It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia | Season 11 and 12 Blooper Reel | FXX

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ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ : Cricket's actor is underrated, some of the best ad lib ever.

Akeem Rizk : After 13 years, they're still having fun and we're having fun watching them. Amazing.

Redscape : Rob cracking up when he sees Danny in the Ongo wig is the best thing

Trevor Kinzie : bless that extra who had to re-enter the scene every time Devito messed up the Ongo Gablogian intro

MASTERRELIC relic : I wish this was longer.

aboxofbeans : You'll notice that Glenn, Danny, and Kaitlin rarely, if ever, break during a scene. They'll laugh if the take is scrubbed and they're resetting, but they're never the first to crack up. The Reynolds are true professionals.

Nathan : The cricket blooper is always the best one

Eric Rosen : "Sometimes it's a load, sometimes it's not a load... in this particular case..." "It's a load." "Yeah it's a load."

Riley Gibbs : "Frank, what year do you think it is?" "Annnnnnd who might you be?" 😂😂😂😂

Calvin Workman : I feel like the gang is the only group of people that can make Devito laugh

Brian F : The funniest lines are the ones that they can't say without laughing so they don't make it into the final scene

Tony Jurkas : Kaitlin's a true professional. Barely breaks at all here and the bloopers she is in she's mostly staying in character during them.

Michael Delgado : An example of why sunny is the king, theyre such good friends and writers and cant help but laugh at the absurdity of how ridiculous the things theyre saying are

Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV! : "You're gonna need the red"....

Hank Chinaski : Glenn and Charlie seem to have a special connection when it comes to the bloopers, Charlie can't handle Glens facial expressions at all!

Liz Venditti : Rob’s laugh is honestly the cutest

Jennifer Ruiz : I DIED at Franks "and who might you be?" 😂😂😂

The Conner's Channel : no Mac And Dennis Move To The Suburbs??

R.D Bergman : This is the only current show worth watching on television..

A_C_Unit : I hope they make this show as long as humanly possible

horroraddict : Why did they take this off Netflix, I'm about to cancel just for that reason

Bryan Smith : Greatest show ever

Katherine Byers : Guys I think I’m in love w Glenn

Gabriel Clark : Lol I've noticed Dennis always gets Charlie to crack. Most of the time unintentionally

Pouya Mohebbi : "No he doesn't write to you anymore, probably cuz you never wrote him back buddy"

kindasorta123 : that was their version of a summer blockbuster

Nick F : Mac's mom and Charlie's mom have been causing bloopers for years now. It's amazing how they never crack themselves.

smokew33d4life420xxx : This show keeps getting funnier every season! Happy 13th


john cena : I'm a 31 year old virgin can I please audition for the show

Joe Wellin Dowd : Macs mom can’t break character cause it’s not a character

milkmanv1 : "You're gonna need the red" LOL DEAD

mary white : I wonder how long it took for them to finish the workout bike scene

question everything : Wasn't this uploaded yesterday

SirNovaway : Charlie really can't keep it together in these!!

GrapeDrank25 : Cricket should get his own spin-off.

Doody Stainz : 6:18 the faces hes making are hilarious

lulululululu : cricket is under rated.

@ffec+ : I bet Glenn is loving his decision to keep on with his hit network show. It seems about six people actually watched it.

Child of Persia : So the bike really works then...

ᕼᗩIᗪEᑎ ᗯIᑕKᔕ : What happened, I already watched this.

Ozny 05 : Yeah it's a load

ronnie. og : Glenn and Rob laughing in the beginning 😍😍😍❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙

D u a l i t y : I give these bloopers five bags of popcorn and maybe a little boxing glove 🥊 because those rocky movies were based in Philadelphia..

Cap Archer : 7:43 I swear its moments like these that drove Glenn attempt leaving. Guy wants to be a serious actor but is stuck on a comedy

N3WE11 : Season 13's blooper reel is currently airing Wednesdays at 10 on FXX

vlad luck : I took a quick dip .. in what ?? seamen hahahaha

agronderwood : Does Kaitlin ever break?!? Truly a queen.

Crispy : Mac's mom was awesome in Three Billboards.

J McClain : Has anyone else noticed that Dennis looks alot like Ted Bundy the serial killer?