Arnold Tries To Apply For A Loan
Arnold Schwartzenegger calls for a Loan Prank Call

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This is an archival copy of a video by "Myles Bennett Dyson".


Spencer Riegel : "How long have you lived there?" "200." So that's why we won the Revolutionary War...

KingLich : I would like to ♫♪ *spendiing caash* ♫♪

Respected Gentleman : Took me a while to realise that the "a loan" line was from his "I work alone". Also anything with "Spending cash!!" is a great call in my mind.

Ixnatifual : Yes I would likeALOAN please.

Mike Hockhertz : This guy was the best Arnold

Marlboro : what is your date of birth? -hi how are you

4exgold : 911, what is your emergency? -I'm uh, being harassed by a soundboard

Lone2011Wolf : 872 829 6868 Haha Ok..What is your.. SHAT UPHHHHHHH

Chad Warden : The last girl was a good sport

Anthony : This is so hilarious haha that date of birth so he is like 10 years old hahahahah

Dadof8withcats : I truly love you

Black Mamba : I always lol so hard whenever he says "232 Alton Drive" xD

David Richardson : "Middle initial" "Why?" "What is your middle initial?" "Y." That's how i hear it anyway


Tereaf Tereafov : You are genius! Good job

Kyreese908 : Using "I work alone" for the "a loan" part...brilliant

Triple3 : Rule:1 Everyone on the other line is an idiot Rule 2: If the person didnt understand your name the first time. State that you are a police officer. Rule 3. If the female hangs up. Call her a fucking bitch Rule 4: Always ask at least one female if she wants to fuck.

DonMezzo : Dat Ending

musclesfromsomalia : i like how arnold says fucking bitch when a woman hungs up and then continues with the next call HI HOWAHYU? he is working hard for us lol

Sam Smith : Hilarious

Pwner1 : Everytime I have some extra money I call it my "spending caaash"

DCTib : Yes, I would like cologne please.

Vernon Salisbury : The last girl was so cool lol

Ethorbit : 2003?! XD!!

I King : Lmao

Weedle dee : yea...i like dat....spending caaash!

TheBaioken : The ending got me in stitches like the super hit xmas blockbuster jingle all the way

Ace Spider : You know I have yet to find one Arnold video calling a church. There is a sound board with a sound bite from End of Days where he asks why would a priest try to kill someone I think that would be funny. Call the priest and ask why he would try to kill someone

Smartzenegger : Amma cob yo iddiyod!

SpunkDustbin : Fantastic.

Ryan Roblox and more : god arnold loll you dont get a loan

Jeffrey Ellsworth : next time she asks what's the money for Arnold should say drugs. if she don't understand say cocainum

U Know W0t? Fuck U : I would like g nome plz!

Archiworks 992 : hello how are ? U WANT TO FAKKH ME ?

Ray Zhong : Too bad he lost the last lady so soon. She was playing with him.

Dr. Zaius : 925-594-1090 call him

Willem DaFuckedUp : Yes I would like *_Alone.._* please.

MrSandertheman : The lady at the end was really funny playing along.. he shouldnt have asked the last question 😜😜

ProJanitor : Wow 2003? He’s so young.

Ewolf5150 : At the time of this call Arnold is saying he’s ten years old asking for a loan lmao

Andy Appleton : He's 10 years old at the time of this call :D

Dan Sumption : 2:35 lol

xX MoBFiGa : 4:48 the sales man wanted to say how much can I rip you off for?

Jordan Evans : January 19th 2003 hahahahahahhahahahahahhhhh

Tino Gutierrez : Lol spending cash 3:55

IsThisTheKrustyKrab? : 2003 😂🤣😆

Weedle dee : i love how hes like  hello hi hello h hello untill they answer hahahaha

Dark Jedi : Checkenggo

My Megane RS 250 Gr : 2018