda songs are very fascinating

PTFS Blue Angels Roblox : I’m 500th like 👍👍👍👍


MissAmazanda : lol

凱旋 : Σ(゜Д゜)

OtakuRen : Ok

ヤムチャYouTube CHANNEL : I am Japanese. Imagine a world where Japan does not exist. It will be very boring. The best game is not born. No top quality cars or appliances are born. Japan will definitely be the best country. Animation will be only boring American cartoons and Disney. Japan is a unique and delicate country.

The Nobody14200 : It was a different time and a very different world. Every country involved did some pretty horrible shit (especially Nazi Germany) and in the end millions of human beings had died. Nowadays pretty much everyone who was involved in making the big decisions that changed the world is dead. Tōjō, Truman, Hitler, Hirohito, Mussolini... they’re all gone. There’s no one alive today who played a sizable part in the war. Questions such as “Who was in the right?” and “Who was in the wrong?” don’t matter enough to get worked up about anymore. Things like this song shouldn’t inspire patriotism or hate because it’s nothing more than a glimpse into a different age.

ヤムチャYouTube CHANNEL : 糞みたいな曲だな。

Joesphi Stalin : How did I get here?