Arnold Tries To Apply For A Loan

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Henry Kingston : Arnold is so polite! always asks how they are before he gets forceful.

KingLich : I would like to ♫♪ *spendiing caash* ♫♪

Spencer Riegel : "How long have you lived there?" "200." So that's why we won the Revolutionary War...

Ixnatifual : Yes I would likeALOAN please.

Mike Hockhertz : This guy was the best Arnold

DrunkenMaster. : what is your date of birth? -hi how are you

4exgold : 911, what is your emergency? -I'm uh, being harassed by a soundboard

Respected Gentleman : Took me a while to realise that the "a loan" line was from his "I work alone". Also anything with "Spending cash!!" is a great call in my mind.

Chad Warden : The last girl was a good sport

Anthony : This is so hilarious haha that date of birth so he is like 10 years old hahahahah

Dadof8withcats : I truly love you

Rikardo .A Kabrera : Doesn't he understand by now, that the "Nice to meet you" sentence doesn't make sense!! The person he called hasn't given out his name, for him to use this sentence, that's why people stay quiet when he says that!!LOL!!

Ace Spider : You know I have yet to find one Arnold video calling a church. There is a sound board with a sound bite from End of Days where he asks why would a priest try to kill someone I think that would be funny. Call the priest and ask why he would try to kill someone

Vernon Salisbury : The last girl was so cool lol

Architectural Works : hello how are ? U WANT TO FAKKH ME ?


Jeffrey Ellsworth : next time she asks what's the money for Arnold should say drugs. if she don't understand say cocainum

Dan Sumption : 2:35 lol

Black Mamba : I always lol so hard whenever he says "232 Alton Drive" xD

Smartzenegger : Amma cob yo iddiyod!

Andy Appleton : He's 10 years old at the time of this call :D

MrSandertheman : The lady at the end was really funny playing along.. he shouldnt have asked the last question 😜😜

Bungholio : 2003 😂🤣😆

Dark Jedi : Checkenggo

Ewolf5150 : At the time of this call Arnold is saying he’s ten years old asking for a loan lmao

My Megane RS 250 Gr : 2018

DCTib : Yes, I would like cologne please.

Tereaf Tereafov : You are genius! Good job

Ray Zhong : Too bad he lost the last lady so soon. She was playing with him.

U Know W0t? Fuck U : I would like g nome plz!

Ryan Roblox and more : god arnold loll you dont get a loan

Raymond Holt : yea...i like dat....spending caaash!

SpunkDustbin : Fantastic.

I King : Lmao

Ethorbit : 2003?! XD!!

Raymond Holt : i love how hes like  hello hi hello h hello untill they answer hahahaha

Kyreese908 : Using "I work alone" for the "a loan" part...brilliant

Triple3 : Rule:1 Everyone on the other line is an idiot Rule 2: If the person didnt understand your name the first time. State that you are a police officer. Rule 3. If the female hangs up. Call her a fucking bitch Rule 4: Always ask at least one female if she wants to fuck.

DonMezzo : Dat Ending

musclesfromsomalia : i like how arnold says fucking bitch when a woman hungs up and then continues with the next call HI HOWAHYU? he is working hard for us lol

Sam Smith : Hilarious

Pwner1 : Everytime I have some extra money I call it my "spending caaash"