When Ali G met the Beckhams | Comic Relief

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David and Victoria Beckham did their bit for charity when they agreed to be interviewed by Ali G for Red Nose Day 2001. Little did they know what they'd let themselves in for. Subscribe ► http://bit.ly/1gXbQkj Visit Us ► http://comicrelief.com Facebook ► https://facebook.com/comicrelief Twitter ► https://twitter.com/comicrelief ------------------------------------------- Thanks for all your support - sharing the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated. Please respect each other in the comments! Donate: https://www.comicrelief.com/donate Our mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. © Comic Relief 2017. Registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)

Comments from Youtube

Danny Stevens : Comic relief was way more funny back in the day

Poopsikins : Victoria Beckham is awesome. Respekt.

Happablapp : back in the day before everyone got insulted about everything always.

iBrusmaN : Oh I miss those days when a joke was a joke...

lorin haco : I have never seen mrs. Beckham laughing that much. She looks better with smiling.

Sara glittermepink : You can tell they were all having fun. Such good sports

Cyber Dyne : the only video i have seen her smiling

Dynamic Bedhead : David Beckham with every single question: AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA no

Beefy Mcwhatnow : "You already seen the pictures and knocked one out" omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

mrbobo606 : Think people missed David's 'You tell me' joke when Ali asked him what it was like to be a gaylord pin-up

Just The Highlights : OOF! He roasted them! Gotta say though, Posh is very confident, has a great sense of humour and is not afraid to be the butt of a joke. All fantastic qualities. Also, why did Becks only use one button on his shirt?

Dan M : I've never seen Victoria smile so much!!

Stuart Davis : David's personality is much better now.

Eoin Casserly : I forgot how good this was lol the England shirt joke xD

OfficialBlueboy : Why is she wearing a welder’s leather apron 🤔

James Milner : David has a personality like my kettle

FatherBacon24 : Ya can tell the beckhams are liquor'd up with their glossy eyes probably a bit of cocaine as well

TBA : I love Victoria here. Never seen her so natural before.

Zahim Sheik : Back when britain wasnt a whole snowflake

Jus Badd : pure genius.. brilliant big up to all 3 of them great memories

D5DRIFT : Wouldn't be able to get away with it nowadays. (2019) :(

Tariq Mahmood : Such a lovely couple. David so down to earth person even now x

reecewindsor10 : A footballer like his dad or a singer like....Mariah Carey hahahaha

Mike : 5:16 She was about to say "while we was on tour", Ali G was rubbing off on her

Josiah Kimani : I didnt know Rio Ferdinand was this funny

DM87™️ : When she was more famous than him

Aurangzeb Ali : becakham is really handsome here victoria has bad teeth no wonder she never liked smiling

Lewis Kay : Imagine how many feminist would be hating on this video if it was it out today😂

zeitgeist909 : When a comic was allowed to explore (in minute detail) the very edge of the line.

Hasade O : I wonder what Brooklyn and the other kids would think watching this today. Lol

Dark Prince : Why most of the comments are from last few days ? 🤔

Matt Ripper : A footballer like his dad, or a singer like Maria Carey? Brilliant!

MusicFanatical1 : I enjoy how David goes into serious football interview mode at 9:00

Mąłşąwmżůąłą Jōńgťë Mëşą : *She's sooooo Confident!*

Manoj Suthar : 6:07 the best😂😂

Alex Todd : LOL after all these years, this is still some of his best work

Absolute Warrior : No wonder Victoria does not smile because on this day she smiled her entire life away

msjacqui72 : Victoria ala Posh spice use to smile and was funny. Well F ME!

Pegasus 99 : Sacha is actually just funny asf also how tf can he keep a straight face

David Kariu : Beckham was one joke away from jumping on Ali!

Tommaso Urbisci : "how come you didn't name him De nmark?"

Rocket Raccoon : Not in a million years an American sportstar and his wife would agree to do this.

Loud Sounds : my favorite interview of all times

NB 9 : Anyone here watching in 2019

RealityCheck6T9 : 9:00 David got all serious and Sasha chose not to rip him. Goes to show he's a nice guy.

Mikey Clarke : "Africa" has -1 to Trieste and has +1 to Corsica

Sherlock Tarot : wow ... they were shitting themselves all the way through that

Bobby mercier : What an elegant set of responses of that wasnt written I have to say that she was really great.

Joe Simmons : It's so nice seeing Posh smiling.